Burkean Editorial: As expected, the state, media, and Twitter peanut gallery have been shrieking about the events of last night while ignoring the nightmarish act that caused it. The reality of the situation is more complex, but can be reasonably condensed into one word:


Decades of Indignity

Dublin has been a decaying dystopia for a long time. A once-livable and proud Irish community has been invaded and degraded.

Then, a man who is a product of this dystopia butchers our children in broad daylight. No expression of anger is too excessive.

Because mainstream Ireland’s “respectability” isn’t worth it. The indignity of “thoughts and prayers” isn’t worth it. Having a nice city isn’t worth it (not that Dublin is remotely nice). Nice trams and buses aren’t worth it. Cheap deliveroo and an increased tax base aren’t worth it. None of it is remotely worth it if your kids are being slashed on their way out of school. If you can walk for a mile on crowded streets and not hear a single Irish accent, then Modern Ireland isn’t worth it. If you can’t express your concern about the trajectory of your home without being censored or thrown in jail, it isn’t worth it.

It’s not worth it, and last night the people of inner city Dublin showed the political class that the breadcrumbs of services and respectability they receive are of less worth than the opportunity to show their primal wrath when an outsider spills the blood of their children.

Ignored For Years

Irish people, and Dubs included, have opposed the mass-importation of utterly foreign people every time they have had a chance. Opinion polling, citizenship referenda, and in the past couple of years on the streets. We never consented to our inner cities becoming minority-Irish.

And why would we? The writers of this publication have seen in real-time first-hand the rapid disintegration of anything worth living for in the North Inner City. An area that was at times rough but that always had an Irish soul has become a grimy, alien, dangerous, and depressed place. And the obviously main reason for this is how it has been turned into a favela for the masses of the Third World.

Men from this area don’t carve up schoolchildren in broad daylight. Men from this area disproportionately sacrificed their lives to the national struggle in the early and late 20th century. Patriotism is still rooted in these communities, and the idea of slicing up Irish kids is wholly alien.

And as the mass protests against the direct plantation have shown, Dubs are sick of everything alien and sinister being foisted on their homes.

Yet they have not been listened to. The media calls them scum for marching peacefully. The government brings in legislation to ban their speech. Sinn Féin councillors and the rest of the political class ignore them. And regime NGOs campaign for their dispossession.

The only thing left for Dubs to do, when confronted with the attempted murder of kids, was fight. And Irish people have always been good at that and willing to do it.

I have no prouder boast to say I am Irish and have been privileged to fight for the Irish people and for Ireland. If I have a duty I will perform it to the full with the unshakable belief that we are a noble race and that chains and bounds have no part in us.

Francis Hughes

Direct result of state and Gardaí

For a long time now, protestors and campaigners against mass immigration have been harassed, doxxed, assaulted, and falsely arrested by the state and people in the pay of the state.

So our voices are ignored, all while our government uses our tax money to destroy our country and attack us for opposing it.

So when the state’s Public Order Unit waved their batons at Dubliners grieving over children’s blood being spilled, you would be a fool to be shocked or appalled at what followed.

The Snivelling Class

As usual, the various factions of respectable Ireland, from Fine Gael centrist dads to the faux-revolutionary Twitter Shinners, sobbed online about the riot in a transparent effort to take the spotlight away from the Algerian slasher incident. Instead of causing a scene, we were supposed to be “coming together”, “sending thoughts and prayers”, and sending solidarity to immigrants, which of course means “doing absolutely nothing.”

We also heard how the rioters were doing more damage to the inner city than immigrants… as if the tram and 3 buses that were burnt out somehow made the streets so much safer.

A Dangerous Game

Spontaneous expressions of public rage are never neat affairs. Lawbreaking, mob violence, and damage are obviously not desirable traits of an ordered society. But Modern Ireland is disordered, and while the 23rd of November 2023 will go down as one of the saddest in our history, nobody should be shocked at the reaction.

The Burkean and its contributors do not recommend or engage in any illegal behaviour. At this time, our primary concern is with the schoolchildren, parents, and teachers of the inner-city school that was brutally attacked. Go mbeannaí Críost dóibh go léir.

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  1. They need to leave. Out!


    1. Dublinistan 25/11/2023 at 5:11 am

      Why would they leave when Ireland one of the highest GDP per capita countries in the world promised them various entitlements and free housing on twitter through official governmental channels? and when the lowest paid jobs in ireland are similar to the highest paid salaries in more poorer countries.

