Locals in Wexford were told by the government that they would not receive aid after a freak weather disaster destroyed their lives. The same government literally sends billions abroad for the same situation; the only difference is that they’re happy to spend it on foreigners.

Search the website for Irish Aid (the government’s official international development aid programme) for the word “rebuild” and an impressive range of countries are mentioned in the results (like Pakistan, Mali, Albania, Liberia, the Philippines, Morocco etc). What do they have in common? Not being Irish.

There are even countries damaged by tornados who are given millions to “rebuild”, Cuba and Haiti, Bangladesh and India. But for the residents of Wexford who had their lives upended last November when a freak tornado swept away several buildings, unfortunately the governments doesn’t care.

In what kind of bizarre reality are we living when Irish people pay tax money to a government who will spend it on anyone but Irish people?

If a tornado hit Kiev, Varadkar would certainly send billions. But if you’re Irish and a tornado destroys your house, you’re on your own.

The glaring mistreatment of Irish people in their own country while they are forced to pay tax to be sent abroad is something that verges on the status of treason.

“The only thing we got was two skips from Wexford County Council.”

The situation in Wexford would be comical if it weren’t so disgusting. The families in question had homes and businesses destroyed, and one year later have received next to no support from the government or any of the major political parties. The taoiseach himself admitted that the buildings were underinsured “through no fault of their [the residents’] own” and “that something would be done to assist them”. This turned out to be a lie.

Local TDs were uninterested in even meeting the affected families early on, including Sinn Féin TD Johnny Mythen. While Leinster House sends billions abroad, nothing is spared for taxpayers.

“Climate Refugees” Is A Codeword For “More Foreigners”

Despite government ministers telling us that every flood, hurricane, and drought-affected person on earth has a right to live here for free, weather-induced damage is of no interest to the state if it happens domestically. Regardless of your views of “climate change”, the sorry case of Wexford shows that being foreign is the main selection criteria for the Irish government’s charity in this area.

As hundreds of thousands of “climate refugees” pour into Ireland over the coming years, living a life of ease with free houses and services, bear in mind that not only are you paying for it, they are more entitled to it than you.

“The world is no longer foreign.”

One of the reasons that Irish politicians from all parties are keen to privilege foreigners over Irish people is their career interests. In a 2015 publication from the Department of Foreign Affairs entitled (amusingly) “The Global Island” (which includes a heading that “the world is no longer foreign”), the government linked increasing foreign aid to “rebuilding our international reputation.” The reputation is, of course, the liberal reputation of the Irish apparatchiks among international globalists which they are keen to rebuild. But they won’t help Irish taxpayers rebuild their houses, since theit reputation among the taxpayers in Wexford is not important.

If a tornado hit Kiev, Varadkar would certainly send billions. But if you’re Irish and a tornado destroys your house, you’re on your own.

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  1. The 26 counties are no more independent today than @ any time in history .
    Uniquely , Every E U directive is implemented instantly & fully . The American military has limitless access to Shannon airport .
    Visiting dignitaries are fawned over . Brussels commands a similar level of respect from the political / N G O & journalistic elite as the most fervent Christian has for Jesus .
    Ireland ( per capita ) has taken the most Ukranians among the E U 15 . Despite having the most expensive housing of 49 European countries , there is no cap on numbers arriving ( globally ) & nobody gets deported . Dublin is a twin of Manchester ( without a decent football club ) ; globalisation has won – game , set & nation .


  2. Paschal O DontKnowHow (Fine Gain) 18/10/2023 at 7:10 pm

    Hi everyone, Paschal here.

    A Cheann Comhairle

    We live in an era of great uncertainty and increasing risk all thanks to the actions of my braindead party (Fine Gain) along with FF (Familiar Failures) and others such as the GP (Gangster Paradise)

    Overcoming these challenges in the interests of our fellow citizens is NOT the priority or central task of this Govern-MIND. We will be bringing in a piece of paper to silence all and any opposition to our LUNATIC policies.

    It is not enough that this Budget, which I present with Minister McTaxSuckingLeech, surmounts the immediate threats we face, it must also advance efforts to SEND IRELANDS AND THE IRISH PEOPLE FURTHER INTO IMPOVERISHMENT AND DEBT. We must progress on destroying irish society and placing GREAT STRAIN ON SOCIAL HOUSING SERVICES BY inviting all of the third world TO SET UP SHOP here on this tiny little island.

    These are core missions for this GovernMIND: more THIRD WORLDERS, higher population density sending living standards spiralling down the toilet, more debt, more crime through our lack of border control, more irish children and women living in homelessness with caved in ceilings from the pissing rain and a better national response to stealing your money through our govern-MIND tax schemes, schemes, schemes we are a bunch of filthy schemers, us at Fine Gain, the best little party to rip off irish people.

