An attack in Dublin City Centre near a school has left at least three children with stab injuries.

Gardai were called to the scene after reports of an attack at Parnell Square East around 1pm.

The children have been taken to hospital, with one child in a critical condition.

A man was arrested and a large knife seized, with reports saying a passer-by tackled the attacker.

All lanes nearby are closed off as Emergency Services are on the scene. Locals and news media reported that children from a nearby school were targeted. Dozens of Gardaí and medical workers are on the scene currently.

A spokesperson for the Gardai said:

An Garda Síochána are investigating all the circumstances of a serious public order incident which occurred on Parnell Square East, shortly after 1.30pm this afternoon Thursday, 23rd November 2023.

“Five (5) casualties have been taken to various hospitals in the Dublin Region. The casualties include an adult male, an adult female and three (3) young children.

“One child, a girl, has sustained serious injuries, the other two children are being treated for less serious injuries. An Garda Síochána is in contact with parents of all three injured children.

“The adult female is being treated for serious injuries and the adult male for less serious injuries.

“The scene remains sealed off at this time.

“An Garda Síochána is following a definite line of inquiry.

“An Garda Síochána is not looking for any other person at this time.

“There is no further information.”

Anger and despair

There was a palpable sense of despair and anger among the large crowds on the O’Connell Street and North King Street ends of the east side of Parnell Square. Eyewitnesses claimed they were certain it was a foreign man. It is too early to confirm the identity and the Gardaí statement made no claims in this regard.

Women and children are in tears around the Garda barriers, and locals are vocally expressing their outrage at the events.

People on the scene said the following to our reporters:

“My kids are in the same school and now I have to tell them that maybe one of their friends were attacked. My heart is broken.”

“It was a foreign man who attacked several kids who are in serious trouble.”

“This is disgraceful, I have lived here all my life and never seen anything on this level of evil. What is happening to this country.”

Unconfirmed reports

According to a man who spoke to a witness of the attack:

“She was fucking balling, her and her fella. She said she saw a fucking kid on the ground — lifeless.”

“That this fucking foreign fella took out a big knife and just started stabbing all the kids outside the school. The teacher tried stopping him.”

“Two fellas came over and got him and fucking danced on him.”

“People are walking around the road fucking balling their eyes out.”

The nationality of the attacker has yet to be confirmed by Gardaí. The Burkean asks those online to not speculate as to the national origin of the attacker without substantive evidence.

Story still developing.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. El Tio Rico 23/11/2023 at 6:21 pm

    More migrants, Ursula for the former island of saints and scholars. Diversity is our doom, tolerance is our weakness. This is what the Pedovore Politburo in Natostan capital, Bruss€l$ has wrought. Meanwhile Ireland needs more of the ethnically cleansed from the next AngloZionaZi battle zone because that’s what the unelected demons in the EUSSR have ordained.


    1. a passer-by tackled the attacker.

      If true, that person should be entitled to receive a substantial financial reward for showing bravery.


  2. Hello Ireland, Israel stands with you.
    Unfortunately you are starting to understand what we suffer from immigrants, new (African) and past immigrants (Muslims Arabs who noycall themselves “Palestinians “.
    I wish you a better luck then ours, for that you will have to wake up soon from “WOKE ” and “Progressive” which are fake names for “Let’s let extremists Muslims to take over our country ”
    Israel stands with you and feel your pain. God bless you.


    1. Dublinistan (Saudi funded mosques bonanza) 25/11/2023 at 4:49 am


      You israeli’s are not even from palestine originally, you are the immigrants in that land, don’t drag irish immigration politics into your nations disgraceful genocide of innocent civilians in palestine in a sympathy attempt to make people feel sorryfor you. Lets face facts, you israeli’s are actually the immigrants in palestine, not palestinians. You are occupiers of that territory and have chosen to settle yourselves on palestinian territory.

      It is countries like ireland in europe that would be expected to take in palestinians when Israel have uprooted palestinians from their own indigenous homeland.

      You can get lost too with biblical chosen people stories, i believe none of that.

      What Israel has done to palestinians is sickening and please don’t associate the events of some alledged algerian suspect with innocent civilians in palestine, thousands of whom were children, they could not possibly be Hamas terrorists.

      Children are innocent and Israel has killed thousands of them.

      Your nation Israel should be ashamed of yourselves.


    2. El Tio Rico 25/11/2023 at 1:21 pm

      The hypocrisy of such a comment as the supremacist, racist abomination in occupied Palestine slaughters all before it and gives the middle finger to the rest of humanity. The khazar colonial squatters steal an entire nation and genocides its people and then the demonic chosenites expect sympathy. The Polish saying sums it up. “As the Zionazi cuts your throat he howls in pain.” Shame on you creatures.


  3. Roderick O FreshOutTheTavistockInstitute 23/11/2023 at 9:01 pm

    We have a legal and moral obligation TO INVITE THE WHOLE WORLD TO a tiny little island in the atlantic ON TWITTER and offer them social welfare and free houses, paid for by you the tax payer.

    Shur what could possibly go wrong?

    Shur everyone in the world is irish anyway if they want to be, and everyone has an irish culture, shur feck it, i was down in lempedusa recently, i never seen such a fine bunch of irish men in all my life.

    From Muhammad to Abdul, to Baghdad, to Osama, a wonderful bunch of irish lads i met down in lempedusa, shur if they drink the tea, they are as irish as anyone with a gaelic surname whose ancestors bones are buried on the island of Ireland for thousands of years.