      Ireland invited the mass immigration onto themselves, the political class invited it i mean, irish voted no to acnhor babies in 2004 and the hate speech legislation is to stop all criticism of the plantation from the common joe.

      The new irish as they are portrayed in the media are here to stay and no conor mcgregor rally, or anything else will roll it back, it is called THE KALERGI PLAN and it has been planned by freemasons for hundreds of years and no it is not a conspiracy theory, these people involved with kalergi created the UN, the EU, the WEF etc, BIG Rockefeller, Rothschild money you are talking about. It is not even a secret if you read their quotes or look into who founded the UN.


  2. Oh my God what a brilliant, eloquent statement! Yes! Exactly! My heart broke especially when I saw what school it was and what an attack against absolutely everything that is us – as if all of that were garbage. And following the headlines as the reaction is expressed in the media as far-right mobs with barely even a reference in the headline to the cause. No, our controlling elite do not know us. It’s not worth it.


  3. Linda Freedman 24/11/2023 at 5:40 pm

    Is there conformation of who the man was? I knew they were on a hiding to nothing inflicting the masses on the Irish but I am not sure attacking police cars and burning trainers based on social media claims is the way to go. Obviously it is a deeply shocking thing to attack children and mental health or not, most mentally ill people don’t behave in such savage ways. It is still an act that requires evil intent even in the sickest of minds.


  4. I think the editorial well outlined that all other efforts towards what might be considered the proper , nice way to go has been utterly ignored. I think also the identity has been confirmed. Pull up a picture of the students in that school and tell me what the right way to go is. The regime has no soul. “They think they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half.”


    1. Dublinistan 25/11/2023 at 5:23 am

      I find it sinister how Leo Varadkar is lumping irish grannies, mothers, fathers concerned about their communities becoming more violent, in with so called “Criminal Elements” (really just delinquent youths) looting shops for trainers.

      I saw no grannies looting shops or burning buses on social media. What i did see were middle aged irish mothers concerned about their communities and the so-called irish fawr right influencers just peacefully reporting on the events.

      I don’t think people like Dwyer or Blighe, and other citizen journalists like them have a violent bone in their body. They are peaceful people asking hard questions.

      It is criminal to speak out about mass-immigration? THAT IS WHAT THE IRISH GOVERNMENT WOULD LIKE WITH varadkar threatening to bring in restricted free speech on their immigration policies with hate speech legislation that gets to be defined on a whim by them.

      Even Musk the globalist shill is complaining about how oppressive ireland is nowadays LMAO.

      Irish political class has lost the plot! So to speak.


  5. What alternative route would you suggest? What actual plan of action? I am 100% genuinely asking. I am not only asking you I am asking anyone who feels there was no need.


  6. Neale Richmond appeared on the Today show on BBCRadio 4 this morning boasting about Ireland’s per capita immigration intake being the highest in Europe . No mention of the 13,179 record homeless numbers buried by the media & govt yesterday . When is the # Algerian going to be appearing in court ? Limitless immigration has destroyed / is destroying our housing market . Thanks to ever tighter immigration laws across Europe it will get worse & worse here . We are a dumping ground .


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 25/11/2023 at 6:02 pm

    International news reports from Dublin,and the horses mouth ( Harrassment )
    quotes ” FAR RIGHT “. What never existed in Ireland has been created and a
    Guilty Para Commissioner ,aided by MC.NT the Moran have blood on their
    handS. Crying Wolf created a far right…now COP IT.
    be sold by govt. or rte spin…and never accepted or ignored by IRISHMEN.
    They the traitors were warned,And the tyrants will duck for cover, TOO LATE


  8. IRELAND IS A JOKE! 27/11/2023 at 2:34 am

    Now they are going after Mcgregor for hate speech allegedly.

    That clown being involved with irish immigration politics is going to be a disaster for PR. Sure he is a concerned father, but with people constantly tweeting him as a beacon of hope

    The media will have a field day associating his thuggish antics in MMA with the their portrayal of a thuggish far right. Breaking buses for example.

    Disorganised mess, the irish couldn’t run a bath. The only country in europe without border control, what a joke!

    Mcgregor is a perfect example of the irish mentality DRUNKENESS, THE PUB ETC.

    Stupid drunk culture.


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