As the Russian war against Ukraine, and the ongoing crisis in Western Africa continue, it is clear to all that European and American security institutions have perpetuated systemic failures in their commitment to the liberal-humanitarian politics of the global era. 

With one war on European soil already causing such destabilisation and quiet doubt in the contemporary international system, we are left to consider which other regions of the European continent are most insecure. 

The Western Balkans, composed of the former republics of Yugoslavia, has been a thorn in the side of the European integration process, as the region refuses to comply with “enlightened” Western notions of liberalism and the atomisation of society. 

The ethnic tensions of the 1990s instilled an implicit patriotic spirit in the peoples of these states, as politics in the region is viewed on inherently ethnic lines. 

The European Union and its member states, in their collaboration with the American world order, are now fearful of the resurgence of conflict in the Western Balkans as it threatens to further discredit their credibility as international actors. Kosovo recently signed down for VISA-free entry to the EU, the last Western Balkans nation to attain it, will see a large decrease in its population similar to what has transpired to post-Soviet Baltic Republics.

This will not only worsen the woes of migration in Europe, but destroy the economic aspirations of the Kosovo government. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an abominable state which traps unwilling Serbs and Croats in a multi-ethnic state state designed to be dysfunctional and freeze society by its very nature. 

The West’s solution to long-term ethnic conflicts has not been the creation of a long-term political solution, or even a heavy-handed migration of population to their mother state (as applied to Germany and Poland after WW2). The short-term solutions employed in the Balkans all but necessitate the resumption of ethnic conflict, the question is a matter of how the Balkan powder keg is lit, and by whose hand it is sparked. 

The small minority of Bosniaks that live in Bosnia, are afforded political security by being held as the only advocate in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the United Nations asinine policy of state-enforced multiculturalism. 

This is itself a dangerous move as it foments tensions between the European Union and Serbia, a strong Russian ally in the Balkans. 

The European Union’s desired result — the accession of the entire Balkan region as member states, is flawed as hapless Eurocrats in Brussels and Berlin neglect to recognise the all too present reality of cultural nationalism in this region. The West’s so-called “international community” has several issues to resolve within this region, all of which an increasingly insecure European Union has failed to adopt the agency to address. 

The issue of Serbia’s partnership with Russia, the agitation of Serbians living in Bosnia to join their mother state, and Serbia’s territorial dispute with Albanians living in Kosovo all point towards one clear sign that the Balkan conflict will never be resolved until safe, secure borders can be agreed upon by all states, including the migration of ethnic Albanians, Serbs, and Croats into their respective regions. 

NATO has adopted a policy of containment against Serbia in the Balkan region, with Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia all being full members of the organisation, and with Kosovo maintaining a NATO task force presence within its borders. Despite NATO’s attempted isolation of Serbia, the West now finds itself paradoxically more threatened by Serbia’s presence to destabilise the region, particularly in light of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Posted by James Fitzgerald


  1. Triggernometry 21/08/2023 at 10:02 pm

    There is ukrainians taking the piss tbh, they have homes back in areas of Ukraine that have not been touched by a mortar or a bomb, they get a free house, sub rent it, then go fly and jet back home, and they are making money under us all the time. Ireland and all the dumb stupid potatoe head bleeding hearts middle aged paddy voting block needs to be done away with, they are pulling at the heart strings of dumb paddy lasts.

    Some who are sleeping in cars, just so fake ukrainians and ukranians can have full free homes they can rent out and jet back home laughing all the way to the bank. We really are thickos. No question about it.

    One woman an irish thicko, shared and opened her personal family home with a young vunerable daughter to a ukrainian woman who rented out her riddled fanny out to any man who took interest online, they knocked on her door, while the irish owner off the house was away working, and the daughter at home alone while all this prostitution going on, it was on the joke duffy show. We are a joke, stumbling inebrieated, potatoe paddies, paddy last, heres a cardboard box paddy , a ukranian wants your house? Go ahead do it, and paddy will oblige. What a joke country what a joke people.


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 22/08/2023 at 6:23 am

    Paddy’s greatest weakness is his misplaced Trust, Compassion, Tolerance and Charity.
    This is Altruistic Psychopathy, a form of national masochism.
    The compelling desire /addiction to sacrifice our very home, our distinctive ethnic character ,our Nation, to be seen as a good human being for the fleeting ‘fix’ of a pat on the head and saintly self affirmation.
    Sadly there are many cynical manipulators, who see this weakness as an opportunity to exploit the naive do-gooders on their chosen road to dispossesion and destruction of the Nation.
    Do-gooders will be the death of Ireland.