    SHUR FECK IT LADS, lets throw out the confetti and give the whole world citizenship of IRELAND, lets have a party WOOO HOOO,

    WE ARE SO PROGRSSIVE, anyone can be irish, nowadays, all you need is a sob story.

    Shur our saudi friends can build all the mosques they want too, a religon of peace after all, not a religon of conquest or anything, SHUR who the fuck reads history anyway.

    Shur we know it all, me and Helen, YOUR ELITES,


    1. El Tio Rico 25/11/2023 at 1:25 pm

      If Bathhouse Barry Obama aka Barry Bomber is “Irish”, not to mention the current Cadaver In Chief , in Washing Town, Pedo Joe then I suppose whatever nutter wants welfare can be Irish. Otherwise change the bums and hoes you call your leaders.


  4. Dublinistan (I LOVE MOSQUES) 23/11/2023 at 9:07 pm

    This sounds eerily similar to the cowardly attack on children in france, was it a few months back?

    Events like that happen all the time in germany, rarely even covered by the mainstream.

    Watch RTE dance around it, just like their counterpaerts in germany dance around it.


  5. The Bull McCabe 23/11/2023 at 10:18 pm

    RTE reporting that the suspect )in 50’s they said) was in ireland for 20 years and is an irish citizen.

    Irish citizen?

    If an irish person called Paddy Murphy in their 50’s was living in japan for 20 years and got citizenship of japan? does that make them as japanese as Ryūnosuke Akutagawa?

    RTE not mentioning what other citizenship the suspect had, IS JUST doing DAMAGE CONTROL.

    They are terrified, they thought by opening the borders decades ago they would not become the next france.

    The riots in Dublin is like the new paris now.


  6. I just saw on YouTube an interview with a young Irish man who had tried to give the little girl medical aid and witnessed the condition of the victims. He spoke simply and with intelligence and great emotion as he described the terrible scene.There was no f-this and f-that spirinkled throughout, and I’m thinking maybe you could find it and substitute a transcription of his words instead of something that represents us all as louts.


    1. El Tio Rico 25/11/2023 at 1:29 pm

      Oh dear…. offended by the vocabulary in a comment perhaps more than the evil deed itself. Chill and live with it. Not everyone is so “sensitive” to the spoken word as yourself.


      1. Actually I agree with you here. This doesn’t reflect my feelings, but after I had posted it I saw it read that way- far too shallow for the enormity of the crime. I tried to delete it then, but there’s no way to do that on this site😟


        1. El Tio Rico 26/11/2023 at 1:39 pm

          Glad to hear it. Take care and stay active.


  7. When I read the name of the primary school, which I won’t name, it answered all my questions. Those sweet little sacrifices!


  8. Irl has predictably gone the same way as Sweden , Netherlands etc . When I heard of the attack , the only question was ” Is he Algerian , Moroccan , Tunisian ” ? The loony left have got the anarchy they craved ; this is just the start , Ireland is the permanent dumping ground for migrants unwanted elsewhere in Europe . One in 3 residents of Mountjoy are foreign nationals . How long until it hits 50 % . Five years ( max ) .


    1. Dublinistan 25/11/2023 at 4:57 am

      Wait until israel has uprooted palestinians completely and they are offered free houses in ireland and you will have likely various different ethnicities claiming they are palestinians to get a leg in.

      The new migration crisis will likely be from there.


  9. First of all, Elif, thank you!! My heart was broken by October 7 and will never be unbroken. October 7 was the first thing I thought of when I read who was attacked and the nature of it.

    This was not a random attack. This man did not select just any random primary school in Dublin where any child could have been leaving. These are indigenous Irish, Irish- speaking children whom
    He deliberately targeted. And it was those children specifically he targeted because he was trying to pull the little girl out of her teacher’s arms, which is how that woman was stabbed. I am taking that from the report of the brave Brazilian Deliveroo driver who stepped in trying to save her. Yes, that man is a hero, God bless him!! A good Brazilian whom we share values and possibly DNA with.

    Leo Varadakar is a disgrace if he does not call this a targeted hate crime!!! How dare he call the rioters a disgrace! How dare he – and not recognize the deliberate targeting of indigenous Irish!!! Let’s face it, it has not been safe to be indigenous Irish in Ireland for nearly a thousand years, has it? And yet we endure. Always attacked, always enduring. Always welcoming in our most ancient Gaelic culture, and yet always colonized, planted upon, dispossessed, outlawed, despised, pitied at best by sgthe kindest outsiders, starved, driven out – and yet enduring.

    Does Leo Varadakar have any Irish genes he could cough up into one of his pronouncements to recognize a HATE CRIME against innocent, Indigenous Irish children? SHAME ON HIM!!!


  10. El Tio Rico 25/11/2023 at 1:32 pm

    You pander to the Israeli supremacist “Elif” who made the obscene, racist statement above even as that evil nation genocides Semitic Palestine and ethnically “cleanses” an entire people live on TV. Have you no shame either?
    Birds of a feather….


  11. And here I would have thought you would be worrying about Irish children. Clearly not, Rashida.


    1. El Tio Rico 25/11/2023 at 6:27 pm

      The lone loon slashing in Dublin cannot be compared to the genocide being inflicted on the Semitic people of Khazar occupied Palestine. I would imagine that might even be obvious to you.


    2. El Tio Rico 25/11/2023 at 6:28 pm

      As for your “Rashida” quip…oh dear but you are indeed cringe worthy, Shlomo.


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