“Local community safety partnerships” – Ireland’s much-derided Migrant NGOs will get a role in policing – including what citizens can say.

According to investigation from Extra.ie, embattled Minister for Justice Helen McEntee is facing a revolt from the government’s senate representation for the details of her “Policing, Security and Community Safety Bill 2023”.

It replaces the old Joint Policing Committees with Local Community Safety Partnerships (LCSPs) which “broadens” the range of groups involved in these local policing bodies.

Broadened to what? The bill outlines this as:

“… residents, community representatives (including youth, new communities and voluntary sector representation), business and education sector representation, relevant public services including the HSE, Tusla, An Garda Síochána and local authorities as well as local councillors.”

The “new communities” mentioned refers to migrant NGOs, in Irish political lingo, while community representatives generally means the 30,000+ NGOs in Ireland.

New Powers for Unelected State-funded NGOs

The vague legislation allows for (paraphrasing p.14) the involvement of NGOs in “actions taken to combat […] hate crime.” Given the criminalization of certain speech occuring right now, this certainly includes so-called “hate speech.”

Nanny State-mandated NGO Diversity

Section 124(3)(b) even mandates gender and racial diversity on the committees, a strange measure given that much of Ireland has little diversity to speak of.

“Hate”-surveillance Through The Backdoor

The current government’s willingness to stifle democracy by handing advisory and service provision powers to migrant-centric NGOs is not surprising. But this new plan to, potentially, include those NGOs in local committees briefed with fighting “hate” conjures images of an Orwellian busybody reality for anyone speaking out against mass migration.

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  1. Colm O'Brien 01/12/2023 at 5:35 pm

    This is actually fucking insane.


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  3. Dublinistan 02/12/2023 at 1:50 am

    On a positive note, the more they double down on restricting free-speech and planting Ireland with third world immigrants, the more organised and stronger the political opposition will be to them.

    So let them at it, let them bring in thousands of males claiming to be refugees. The public are already starting to complain and become more vocal. So let them bring in more, it will speedify political opposition to the establishment.

    They are only going to make political opposition to them more stronger, determined and organised. With unlimited funding expected from the rich irish diaspora and probably rich celebrities like Mcgregor who are concerned what is going on.

    Their political masks are slipping andpolitical analysts know now that problems from mass-immigration will be far more pronounced in ireland than bigger european countries. Ireland is a tiny country, people, cross out the northern part from the map and look how small the republic is, it is also packed to the brim.

    5 years ago, the nationalists would have never dreamed of getting as much attention as do they now.

    Now nationalists are headlining the news lol.

    The fawr right shtick will only last so long. Calling concerned grannies a nazi makes them look very stupid.

    That being said, i still see no sign of a political party closing the borders in ireland, they need a majority vote for that, i just don’t see it happening in ireland or even elsewhere that is not poland or hungary.

    The kalergi plan was very well orchestrated and Ireland has already been planted, the second and third generations of such a plantation will be bigger than the irish population in certain areas of ireland within 30 to 40 years, that is a generous estimate, with 100 years, full irish people will be an ethnic minoroty, the rest will be mixed with the new arrivals. They call that being diverse and progressive.


    1. El Tio Rico 03/12/2023 at 3:55 pm

      Bringing in the imports is easy; getting them to go “home” again when it all collap$€s, as collapse it inevitably must, will be the difficult part, if the sheeple ever wake up and figure out the Coudenhove Kalergi caper . However, as long as the evil EUSSR decides what happens in Urupp then ordinary €uro Peons will be betrayed and disenfranchised by Uschi Van Der Lyin’, Hairstylist-In-Chief of the Soros owned poliburo in Natostan capital, Brussels. Russia’s war against Natostan fascism is the last hope of Urupp ridding itself of the stinking Murkan albatross and its eternal wars against humanity.


  4. Ireland is the wokest parish on the planet . After the next G E , our few remaining immigration controls will be scrapped . I see a civil war ( or coup ) between the loony left & the rest of us by # 2030


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 03/12/2023 at 6:33 pm

    Leinster House is an ASYLUM REFUGEE CENTRE because it does not
    relate to a functional norm,it is beyond Logic or common sense.When you
    have nutters like MC N.T the peanut dictating And Garda MI5 Harrass foaming
    at the Mouth for a delusional far Richter…what better than to HANDOVER
    they elect each other…ALWAYS! Get the USELESS fu.kers out,braindead.


  6. Is that actually a real poster they placed up in beautiful Ireland and subjected you to? Where is the pregnant woman whose belly he pushed his gun against demanding money? Why should you be subjected to looking at that face? So much of the true story is coming out now. And did anyone tell that airhead McEntee that the KKK targeted Irish Catholics as well? So does she mean fight racism against US as well? Why do I think not?


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