“Call it what you want. We do not care. May God help us. Ireland for victory.”

It is time for McGregor to put his tweets to action, but what actions should he take?

  1. Organise a Protest / Attend a Protest:

When we reflect on how we arrived at one of our most famous celebrities sharing our views on mass immigration, it started off with the East Wall protests (and my articles on McGregor). So it would make sense for him to continue this trend by either organising a protest himself or attending one. Obviously the first option would be better as it would attract a larger crowd and give people ample time to gather. A march from the Black Forge Inn to Leinster House would be fitting. I envision numbers akin to the water charge protests with the addition of ponies and scramblers. Jack B Yeats once said he believed horses represent total freedom, I say ponies and scramblers do.

  1. Make a Podcast Appearance / Arrange an Interview:

To amplify his voice even further, McGregor should either make an appearance on a popular podcast or arrange an interview with someone who will allow him to speak freely. In terms of a podcast appearance, I think Joe Rogan or even Theo Von would be his best options. Rogan being the obvious pick although Theo Von has had some big names on his podcast recently such as Tucker Carlson and Dana White. Theo Von is also the funnier of the two which would most likely lead to a more entertaining exchange resulting in more views.

Tucker Carlson recently split from Fox News and now posts interviews onto his personal Twitter account. He spoke on events in Dublin in his latest interview with Steve Bannon, speculating that it’s only a matter of time before America see’s riots such as this. With a huge following of 10 million on Twitter this is arguably McGregor’s best option. I can see it now: Carlson offering him a zyn (nicotine pouch) further igniting once forgotten blood memories in McGregor. Another option would be Niall Boylan, a known proponent of free speech.

  1. Continue to Tweet; Don’t Cuck:

McGregor has continued to tweet gems although he has bent the knee slightly by “not condoning” the Dublin Riots after initially tweeting “Ireland, we are at war.”

One wonders how he could not condone those war-like scenes on O’Connell Street. However he was quick to launch a redemption arc by tweeting two photos of non-Irish looters with yet another rant against the government to accompany said photos.

Othrwise he has also recently engaged in some low-energy rhetoric about “the good immigrants” – and while it’s true that many migrants in Ireland are good people, the fact remains that Irish people are being outnumbered and diversity doesn’t work.

He should be careful and precise with his words, and not start off any statements by apologising. This immediately puts you on the back foot, and plays into the hands of our enemies. But McGregor should know this already: “I’d like to take this chance to apologise… to absolutely nobody.”

Also, when tweeting anything considered controversial, by simply adding “[…] (in Minecraft)” you can literally say anything (this is legal advice btw).

  1. Retweet a Lanklet Dev Article and Hire Me as an Advisor:

This is perhaps the most important action McGregor can take. He should retweet this article while requesting me to be his full time advisor in a similar way as to Kanye West hiring Nick Fuentes. This would be a huge moment for Gael Twitter and would send shivers down the spines (or lack thereof) of our traitors in charge.

  1. Engage with the Figures Involved In The Pushback Against the Traitor Regime:

The Irish establishment is stacked with subhumans. In the Left parties (including Sinn Féin and fake opposition Aontú), in FF+FG, in the media, and even the GAA.

But there is a significant network of people dissident vis-a-vis the mainstream operating in Ireland. Minor parties and media outlets, protest networks, budding future candidates at all levels, Catholic groups, and even elected politicians in the Oireachtas and at local level. McGregor must discreetly engage with behind-the-scenes. Many of us have been working away for years and would be instrumental to McGregor’s plans, whether that’s a run for president or otherwise.

  1. What To Do If The Above Actions Don’t Work?

[This paragraph has been redacted by the editor upon advice from The Burkean’s general counsel]

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  1. Caoimhín Ó Maolchalann 05/12/2023 at 8:57 pm

    He’d be better off running for the EU parliament in Dublin than the presidency


  2. It’s good, it’s wild, it’s random but not wild or random enough.

    McGregor should commit *in advance* to a manifesto written entirely by Gemma O’Doherty. All in. Balls to the wall.

    Let the chips fall where they may.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/12/2023 at 6:43 am

    This is not a time to repeat historical mistakes,nor a GPO protest.
    The Venue ” CROKE PARK “. Set up a ring ,use his media power and
    Influence tO broadcast live ( Christmas Day ).? HE should be flanked by
    …and invite or challange response from, UN,EU,POPE,BIDEN,CHARLIE.
    They are all equally guilty and responsible for Irelands disaster and each and


  4. Mcgregor is too busy inviting African gangsta rappers like Ice Cube, and The Game, to his alcohol establishment to be any sort of meaningful opposition to the kalergi plan.

    Still though, i commend him for using his celebrity status to giving some publicity to the views of concerned residents of dublin working class areas, he is a father and his opinion matters. Not that it will change the direction ireland is going.

    As for president? I don’t think he is well liked enough outside of dublin working class areas to stand a chance, too much foolishness in his past to be taken serious.

    You should do an article on Sharon Keogan, who seems a lot more serious and already has a seat. Do an interview with her, she has become the first real opposition to the establishment with a seat. She is very abrasive to the globalists.


    They are all equally guilty and responsible for Irelands disaster and each and

    Yes!! Couldn’t agree more.


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