Lanklet Dev analyses the themes and motifs of the recent Conor McGregor documentary…

To coincide with the beginning of Gael Boy Summer, the leader of the coming youngfella revolution released his highly anticipated documentary “McGregor Forever” recently.

It consists of four 60 minute episodes, each essential viewing for young Deanos in the making. It shows how McGregor, a youngfella from Crumlin, rose to the top through obsession and a positive mindset. To put it in his own words: “There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I am not talented. I am obsessed.”

First Episode

The first episode begins with the Khabib fight. I know technically McGregor lost, but when he replied to Khabib at the press conference (what the heck was this muzzer even trying to say) with “murmurmur, shut yer mouth ye backwards cunt, the bang of shite off ye mate”, he actually won.

Following the fight in the octagon, we are treated to some never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage! It shows Dana White asking him if he was okay after Khabib’s team mates hit him a couple of sly ones after the fight. And like any true leader, McGregor remained humble in defeat and replied “I don’t care about all tha’, tha’ was handbags. I was beat and that’s dat.”

Later on in the episode, we are shown how much of a family man McGregor is with clips of him playing with his son. His kid even has his own toy Lambo (what colour is yours?) with the reg plate reading “ALDO13S”, a clever reference to McGregor knocking out Aldo in 13 seconds. 

At the beginning of the episode, an old clip of McGregor is shown where he said he’d “fight God himself” (lame, it’s over). Thankfully the episode ends with him doing community service in a Church and being inspired by quotes from the Bible written on the walls (we’re back). It looked like a humbling experience for him.

Second Episode

The second episode starts off with McGregor breaking his hand while sparring in the build up to the Porier II fight, something that wasn’t revealed until now. Surgery is needed and they place two bolts into the side of his hand. It’s going to take more than two bolts to keep a D12 man down and almost straight away he is back training on his beloved rowing machine. 

We are shown more intimate clips of McGregor with his family, this time it’s the christening of his daughter. He threw an extravagant party which was almost as big as the one I had in my mansion for the Lanklet Dev live screening of this documentary. 

Following on from the christening, a clip of McGregor plays in light of his first UFC victory He’s asked how he feels. He replies “Dana, 60 g’s baby!” It showed how much has changed, from celebrating $60,000 like a broke ass nigga to throwing a party, which probably cost that, like a Top G. 

For the first time Bellator, another MMA company, comes to Ireland. McGregor is there and is heavily involved, after all he did pave the way for this to happen. He has great time for his fans and is seen getting in pictures with DeanoWaffen youth group members. We’re shown a clip of him in his early days saying “I will raise the tricolour of Ireland and be proud of it”. At the end of the episode we see McGregor give back to the community by donating supplies to various different hospitals. A man of the people!

Third Episode

In the third episode, titled “I am insane to this game”, a quote from the man himself, we are reminded of the COVID nonsense. It’s masks galore but /ourguy/ McGregor isn’t wearing one ’cause he doesn’t give a rats ye. I also noticed Coach Kavanagh wearing a t-shirt that reads “fuck c19”. 

Some of his most well known quotes are played throughout such as “I’ve lost my mind doing this game. Like Vincent Van Gogh. He dedicated his life to his art and lost his mind in the process. That’s happened to me. But fuck it. When that gold belt is around my waist, when my mother has a big mansion, when my girlfriend has a different car for every day of the week, my kid’s kids have anything they ever want; then it will pay. Then I’m happy I lost my mind.” We’re shown more old clips of McGregor, this time with his missus Dee. She’s been with him since day one even when he was dolemaxxing, a proper mot (need). 

Fourth Episode

The last episode kicks off with a younger McGregor discussing his mindset, he said “I don’t want anything, I already have everything”. It’s in this state of gratitude he believes he performs best. He loses the rematch with Porier but immediately requests a third fight as McGregor won the first one. Following the loss, he seeks solitude to do a lot of deep thinking and soul searching. 

We see loyalty is important to McGregor when he’s asked questions about his team who he’s been with from day one. He says it’s a weakness to give up on your team after a loss. Coach Kavanagh is asked if McGregor stood out when he first showed up to MMA classes. Kavanagh was honest and said no but what made him stand apart from the rest was his commitment. He would show up to every class and would even text Kavanagh outside of class asking him specific questions about the sport (youngfellas take note). 

