Blood is on the floor in Donnybrook after bombshell revelations about €345,000 worth of below the counter payments to Ryan Tubirdy forced the resignation of RTÉ’s head Dee Forbes in a shock punch to the jugular to the nation’s cosy Southside establishment.

Rumours had been floating around media circles about the station’s mounting dirty laundry which has long formed an unspoken underbelly to the state’ broadcasters work this side of Gerry Ryan’s death. Powdery noses, sticky fingers etc.

The word on the street points to the RTÉ salary scandal getting a lot worse, potentially throwing the already struggling broadcaster into an existential crisis from which it cannot recover.

With crisis for them comes opportunity for us and the chance to organise mass non-compliance against the obnoxious €160 per annum tithe known as the TV licence. Perhaps the only tax the left never opposes in Ireland the annual charge even if rarely ever paid is a symbolic flex of Ireland’s elites on our collective bank balances.

Suddenly the chance to be rid ourselves of the TV licence emerges as what fleeting credibility RTÉ wastes away in the June sun. A national broadcaster is an enviable thing to have under a sane administration but not when mediocre senior entertainers and government pressmen who constitute that broadcaster grant themselves salaries akin to South American oligarchs as the world moves on. Granted a denationalised private sector can do exactly the same sort of subversion as the functionaries in RTÉ do at the moment but the sheer cupidity of RTÉ chiefs cannot go unpunished from the populace. 

From Section 31 to the Seán Gallagher cock up nevermind the station’s pro-government posturing on abortion and the lockdown there are a fresh 345,000 reasons to be rid of the RTÉ crew and now is a prime time to do it. 

The raison d’etre of RTÉ has always been to provide the comforting background music and give our public life a falsely reassuring sense of calm while Irish elites ran amok. From the Troubles to the Crash to Covid nevermind its outlandishly pro-abortion framing since the 1980s RTÉ justifies its existence to our political elites by providing bang for buck in population control.

John Waters suffered jail time when he stuffed the TV licence inspector in 2013 in an unanswered form of martyrdom. Similar to hate speech legislation a campaign of public disobedience could be the order of the day to finally be done with a 20th century tax in a 21st century world.

RTÉ is down in the dumps at the moment but let’s make sure they are really down for the count.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 26/06/2023 at 1:57 pm

    Christian Morris does a great job of explaining the accountancy chicanery around the RTE/Tubs payment.
    It is basically a method of Tax Avoidance and payment of Commission to Ad Agencies whilst disguising those payments from the Commercial Companies who use the Ad Agencies to purchase their TV exposure Time.
    It can be described as a method of money laundering, with Commission fees varying to 50%.
    It is illegal in the USA. but not in Ireland.
    It is estimated that over £50 million has been laundered using this method in recent years.
    Where there is dodgy money there will be rampant corruption.
    This rabbit hole goes really deep and may explain the intense Propaganda by RTE, promoting the Covid Hoax and rampant Fear and Terror, the Mass Migration agenda, the multiculturism BS , the LGBTP cult on the population of Ireland.
    It can be expected that the influence and Propaganda peddling of RTE came from several insidious ,vindictive s sources to undermine the Republic, from within and without.
    Simply put, RTE is a corrupt criminal enterprise and their Propaganda is available at a price to be negotiated off the books to any one that has ulterior motives to exploit , undermine and attack Ireland.
    The Jigsaw is coming together and the Regime edifice is crumbling.
    Keep burrowing,the propagandised Media was the Regimes greatest weapon. to influence a trusting ,gullible,helpless Public.



  2. Richard N. Greene 27/06/2023 at 9:08 pm

    Well said.RTE is equivalent to Radio Pravda in Russia during the Soviet years.


  3. Disgraceful.
    Ordinary hard working people struggle to pay tv license and are threatened with court when they cant pay.
    Shame on RTE
    SHAME ON Ryan Tubridy


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 03/07/2023 at 3:59 pm

    …and like all the true …dying believers, rte will pay back and turbo nose and
    all before him that have gained on THE PUBLIC PURSE- BY CORRUPTION
    will walk free , Laughing their bollox of at stupid punters who would guarantee
    them a future…PAYBACK… the bitch.


  5. Note that Leo Varadker sees an opportunity to sneak in the Broadcasting Charge now under the guise of ‘reform’ of RTE. Does the opportunism never end? One might ask what’s the Governments interest in keeping this ailing dinosaur on life support, unless it is benefitting in some way? The licence is aptly described as a tithe in the above article.


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