With Alex Soros promising to use his father’s NGO empire to draw greater focus and concessions towards Roma Gypsies, the Burkean takes stock of part of this group’s recent history on our island.

In a 1998 article for the Irish Times, it was asserted that the arrival of gypsies to Irish shores would test the tolerance of the Irish people, and prove that they were racist all along. Recent high-profile crimes committed by gypsies have oddly vindicated this prediction in a way the author back in 1998 did not even anticipate.

Known as Europe’s ‘untouchable caste’, Roma Gypsies have long had a controversial relation to continental European societies, from Hungary to Spain, known for their disproportionate presence on state welfare, heightened criminality from a statistical perspective , and inordinate school drop-out rates.

With the Irish Government opening Ireland’s borders to the rest of the world, like bursting a dam, we now see happenings within our own society that seem to conform to the continental standard. 

Roma Gypsies from all over Eastern Europe began their migration to Ireland mostly with the accession of Eastern European states to the European Union, to some degree thanks to the generous welfare system of the Irish Government.

In recent years, as our welfare system became extremely lax and our asylum-seeking policies even more loose, word had likely spread around the continent which encouraged many, including many Roma Gypsies, to come to our country. 

The Roma Gypsy population has increased not only because of the war in Ukraine, which has undoubtedly seen a number of Ukrainian Roma Gypsies arrive on our shores, but also gypsy families on average having more children. The Burkean has reported before about the grant systems that has facilitated the colonisation of stretches of Dublin’s North Inner City from Amiens Street to Mountjoy Square.

The European Union has criticised Ireland’s Central Statistics Office for inaccuracy, believing that the number of gypsies living in Ireland is far, far higher than actually reported. In the 2022 census, 16,059 gypsies were recorded as resident in the country, but according to EU estimates, the number is at least 37,500.

Gypsy Crime:

With the promise of evermore arrivals on our shores, a brief summary of the criminal activities which our so-called ‘New Irish’ are involved in is as valuable an exercise as any.

North Dublin, particularly the Moore St. area has become a hot spot for the gypsy community in Ireland, with gypsies having been caught stealing charity shop donations in Stoneybatter.

Known for statistically higher probability of committing financial crimes, such as fraud, in comparison with many ethnicities, our new neighbours have been involved in some of the more shocking legal cases recently, such as their alleged exploitation of our elderly. A gypsy beggar targeted a 69-year-old man from Cork, robbing him of his entire life savings – €207,000 — and another 74-year-old woman from whom he stole €123,000, making her take a loan of €15,000 to give him money.

Community alerts have been posted in which local women are encouraged to be weary of gypsy men in the area harassing and violently threatening women. 

Too, gypsies have been involved in serious welfare scams, with one man defrauding the Government of almost €228,000. This same man was previously convicted of stealing from charity collection boxes in two different churches and has never worked in the country. Fairly or unfairly, members of the Roma gypsy community have featured in many of the most egregious legal cases that expose the attitude of some towards law and order, such as the shocking case of a Roma woman who cried discrimination after being caught stealing red-handed, and who turned out to be living a cushy life on the taxpayer’s expense:

Many independent commentators sought to raise the topic of Roma gypsy integration in the national discourse, but like many things in Ireland this topic has been assiduously avoided by the establishment.

At times when the establishment can no longer ignore the topic of Roma gypsies, the usual gaslighting and sob-stories begin. Sinn Féin have often taken a leading role in these efforts:

A complex conundrum, not least for the government

This brief inventory of gypsy crimes is certainly set to grow in years to come, and it’s worth instilling in people’s minds for their own safety the words of Helen McEntee, the patron of Ireland’s new band of foreign criminals, ‘You’re not going to be safe all the time.’

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. To paraphrase the moronic platitude by McEntee ” You’re not going to be safe most of the time”.

    Given the above attitude to safety and security of the native people of my Mother and Fatherland, then a serious shaming and of the aforementioned enabler of the degradation of Ireland needs to be initiated.
    Ideas and strategies formulated; eloquent accusation levelled; unceasing campaigns mounted.

    For the sake of the children and their children’s children let halt this downward decay.


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 12/09/2023 at 12:36 am

    Who concocted the Plan to destroy Ireland as a cohesive Nation to further a weird ideology of destruction and chaos.
    The inept political pygmies FF/FG do not have the brains to blow the hat off a head and would not have the ability to find their arses with both hands.
    Obviously this Regime of fools were handed their instructions and are carrying them out diligently.
    They receive their brownie points and a pat on the head, with a cushysinecure secured in one of the EU or UN agencies for selling out our Nation.


    1. The NGO sector was handed billions by Atlantic Philantrophy & the like . Aligned with govt / EU funds which more than matched the aforementioned & combined with zero immigration controls ; the face of Ireland has been easily transformed in two decades . The states abject refusal to deport failed asylum seekers is unique in Europe .


  3. Plus we have to fund the scam artists in Pavee point as advocates for these wasters. A lump of dog turd on your shoe is of more use to society than this bunch of scammers.


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