“To justify or condone Israel’s wars against the Arabs is to render Israel a very bad service indeed and to harm its own long-term interest. Israel’s security, let me repeat, was not enhanced by the wars of 1956 and 1967; it was undermined and compromised by them.” – Isaac Deutscher

Israel’s Date With Destiny

Basic game theory dictates that the state of Israel will end sometime in the 21st century with a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv.

Erecting a custom built Jewish state over the bones of displaced Arabs in the post-Hiroshima era was always a fool’s errand, with the cataclysmic events over the past week indicative of the warped ethnic calculus Israel is bound up in.

A tiny geographic speck clutching to the Mediterranean, Israel, by its very strategic nature, must be on the offensive against a sea of Arabs that see its destruction as a religious and racial imperative. 

Regardless of their lobbying weight abroad, there will come a day when a rogue Muslim state or third party terror group gets its hands on atomic weaponry and in one moment the Zionist project will go up in smoke.

A research simulation of nukes dropped on Israel

After Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, Israel wants retribution for the murder of its civilians as Hamas took the initiative in an attack calculated to shatter the Abraham Accords and the normalisation of Arab-Israeli relations which would have left Palestine at the mercy of increasingly hard-right Israeli governments.

The prospect of tens of thousands of grisly Arab deaths being broadcast around the world now presents Europe with a fatal new flashpoint with Islam and the Global South as jihadists both at home and abroad view the West, Ireland included, as an appendage of a global Zionist machine that is incinerating their brethren for all to see on Tik Tok.

If and when Israel moves to rout Hamas from their strongholds we will almost certainly see vengeance enacted against Jews across Western Europe the likes of which has not been seen in the post-war period.

The macabre reality that a sizable minority of fighting aged men in France, Britain and Germany hail from an ethno-religious entity at war not just with Zionism but global Jewry in general is fast becoming evident as even the prospects of pogroms in France not entirely beyond the realm of possibility considering the ongoing exodus of Jews from the Fifth Republic.

To say this is an accelerant of Europe’s already spiralling demographic and civilisational nosedive is an understatement. 

Whatever polite or impolite way we interpret it, the fact remains that Jewish attitudes inordinately influence western policy primarily through the medium of the United States with an impending global intifada about to flip certain norms on their head. 

Similar to the embrace of neoconservatism among Jewish intellectuals in response to the antisemitism in the Soviet Union and the total institutional takeover by their kin in America from the 1960s on, we are on the cusp of a epoch-defining seachange in Jewish opinion with France’s Zemmour the best embodiment of this new formulation. 

To put it laconically, a majority of Zionists now fear jihadists over European Christians.

The question now is how should Irish and European nationalists proceed with this new state of affairs as we ourselves fight off our own demographic doom at home.

Friends of Israel

We have enough sectarian squabbling on our own island not to waste ink debating the rights and wrongs of gunning down Israeli ravers or cutting off food to impoverished Arabs, but suffice to say while both sides are acting in their own rational self interest are neither covering themselves in glory.

However, an ideological tribe of people not working in their self-interest is that very rare breed of person: The Irish Zionist.

While early Zionist paramilitaries looked up to General Collins as a Gaelic Moshe Dayan, suffice to say Hiberno-Israel relations have been lacking of late with the Republic of Ireland currently having its cards marked by powerful Zionist lobbies for equivocating over Tel Aviv’s response to the atrocities.

If Sally Rooney didn’t trigger white phosphorus strikes on TCD Arts Block, Dublin acting as the fly in the ointment to the EU cutting off aid to Gaza certainly will, as one of the last remaining pillars of an independent Irish foreign policy, support for Palestine comes under attack.

While pro-Palestinian movements in Ireland are noxious and third worldist by nature, there is no denying the Irish have a right to be sympathetic to a nation thrown under the tire tracks of obnovious planterism, regardless of the gnarly Islamists who represent them.

Despite a shared history of persecution and both drawing on the same well of romanticism, Fenianism and Zionism have very little in the way of solidarity with each other, heightened by Zionism’s support for loyalism over the years. 

What few self-declared Irish Zionists there are are anything but Fenians and almost to a man opposed to strident republicanism in general.

