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The Peculiar Politics of the Eurovision

The Eurovision is a strange affair. While many turn their nose up at the competition for being rather low brow, it can be entertaining to watch if you go in with an open mind. In what other competitions do you...

/ 14/05/2019

Raging at Bono

I am not a fan of U2. I first encountered the band in 2003 at the opening ceremony for the Special Olympics, at a time I was vaguely aware of a song called Beautiful Day and didn’t even recognise Pride...

/ 10/11/2018

I Spoke to the Devil in Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine

With the release of the late XXXTentacion’s ‘SAD!’ music video on the 28th of June, I had planned to publish an article examining the late rapper’s political and social views, as well as how one should make sense of the...

/ 03/07/2018