On Saturday it was revealed that the Gardai had searched the homes of the two County Councillors in relation to the Rosscahill fire, seizing one phone. With the Hate Speech Bill among other draconian laws en route, we are starting to see the Irish regime abandon any pretence of democracy.

Two Councillors from Fianna Fáil, Noel Thomas and Seamus Walsh, who are both local to the area, had been questioned in regards to the fire of the Rosscahill Hotel, which both Councillors had joined in support of local protesters opposing the government’s plan for using the Hotel for housing migrants. The government say the fire was likely an arson attack. 

Cllr Thomas said his phone was seized Saturday morning by Gardaí, and described his house as being “ransacked” with “doors banging, windows banging and lights shining in the windows and shouting.” Himself and his family were awoke at 6am by a team of Gardai from the Galway Divisional Crime unit. Gardaí took all the phones they found in the house but returned those belonging to the rest of the Thomas family. “They held all the phones in the kitchen for a while and then handed them back again.” said the Councillor.

He also claimed he had already given detectives video footage he had recorded of the fire, so the raid appears to be not the first interaction between the Gardai and the Councillor in relation to the Fire. He implied that the raid was carried out on orders from the government, of which his own party is a part of. 

I live in Moycullen. Why would they come and search my house like this without the order coming from the top? Crime investigation officers were coming down from Dublin when they could look at my profile online and see that I was not the man that lit the hotel.” he said.

On Galway Bay FM on Monday, he gave strong condemnation of Mícheál Martin’s handling of the issue and his leadership in general.

Cllr Walsh has been questioned twice in relation to the fire, and is quoted in the article as saying: “They went through every room and every drawer. They took every electronic device. They (the guards) could have come at any time of the day and would have been well treated but I resent them coming at 6am in the morning. You wouldn’t see it on Love/Hate or Kin. I will never while there is breath in me cooperate with the guards on anything. My wife is some woman, she has been with me 43 years and she is well used to me and politics but this broke her. She burst out crying. I’m not a man who goes running to the press – I avoid the press in fact. But this was cynical and came about from pressure being applied. They feel like if they can break Noel Thomas and myself that he will frighten other councillors into their way of thinking.”

On the hotel, he went on to say I told them that I understood why the hotel was burned as there was understandable fear in the community. Whoever did it, I can understand why they did it, but I didn’t like the hotel being burned,” he said.

The Gardaí confirmed they carried out four searches at properties in the Rosscahill area on Saturday morning, and that a number of items were seized and sent for analysis to determine the next stages of the investigation. The Garda described the Galway investigation to date as “large scale”, with 229 investigative tasks having been conducted and 145 statements taken.

Inept Government Losing Control

This move shows the deepening fractures appearing in the government parties between Ministers in Government in Dublin, and local Councillors in rural areas who are becoming alienated by the government’s asylum policy, and who sympathise with the grassroots opposition from locals to the forced planting of migrants in small towns across the country. In December, Mícheál Martin described comments made by the  councillors criticising the government’s policy as “absolutely unacceptable”. Senator Timmy Dooley, ever the keyboard warrior, tweeted that the Councillors had “lost the plot” in reaction to their response to the Garda raid.

The government using the Gardaí to shut down dissent within their own parties shows a growing desperation and a sense that they are losing control of the situation not just among ordinary villagers throughout the country, but among their own rank and file of the party. The Rosscahill fire was one of several incidents in recent weeks, where buildings earmarked to be converted into asylum centres have caught fire, with establishment politicians labelling them arson attacks.

Helen McEntee talked tough on crime in relation to the ongoing investigation into the suspected arson attack, reminding those watching that arson attacks are one of the most serious crimes in the law, and carry a very serious penalty. She said those being housed were fleeing war, persecution and starvation, a claim that has been shown to be untrue.

Anarcho-tyrannical Ireland

With the aforementioned Hate Speech Bill being passed into law, along with other censorious pieces of legislation and sinister new policing frameworks being rolled out, we can safely assume that Ireland is moving into a new phase of resistance against mass immigration. With public disgust at the government’s policies reaching fever pitch, the powers that be realise they have lost control of the narrative.

They will escalate their dirty tricks, and we must be prepared.

Posted by Seán MacNamara


  1. El Tio Rico 08/01/2024 at 6:24 pm

    The irony of it all…that the Irish survived the evil of Pirate Rock, John Bullshit and co., (food removal and all, the so-called “great famine”) for almost a thousand years and counting, only to be laid low by the local gombeen $cum owned by the AngloZionaZi Empire of Filth that controls the Pedovore Politburo in Natostan capital Brussels, home of the evil EUSSR run by the vapid Hairstylist In Chief, the convicted criminal, Uschi Van der Lyin’….and for what? For an army of Polish plumbers, migrant drug peddlers from darkest Africa, poisoned laden coke in every chipper and now rump Ukrainian call girls and their attendant pimps…and of course before I forget cappuccinos and wage slaves to clean the arses of our new lords and masters, the ruling cabal of presstitutes, bureaucratic gangsters, vertical pork and sundry minions guaranteed to push this ever more divided nation to a crisis point that will make the “bitter winter” of the Civil War of 1922-1923 seem like a minor spat.

    It seems to me that is precisely their goal and the excuse these globalist demons are looking for to usher in their electronic gulag that their mass murdering covaid$ vaxx attack set in motion.


  2. We must not surrender to tyranny and be inspired by all the leaders of 1916 otherwise their great sacrifices and noble deaths were in vain.


  3. Mary Murphy 08/01/2024 at 9:41 pm

    And Martin has the cheek to criticize Putin, we are sleepwalking into a kind of authoritarian communism. They have made it impossible for new political parties to emerge. And the media destroy anybody who talks against immigration. We threw off the British yoke by having a rising, it looks like we need another 1916 to take back our county again.. SF, FFG, Labour SD all of the current pollical parties are anti Ireland .


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 09/01/2024 at 4:25 am

    “SIGN OF THINGS TO COME ” , not really,nothing new here that blind
    Fred could not foresee,time to move on.
    Expect to see THE RATS scurrying from the bilge of Lonestar House in mass
    to the welcoming arms of their dreded far right friends,its gong to happen,
    THEY’VE BEEN WAITING….a long long time.
    The Fools, THE FOOLS, when will they ever learn,you cannot fight fire
    with fire,nor put it out with Gasolene.


  5. With 60,000 ( incl Ukranians ) arriving in # 2024 , finding capacity will be eye wateringly difficult . The asylum infrastructure will probably collapse by year end . Then what ? Another blanket amnesty for all & sundry . # Rinse & repeat


    1. El Tio Rico 10/01/2024 at 4:27 pm

      “The asylum infrastructure will probably collapse by year end.” You mean the “replacement structure”, as in the disgusting Coudenhove Kalergi conspiracy.

      All those empty bedrooms that the aging tax cattle no longer use will make nice bedsits for the new migrants and sundry detritus from the ongoing judaic wars of expansion, not to mention all our new citizens from Africa. However, thanks to the rout of the fascists in rump Ukraine the hope remains that with the destruction of Natostan, we can also look forward to the collap$€ of the evil EUSSR and its €urodollah.


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