The strata of conservative Irish Zionists that do exist hypocritically endorse ethno-nationalism in Israel and ignore it at home as they run cover for the IDF’s actions. They think they are outsmarting the left while looking like they are de facto endorsing genocide, at least in the eyes of many decent Irish people – and for good reason.

Racial nationalism is either wrong or it isn’t. Swimming against the tide of public support for oppressed small nations in this country is something that should not be embarked on lightly. Doing so for an inherently self-centred nation-state such as Israel smacks of insincerity.

If you are backing ethnic cleansing you at least better be doing so for the sake of your own country and not cheerfully hoping you can own the libs by supporting airstrikes on Palestinian children.

Were these Irish Likudniks as vocal when Israeli weapons were used in the ethnic cleansing of 90,000 Christian Armenians last month as the world waits for a second Armenian genocide largely aided by Israel’s strategic alliance with Azerbaijan?

Those on the right in Ireland should be asking themselves why the Irish aren’t waving their own flag on O’Connell Street instead of imploring our countrymen to don the Star of David or disingenuously accusing the left of antisemitism.

From a Catholic perspective, active support for Zionism is a theological no-no of the highest order considering the narcissistic and messianic aspect of Israel’s existence in defiance to the reality that God’s exclusive covenant with the Jewish people firmly ended on Calvary.

Five minutes with a British Zionist or the racially charged backlash to Sally Rooney reveals that Zionists hold more prejudice against the Irish than vice versa.

Why are those supposedly at the tip of the spear of Irish conservatism endorsing nationalism abroad at a time our country melts away from replacement migration? Our immediate concern is that Dublin, Cork and Belfast stay Irish rather than which faction controls the rubble on the West Bank.

Despite a shared opposition to Islamism, our interests are largely at odds with Israel’s, with Europe likely to suffer from any refugee flow caused by Gaza getting tarmacked the next few months, as more angry Arabs add to Ireland and Europe’s woes.

As shown by the ghastly existence of American or British conservatism, political movements where Zionism gets a hold of are quick to turn septic through alliances with the Israeli lobbying machine and aversion to actual right-wing or nationalist thought.

Similar to the metapolitically deceitful brand of republican socialism that seeks to drain any Irish national revival, Zionist-infused conservatism is an ideological fifth column (albeit one with limited support).

Thankfully history and basic instinct have given the Irish a natural revulsion to Zionism even if it manifests itself in pitiful support for Palestine. 

There is no road for Irish Zionism politically or even within our ideological own circles. The Irish don’t trust Israel, and for good reason.

Let’s keep it that way.

Posted by Columbanus


  1. Vile and puerile article …..
    Nazi Scum author will hopefully have his neck cut, halal style by some Jihadi!
    No other racial group have contributed as much to Western civilisation as the Jewish people.
    Certainly more than the two timing, Nihilistic, cultureless Irish of 2023…..
    May the disgusting, pathetic, racist author of this piece have a miserable and short life, and may the next infant who is beheaded be his own!


    1. Eoin Ó Fátharta 17/10/2023 at 1:33 pm

      I guarantee that you have no real friends and terrible fitness levels.

      Zionism is of the antichrist and is diametrically oppossed to European civilisation.

      You should say your Rosary because you are horribly deceived.


    2. Gearoid O Broin 20/10/2023 at 9:21 pm

      Do not use the name of Liam Lynch you odious little twerp. You are not an Irish nationalist, you’d nearly be a pensioner had you ever worked a day in your life instead of claiming the medical because of your self inflicted obesity.

      Irish nationalism depends in no way, shape, or form, on the existence of any other nation or the rights or wrongs perpetrated by them. You and the pro-Palestinian Trots are one and the same – foreigners.


  2. Palestinian children and women are human beings, not animals 16/10/2023 at 6:52 pm

    You sound like a real scumbag LIam Lynch, a nasty piece of shit, an unhinged lunatic with your calls for violence against an author just expressing an opinion. Get lost you clown.

    No surprise why you do not even condemn israel murdering innocent children in the thousands.

    This idea of yours is also dumb.

    “No other racial group have contributed as much to Western civilisation as the Jewish people.” – Liam Lynch

    Judaism is not a racial group, it is a religon you absolute simpleton. There are many different racial groups who describe themselves as jewish, black, white and middle eaterners.