  3. Triggernometry 22/08/2023 at 7:35 am

    I’m sorry Daniel, but I blame the voting ”informed” news riddled and ”manipulated” thick paddy just as much as I blame the RUINOUS lying psychotic politicians we have, it takes two to tango, if they give out a referendum or a vote on anything ,what does paddy do, vote for it.
    NO, we never had the chance to vote on RUINOUS immigration, which the late Peter Sutherland, said to ”undermine homogeneity” in Ireland or were all just a bunch of racists, etc, we will turn into neo nazis overnight, he said that in so many words, what has German history got to do with ours???? God curse Peter Sutherland, may he burn in hell for the legacy of chaos he left this country.

    These are sly manipulators, no doubt about it, but look at who is slackjawed watching the gogglebox, taking it all in, making these narcissistic meglomaniac psychopaths relevant? Paddy of course, so he is much to blame for this. All the while watching, supermale youtube videos like KSI or Paul Logan or woman hating B.P.S, and Tate who is now of a different religion that is muderous and bloodthirsty for our flesh. These are all feds btw. And because of this there is a division which they want. NGO bottom feeders, of course get off on all these manufactured fake anglo american ”culture wars”.

    It is a cancer that is spreading to young vunerable boys and girls. Beacuse of all these Tate like feds. There is a dichotomy going on not just in the general paddy brain but the Irish male brain. It needs to be fixed, paddy needs to wake up, instead of just watching his life slide by while making these people releveant, don’t give it power, clicks , likes anything, time to switch the whole damn thing off and keep voting no to everything our government want off of us.

    Water referendum is coming up soon, they want to take water out of public hands into government ownership, the govt will pose the referendum as ”nationalising our water” or ”improving the service”, then when it does get into govt ownership, they will betray us and sell our water to private company water barons, who only believe in capital, in other words, water is not a human right. That is what these psychos believe.

    This is all top down from the parasitical grotesque trillionaires and billionaires, stomping on us everyday the minute we turn on that tv or watch them online, that is what they are doing to us, don’t just sit there slackjawed. Don’t vote for what they want. But will paddy do that? I doubt it!

    You can call them ”Do-gooders” I call them haters, ever see Colm o Gorman on twitter,or Ebun Joseph, ( I believe) they are motivated by hate and rage for the Irish population, she freaked out when a waiter handed her a ribena, instead of a glass of wine, said it was racist or something, and o Gorman cannot be trusted, he was abused by a priest, he has his own axe to grind against us all, like we all had some part to play in his abuse. These people ( and people like them) will always come after us with all hate driven ferocity, and dress it up as ”equality for all” or ”bring them all in your’e a racist” etc, that is the play book and they are paid welll for it. They are not ”Do gooders” stop calling them that, they are haters, haters of Irish people. They want us each and every one of us to suffer and our communities erased.

    Easy to look at the ”do gooder” attack dogs, look at the funders behind it all, they are the real problem, don’t make them relevant. Don’t watch any of the ”supermale” videos like Tate etc, they are there to divide and take you down a wrong path. Do NOT go on the dark web either – or the ”intellectual dark web” it is a trap, meant to entrap you, and get you down a rabbit hole, you may not resurface from. Many have fallen to peadophilia, who are not true peadophiles, some are of course and go looking for it, it is a big trap , set up to break up communities, and make people distrust one another. From the tate videos to the dark web the powers that be have this all worked out ten years well ahead of us. We really haven’t a clue.

    If your role models are on the internet, you have a serious problem, got out and find a real life mentor. This is half the problem with our youth today. And use proper language ”Do gooder” , feeds into this, they are not ”Do gooders” they are haters, jealous of what we still have despite their warehousing of immigrants and visa farms to destroy us. We are still here, they hate that, it grates on them everyday, is that the mark of a ”Do gooder”?


    1. IRISH NATIONALIST 09/09/2023 at 8:14 am

      You wont get many mentors nowadays because most of the men in age group -30s-60s have no time for you or anyone and pull out excuses for not being present when you bring up the topic to them.
      most young lads do not have any mentors of good character which is why its so easy for them to be manipulated, tate is nothing compared to 90% of the bullshit may of them are watching with poor attention spans, Snapchat is probably the thing destroying irish youth the most since 2015, and to top it off its Israeli Spyware


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