    We have faced numerous difficulties since independence, me and party have not received enough of your tax, BURP, BURP, excuse me. We have disrupted so much of what is central to the well being of irish people, but quite frankly, i couldn’t give a flying fuck about irish people.

    We will be setting aside billions of your tax to pay for the influx of foreign non-citizens from all around the world to ethnically replace the native irish in their own country.

    Your tax will also be set aside to pay for my lavish lifestyle.

    So, our message is clear. FUCK YOU IRELAND, our european union and globalist masters are our priority, not you backwards irish.



  3. Roderick O Grinman 18/10/2023 at 7:39 pm

    Hi, just back from Leo’s tax funded gaf, he lives on “Benefits Street”, a fitting name for his street really as he has been living off tax benefits his whole life, it was lovely to catch up with my BFF, we had fine wine paid for, by you the fleeced tax payer who is taxed on your farts.

    Our Department of “Flooding Ireland Relentlessly With Third Worlders” is “urgently seeking facilities to accommodate the sexy men from the middle-east and africa, these” bearded high-testosterone men” are our absolute priority, we have a legal and moral responsibility to house these non-citizens ahead of homeless irish women and their families.

    I want BILLIONS of africans and middle easterners in Ireland, BILLIONS OF THEM, i am bored of my pakistani crush Humza Yousaf, i need fighting military aged men in the 20 to 35 age rance preferably with muscles and a beard. Humza is too old and lacks muscalature nowadays.

    Leo gave me the thumbs up, he said it would be nice to have fellow third worlders such as himself that originates from the “indian subcontinent” to make themselves at home on “BENEFITS STREET”. He is feeling lonely among all these straight white irish men, he needs adventure and excitement, the mere thought that islam might be homophobic really excites us. UFFF. The legs on them.


  4. Helen McAfrica of (We Owe Billions Of Third World Economic Immigrants Free Houses, Cars, Medical Care And Social Welfare LTD) 18/10/2023 at 8:50 pm

    Sup peasants.
    Anyone wants to sing a song with me? Toto – Africa maybe? Ah sure feck it.

    I hear the antifa drums echoing tonight, ireland is now a third world counnnn tttt rrrry.

    I hear only whispers of some quiet govern-mind conversaaaatttiiioooon.

    Govern-mind briiinggging in Bogus African asylum seekers and islamic extremists cooommminnng in at the 20.00 Flight.

    Bused out to your communitieeeessss. To get free houses and benefffiiittts

    To ethnically replace you tooommmooorrrooow.

    It’s gonna take a lot to take me AWWWAAAYYY from you, dumb irish electorate will probably vooottte me in again, to floood you with thousands more of third world economic migrants AGGGAAAIN.

    Putting strain on serrrvvviiccces

    Continuing the agenda of etnic reppplllaccceeement.

    I bless the rains down in LEMPEDUSA.

    I bless the rains of saudi arabian funded mossqqquuueess.

    I bless the rains of removing granny from nursing home accomodaaaaaaaation to flood them with my new irrish, hehehe.

    It’s gonna take a lot to take me AWWWAAAYYY from you, my hate speech will shut you fuckers uuuppp uupp up up, shut you fuckkkeerrrs uuupp.

    I Love that song, TOTO – AFRICA WE GO, my mew IRLagos.


  5. British govt counts money spent domestically on asylum seekers as part of it’s aid budget . The amount transferred overseas has halved since # 2010 . The Irish tally has doubled during the same interval . Hope the people of flooded Middleton are treated better than their cousins in Wexford .


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 20/10/2023 at 3:12 pm

    Amusingly-do not bite the hand that feeds You, the wanna be lame pricks that
    profess to represent Irish interests at home and abroad whilst lining their own
    pockets and global career fantasy….are running out of fuse. They Will never
    get the chance to enjoy the spoils of war.
    Too little,too late and we all know their true identity, the enemys focus Will be
    on IRELAND….soon,just like the other small nations.


  7. Daniel BUCKLEY 06/11/2023 at 12:47 pm

    Many in Ireland are still unaware of the danger to the Nation.
    Ireland is controlled by a Rogue Regime that is in a hostile war with its Citizens
    This control is facilitated by control of the RTE propaganda and the print Media.
    Career opportunities and subsidies are the bribes used to push the Regime propaganda.
    This is insuffient for the Regime ,who seek to control all dissent by the introduction of Hate Speech Laws.
    The Regime i s out of control and is the Enemy of the People.
    This must be faced and recognised as a Tyrannical and despotic Fascist Regime that is intent on destroying the People of Ireland for their own self aggrandisement and careers opportunities from the Foreign interests that ultimately pull their puppet strings.


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