In the build up to McGregor vs Porier II, McGregor was Mr. Nice Guy but he believes this approach is what led to defeat. He is now back on his villain arc for the third fight between these two brawlers. He’s seen cycling through LA with his top off and Gucci cap on whilst shadow boxing. You can take the youngfella out of Crumlin but you certainly can’t take Crumlin out of the youngfella. In the press conference for the fight, McGregor is back to his zinger one liners telling Porier “yer wife’s yer husband!” referring to Ms. Porier calling the shots.

He even leaves Dee and the kids back in Ireland to fully focus on the build up to the fight. His coach comments “there’s more testosterone in the air”. And another of his coaches, Julian Darby, says “reasonable men never achieved anything and Conor McGregor is a very unreasonable man”. Unfortunately for McGregor, he loses the third fight with Porier after breaking his ankle, something the producers decided to show in ultra hd slow motion, straight up nasty! 

The remainder of the finale is McGregor recovering from the leg break and while he’s in rehabilitation we see a guest appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger because real recognises real. The last scene is McGregor back in Crumlin boxing club, a place he holds dear to him. He puts on boxing gloves for the first time since the leg break and says “WE’RE BACK!” which shows he is on our side of politics. Rumours are even spreading that he is behind the Lanklet Dev persona…

Shouting The Odds

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed “McGregor Forever”. I found it was an inspiration to see a working class youngfella like meself make it to the top. I now plan to work my was up through Tesco and become what I was born to be, a Store Manager. Furthermore, I’m excited for the release of The Ultimate Fighter which the Black Forge Inn (Deano Inn) are showing every Tuesday at 9pm. See ye there pal.

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  1. Does it show any of the moves the family does on old men or vulnerable women? The man is no hero , a tap out legend for those with not much future


  2. Working class communities for a long time lived in their own world, immersed in the lore of various “heads” and the brave exploits of various “gits”, and the endearing rebelliousness of “scumbags” which we all understand and take a guilty pleasure in, and also the universal contempt for “Rats”. And somewhere in the mix of this tribal little jungle was the political violence doers, the enforcers (the IRA) / sinn fein.

    And that is the only reason working class areas full of basically unaware uninformed feral thicks vote for sinn fein in large numbers… because they used to do violence against (rival) druggies, rats, informers, and brits.

    It will take decades for the working class areas to grow out of their reverence for “IRA heads” … and the reason is because nobody else is interested in them. Not even the IRA is interested in them beyond patrolling their local turf in which they have exclusive rights for selling drugs to a captive customer base, guns to scumbags, and then votes for local sinn fein TDs.

    The paramilitaries have a presence in every working class area and through the ignorance of the people maintain these areas as a sort of fiefdom overseen by these paramilitary crime barons who have reverence from the people in those areas.

    The only reason there is reverence for these people is because the Gardi habitually abuse working class people, and because the Gardi are unwilling and unable (due to total incompetence) to challenge criminals. So human nature dictated by the survival instinct has resulted in these crime barons achieving a sort of legitimacy, not even in those areas, but in the whole country.

    All that was needed to achieve legitimacy as a sort of authority and predestination for political power was to torture, kill, intimidate, and sell contraband, in a disciplined fashion, and in so doing, appear to be more effective a structure than the police or government or courts.

    There was already no future for many individuals born into the wrong social caste or wrong area in Ireland, and forces grown from those cursed areas developed their own societies and structures and cultures which give them hope. The inequality in ireland and the feudalistic dynamic in our society has bred a de facto uprising of the serf classes and these two reasons, the abusive status quo, and the disciplined resistance, are going to result in a sinn fein governmental dynastic running ireland for practically the next 50 years at least with a majority of seats.

    Discipline, violence, punishment of rats and traitors to the cause, and selling contraband.
    Providing an alternative power structure and alternative heroes and mythos to the status quo which is abusive.
    Any movement can learn a LOT from sinn feins rise to power.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 03/07/2023 at 4:25 pm

    Love em or Hate em !…and any Irishman is proud when these CELEBS first
    hit the stage and wave an Irish Flag…meself included.
    They’ve won our hearts through sport,humanity and presidents, (Kennedy).
    When they fall from grace,usually from human frailty AN IRISHMAN will pick
    them up,…or IRISHWOMAN, and CMcG knows who KT is….Chins up.


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