Eurosceptics would do well to look beyond the totalitarian bluster of the EU to see a bloc struggling to keep its head above geopolitical water. While Europhilia remains just as toxic to Irish national aspiration as it was in 2021, the war in Ukraine and prospective Western split with China looks set to relegate the EU to the equivalent of the UN, i.e. an irrelevant talking shop of menopausal functionaries.

Already Brussels feels sidestepped by the NATO-led war effort in Ukraine, feeling that it has been overtaken by Washington and competent nation-states such as Poland or the UK in taking the fight to the marauding Muscovites. 

No one seriously believes that the same shiftless bureaucrats and German social democrats who make up the EU’s leadership core could mount a serious offensive against Russia, let alone grapple with the turbulence ahead of us all as multipolarity sets in.

The EU, once thought of as a sleeping giant in world affairs, is increasingly acknowledged to be a greying anchor in a fast- moving world, especially in the Anglosphere.

Brussels has all the mechanisms and high offices of a superpower but none of the imperatives to get it over the line as a completed project, such as a centralised command structure, defence forces or even an European demos willing to defend it. In short, all mouth and no trousers.

Instead of Eurofederalism, a new and turbo-charged Atlanticism rules the roost in Europe today as America, even the Biden administration, begins to notice the rust gathering on what Eurocrats still hope to be a superpower in the making.

Eastern European nations such as Hungary and Poland rightly see Brussels as a feckless Soviet-esque madhouse, even if the conditions for individual exits from the Union are not yet right. Populism is gaining more and more ground in Western Europe as the UK warts and moves on from Brexit unscathed if not slightly buoyant.

Minus the eurocritical guardrail of Britain, EU elites are accelerating federalisation like a corpse floating through space still without addressing the root causes for its structural failures. 

Any material gains the EU has given to Ireland ended around the time of the Maastricht Treaty, as the increasingly geriatric continent lives on its legacy holdings and hopes the modern world will go away. 

Sure, small nations in the Balkans or those fearing the Russian yoke may opt for the liberal safety blanket of Brussels, but the prospect of the EU being a world player has evaporated.

As shown by the AI Act, Europe does not seek to create the future anymore but instead just seeks to regulate it in the hopes that the CCP or Silicon Valley tech barons will bend the knee to its 400 million strong customs union and ignore the rise of markets elsewhere. 

The EU’s green deal amounts to economic and geopolitical suicide as it intentionally creates cycles of dependencies the bloc simply will not recover from. Despite noble chauvinistic feelings from the French, its foreign policy is a copy and paste of Washington’s just without the military might of the U.S. Army to back it up as the continent stands unprepared for a looming schism with China.

Readers of this publication don’t need to be reminded of the threat posed by mass immigration from the third world, as European elites ponder the imposition of fresh asylum quotas and France dusts itself off from a week of race riots. Like weary 7th century Byzantines doing battle with the Persian Empire and ignoring the threat of Arab expansionism, Europe wages war to the death with Russia all while it turns a blind eye to the true historic threats of our era, Turkey and immigration from the Global South.

Amid all of this the, EU’s top student, Ireland (or the chunk of it that still occasionally flies the green flags), follows in tow, hitching its wagon to a failing union, smugly thinking Brexit signifies that we will always have friends in Brussels.

A proper nation state or national leadership would come to the early conclusion now that the clock is ticking on the European project, whatever form a final meltdown takes. The grand post-war idea that Europe could transition herself beyond the nation-state model into an Enlightenment powerhouse has misfired and what we have left is a Continent about to be gobbled up by China, America and even the Islamic world in the form of Qatar and Turkey.

An Atlantic island with diaspora around the world has other options than simple EU sycophancy, even if a cultural connection with the continent is always a plus, with Ireland having all the raw potential of a viable nation-state as the day Griffith first elucidated the policy of “Ourselves Alone” over a century ago. As Brexit shows, leaving the EU is no substitute for a genuine national revival and does little to stop demographic decline, but surely Ireland can do better than a moribund early retirement home of European nations huddling for warmth as their societies demographically collapse.

Time to look beyond the EU nursing home and think of alternative options.