    I am no fan of islam, but i am sickened by Israel murdering innocent civilians, these are children and i will put all immigration politics aside to condemn this israeli acts of genocide of human beings.

    Israel are a genocidal regime. How convenient for them to to let hamas enter their territory when usually a mouses fart can not get past those walls and fences. Something is not right there and others have called it a false flag.

    Also according to many experts, israel have also been known to have had a hand in the creation of hamas, they probably created them to oppose the Palestinian Liberation Organization, yasser arafat was secular, it would seem israel would rather lunatic radical extremist hamas in power in palestine to undermine a peaceful two state solution.

    Even israeli citizens are questioning why hamas terrorists were so easily left in.


  3. Patrick Wallace 16/10/2023 at 7:48 pm

    Who let this past quality control? Never mind how appallingly badly written, stylistically, this ‘article’ is “to put it laconically” (sic) the sheer unrealised neo-fascist views of the author are very unpleasant. Do all badly educated young Irish people from a similar background hold similar opinions?


    1. Two legs of the same beast (israel/hamas) 17/10/2023 at 8:03 am

      “patrick wallace

      Pro israeli are you? do you condemn Israel dropping bombs on little children with NATO supplied arms?

      Also people should take note of this John McGuirk character, many people don’t like him being involved with irish conservative politics, he also lined up for the vax. How on earth can he ever be taken seriously when he rolled up his sleeves and bowed down to pressure.

      Just look at his comments about israel returning electrical power if hostages are returned, not considering the fact that hamas are an extremist organisation not supported by everyone in palestine and especially not innocent children who would not know as to why they are being made suffer. McGuirk is an idiot.

      The only agenda hamas serves is an israeli one, it is well speculated that they created them so as to lead palestinians into their own destruction, typical masonic playbook of leading the opposition to doom. They got rid of yarafat for a reason, he did not want the destruction of israel but a two state solution.

      Hamas want israel wiped off the face of the earth and that only serves israel in the long run as they have a boogeyman to chase out of gaza, animals they all are according to israel, this regime is an extremist genocidal regime.

      What they have done to palestinians is absolutely disgusting, and hamas are also disgusting they won’t even let palestinians leave gaza for safety.

      Israel and hamas are two legs of the same beast.

      We live in a deeply sick world, with deeption everywhere.


    2. Two legs of the same beast (israel/hamas) 17/10/2023 at 8:24 am

      the sheer unrealised neo-fascist views of the author says patrick wallace

      you do realise that your own government are fascists? you pay for them to sit on their ass to dictate to you, and tell you what way to live your life, your tax funds your GOVERN-MIND.

      I bet you have never had an original thought in all your life, you parrot. Neo-fascist where did you steal that word from? governmet tax sucking leeches? Lol.

      You know next to nothing about fascism, the meaning of the word and where it comes from, that i assure you.


  4. Declan Hayes 16/10/2023 at 8:01 pm

    Good article and I would ignore the semi-literate, who abuses the name of a long dead IRA leader. Irish Catholicism was long ago captured by dark forces. David Quinn’s father, as editor of the Evening Herald, helped the Israeli Embassy establish itself here. It seems to be a condition to be employed as Irish Catholic editor one has to be fully devoted to Israel, with all that that entails, such as spitting at Catholic nuns and robbing their lands around Bethlehem.
    Unlike elsewhere, Irish Jews were 100% Zionist and not only did they bribe Griffith et al but they concocted this story of being pro IRA, even though Herzog and the rest of them earned their crust from the British, for whom they spied. It is that Crown Catholicism that explains their dogged devotion. Then you have the Anglican High School on Orwell Rd that offers places to Jews but not to Catholics or Hindus, the special dispensation Hebrew Studies and Stafford College in Rathgar have had in the Leaving Cert, the anti Catholic bile all “Irish” Jewish writers bar one have come out with down the years.
    Then you have the “Left”, chancers like Ronit Lentin, a Romanian Jew raised in mandate Palestine, who married ardent Limerick Zionist Louis Lenten who went to Israel to murder Palestinians in 1967, after which she was gifted, in a very tight labour market, a plum job in RTE and then Trinity. Ronit fronts the pro Palestinian lobby here even though her guff is nonsensical.
    Go read the “poems” in Simon Lewis’ Jewtown, which recently won a prestigeous poetry competition about the nonexistent pogroms Lewis’ fellow Jews in Cork and Limerick imagined they suffered at the start of the twentieth century. They are full of anti Catholic, anti Irish hatred about events that never happened. The Herzogs lived off the SCR. Her are two lines from one of the songs they used to sing when they beat up the locals:

