Running from May 2006 to September 2008 The Hibernian was a small but powerful outlet for the Irish nationalist Right during the late 00s with a stridently Catholic and Republican editorial line.

Under the editorship of Irish Republican volunteer and former member of the Sinn Féin ard-comhairle Gerry McGeough, the magazine had a small but influential role during the 2008 Lisbon referendum as a time capsule into the minds of Irish patriots.

A partial archive of the magazine is now available on the Telegram channel “Irish Books” (search for the keyword Hibernian) with more issues expected to be scanned in the coming weeks and months.

The Burkean would like to thank those involved in the archiving for their effort as well as the former editorial staff of The Hibernian for providing out-of-print editions of the magazine.

This small archival feat should be a reminder to those on the general political right of the necessity of creating autonomous archives free from the meddling of partisan universities in a country that places massive weight on political lineages and where the academic left to great effect has artificially distorted their role around the republican struggle in particular.

Our ideological enemies know very well the value in shaping not just the daily narrative but the historical record which forms a substantial part of the Irish political ecosystem. They seek to metapolitically bury nationalists through a warped worldview that places their co-ideologues at the pinnacle of Irish intellectual life as well as national struggle against a flaccid conservative establishment.

We have plenty of primary source material to begin to thwart them in their efforts and to puncture their childish narratives. It’s just a case of scanning it all.

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  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 17/08/2023 at 11:12 pm

    Your efforts are appreciated. Those who control the present ,have the ability to control the past and seriously corrupt our History.
    The corrupt Media facilitates a corrupt Regime and too many of our State Institutions have acquiesced in this corruption.
    The Augean stables are long overdue for a cleansing of this filth.


  2. Roibeáird Lankford 10/09/2023 at 3:22 pm

    Well done for this, very Important!


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