Posted by Columbanus


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 05/07/2023 at 8:52 pm

    The ill advised decision by the EU to hitch their wagon to the long term planned war by the US/NATO against a long prepared Russia was a fatal and deadly mistake by an incestious group_ think bureaucracy in Brussels whi failed to see the greater Geo-political picture.
    They have failed to sniff the breeze and the decison by 80% of the planets population in the East to escape the extortion racket of the US Reserve $ and Petro$.
    The US Empire and $ supremacy has been maintained by the threat of force by its 850 Military bases world wide and its control of Maritime trade chokepoints by its 11 Carrier Group Navy.
    Bio-warfare and its ability to provide a screen of deniability is their last throw of the dice. but the discovery of over 30 Biowarfare in Ukraine, admitted by Vctoria Nuland at a Senate hearing.expose this route.
    Desperation to maintain US world supremacy poses a real risk of Nuclear War by the ‘crazies in the basement’ of the US Dept of State, with the braindead Joe Biden ,just a carboard ‘cut=out ‘POTUS.
    US supremacy has ended with the construction of the New Silk Roads of hi speed rail freight from Zinjiang in China to Duisburg in Germany, by passing and making obsolete the US Navy.
    The Silk Roads are now known as the Belt and Road Iniative (BRI) with spurs leading to maritime connections to the Russian Arctic route ,Africa and South America.
    A multipolar currency trading system is in development and will be based on a basket of commodities and precious metals.
    In the meantime trade continues in Sovereign currencies, the Yuan being the most used.
    The various control agencies of the West,
    World Bank, IMF , London Bullion Market, Commodity Exchanges, Seed Storage are being usurped by Russian and Chinese equivalents.
    A bifurcation is occurring in world trade ,monetary and political arenas,as fore- seen by George Orwell.
    The East is rising like the sun as the West declines into self imposed de-industrialisation, anarchy ,poverty and chaos .
    The West’s decline has been accelrated by its own ridiculous liberal and social policiey and its economically lunatic Climate agenda, based on false criteria.
    The US ,its EU puppet and proxy Military bull boy NATO will be collateral damage at the conclusion of the Ukraine debacle.
    Ukraine will no longer exist as a State with its Nazi Regime, but a landlocked rump may remain with an imposed Govt, behoven to Russia .
    A large demilitarized zone extending from the Donbass, Kherson and Zaporyzhe Oblasts to Western Ukraine will be formed to protect the newly formed Russian Republics from Western infiltration attacks and shelling.
    We live in epoch changing times, The Old World control by colonisation and the New World control by Financial chicanery is ending after a 500 year run.
    A new world is forming in the East, with a more equitable economic system and soveriegn power of Nations maintained.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/07/2023 at 2:18 pm

    Get the house in order.
    Going forward Irish People must concentrate on their homes,families,friends
    and build strong community relationships,regardless of all political crap oozing
    from Leinster House,EU,UN and defunct RTE. Ignore all outside foreign and
    insider interests like NGOs etc. The system is collapsing in the West and they
    cannot maintain ” The Experiment “. They’ve played their hand and cannot
    succeed because too many are awake globally and Asia numbers are beyond
    their influence and control.
    No matter what comes down the line,in terms of promises or persecution, TAKE CARE OF Number One so you can look after family and friends.
    The Sleeveens are already making plans and it’s purely for their survival, you do
    not count,they know that you know now. THEY PLAYED US FOR FOOLS.
    The Greatest Reset is ” OURS FOR THE MAKING “…not for any of them.


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 10/07/2023 at 8:24 am

    The death knell of the EU began when the US/NATO blew up the Russian gas pipelines NS1&2 supply to Germany, off Bjornholm Island in the Baltic.
    With that ill conceived action, the German Industrial base was neutered.
    Germany, sole Industrialised power in Europe, capable of the production of weaponry to fight the proxy US/NATO war in Ukraine was emasculated of the ability to ramp up production to contest a modern Industrial war.
    The US had already shipped much of its Industrial base to China and no longer had the production capacity to produce weaponry or munitions on a scale equivalent to Russia.
    This fulfilled Lenins prescient dictum,’ that the Western Capitalists would sell us the rope that we will hang them with.’
    The US/NATO proxy war on Russia is a war of production verses attrition and Russia has a 10/1 advantage in production. It was always a no-contest conflict by an arrogant and ill prepared US/NATO.
    The ramifications for the EU are terminal.
    Germany was the powerhouse of Europe and its strongest economy. Whither Germany, whither the Euro currency, whither Europes economy.
    Germany is now in recession, if not depression.The Euro currency is falling in value,as exports collapse as a result of hi energy costs
    Hi cost energy supplies, accelerate costs in every sector,leading to inflation. Imports of raw materials become more expensive as the Euro currency value falls.
    US companies based in Ireland have reduced profits as they convert the devalued Euro to $ , and pay shareholders and park the remainder in US Treasury Bonds.
    The conclusion of the war in Ukraine will be the destruction of NATO and the collapse of the EU as an unviable alliance.
    National interests will seek to protect themselves with trade agreements and security arrangements outside the ossified EU. There is no other realistic option for survival.
    Only fools will go down with the EU sinking ship, manned by an incompetent crew of corrupt ,compromised charlatans.


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