    Yashka Pandre ligt in drerd, Kush mein tokkes vee a ganze ferd
    Jesus Christ lies in shit; kiss my arse the size of a horse.

    We have a major problem in this country with those who are loyal to the crown as well as those who are loyal to the half crown. Had the original Liam Lynch kept his head, things might have been done about it. For now, those groupings never went away but entrenched themselves in allpositions of power and influence. The Sinn Feiners, like the pigs in Animal farm, are just late to the party.


  5. Zionism originates from british freemasonry, (Balfour) NATO Weapons have killed innocent palestinian children 16/10/2023 at 8:21 pm

    “Zionists hold more prejudice against the Irish than vice versa.”

    Zionism is a colonialist,racist, exceptionalist ideology. It is an offshoot of the british empire.

    The same masonic britrish establishment behind the creation of Zionism and calls for the state of Israel was the same establishment behind the irish genocide from a monarchy perspective. All the higher up royals are pro-israel freemasons and jewish. It is pretty obvious.

    Zionism originated in british freemasonry. One only has to look at Charle’s brother Andrew’s friendly relations with the jewish child molestor Jeffrey Epstein, charles sons are also circumcised which is a jewish tradition.

    The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government in 1917 during the First World War announcing its support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.

    Britain laid the groundwork for the emergence of Israel when, in 1917, it promised to facilitate the establishment of a “national home” for the Jewish people within the boundaries of Palestine.

    Jewish “biological self-definition” is a belief for many Jewish nationalists, but there is no evidence that they are a pure racial group native to the middle east. They are actually european khazarian converts to judaism, making up the bulk of the ashkenazi population. The zionism claims that israeli jews natural homeland is in the middle east is preposterous.

    The israeli regime are occupiers and aggressors in the region, we all saw those crying palestinian children in news footage butchered by this israeli regime.

    Ethnic genociders is what they are, the british empire were the same.

    They got rid of Yasser Arafat because he wanted a peaceful two state solution.

    Masonic playbook is order out of chaos. THey usually lead the opposition to have a desired outcome, the rising of Hamas over the PLO of Yasser Arafat is very suspicious.

    They built up Hamas as a excuse to genocide palestinians and remove them from the region is a theory among very intelligent conspiracy researchers who have researched “the greater israel” plans.


  6. Two legs of the same beast (israel/hamas) 17/10/2023 at 8:11 am

    we live in a deeply sick world, full of deception*



  7. I wouldn’t be so smug about the potential nuclear destruction of Tel Aviv. They won’t go down unavenged. No nuclear war will remain local either.

    Once apon a time this was site posted serious conservative articles now its mainly barking mad neo Fascist rants. I wonder how many contributers are working for Special branch keeping an eye on the cranks of the native Irish Jew haters joining hands with Islamic nut jobs.


    1. Why are you emotionally interested in people not your own? Why are you so willing to go to bat for another people. Why is this fight, your fight? How does Ireland benefit? People think posting on the Internet is somehow doing something, it is not . Recently I have chosen to withdraw from the fray. As a result, I am a lot less agitated. Focus on the home front. Look after your own first. None these groups have our interests at heart.


  8. Countries operate on self-interest. Arabs/Muslims/Zionists are not our allies. There is no international ‘community’. There are only interests. When these align we are allies, when they do not…. People like McGurk and Quinn are Anglo-American conservatives. I know, I used to be one. It is impossible to understate the cultural-politcal dominance of the U.S over Ireland. Since we have nothing of our own to hold onto we become vehicles for other people’s ideology. Realpolitik not leftist- John Lennon woo-woo views of ‘humanity’. We need to stay out of this. Jewish lobby groups are now turning against open borders. There may be opportunities here for us to exploit.


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