Oireachtas TV likely hit record numbers in the low hundreds this week as anxious right-wingers tuned in to watch a Seanad debate on hate speech laws. 

McEntee’s Bill experienced a cakewalk through the lower house last month, with a gaggle of libertarian-minded Senators left to make last-minute changes on the soon-to-be enacted legislation. 

NGOs ran rampant during the Department’s paperthin consultation process, with the Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences Bill mandating up to 12 years for those convicted of hate crimes, and an exceptionally wide definition of what constitutes hate speech to work from.

A political done-deal and already promised in both the Programme for Government and various UN and EU commitments, the debate around the Bill ignited a fully blown culture war after being highlighted by Elon Musk with fears that Irish legislation could play a crucial role in EU-wide hate speech clampdowns on Big Tech companies resident in Ireland.

Helen McEntee defended the Bill in person at a sitting of the Seanad Tuesday evening, playing down claims that the legislation would strangle free expression joined by Fine Gael choir boys Senators Barry Ward and Joe O’Reilly.

The Bill has evoked more of a backash than Leinster House would have wanted with the political class hoping that the legislation would have quietly passed before the end of Dáil term.

While the Bill has seen the genuine emergence of Senators Ronan Mullen and Sharon Keogan as opposition figures of note, last night’s Seanad debate was interesting in the number of Fianna Fáil Senators suddenly wavering in their support for the Bill.

Among them were Cork Senator and former Seanad Cathaoirleach Denis O’Donovan who described hate speech legislation as one of the only times he could consider breaking ranks with the government and his own party. He was partially echoed by fellow FF Senator Lisa Chambers.

Sensing where the wind is blowing is a perennial Fianna Fáiler trait, with the emergence of immigration as a respectable topic of paramilitary discussion doing much to unsettle the party grassroots.

Set in the context of an ailing Martin leadership, many Fianna Fáil TDs and Senators are eyeing up the potential to go rogue and begin to channel right-wing talking points to a growing audience. 

Will newfound dogwhistling save the Soldiers of Fortune from gradual relegation into the dustbin of history?

The Oireachtas debate of the hate speech legislation, while ultimately futile, has allowed erstwhile government backbenchers to stretch their populist muscles and play around with talking points previously dismissed or otherwise unheard of.

Whether we on the populist Right can or should give them the time of day is another question.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 15/06/2023 at 4:20 pm

    HATE SPEECH is the incitement to violence or hatred and hate offences BILL…because by passing this into LAW it is a weapon that will be used and abused,for the very reasons it proposes by OUTLAWING FREE SPEECH.
    The Political Class, Judiciary, Police and Media have all been exposed previousl
    for abuse of power,coverups and corruption and will undoubtedly misuse and unjustly condemn the INNOCENT for political gain and personal vindictive grievances and illegal gain…THE BILL CONDEMNS ITSELF AND CAN BE CHALLENGED AND BEATEN IN AN INTERNATIONAL COURT.
    The first offenders being those stupid enough to support Draconian Law.


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 16/06/2023 at 9:24 am

    Without Free Speech there is no Democracy or Freedom, only Tyranny.
    This is why the right to Free Speech is the First Amendment of the US Bill of Rights.
    This pernicious malignant Regime of FG/FF/G oozes cancerous puss on the face of Irish society.
    They must be cleared out forever and barred from the politics of the Nation.
    They are a deranged, deluded, depraved, degenerate, decadent, derelict,discrepit,defective dastardly,debauched, deceitful, de-humanised ,deplorable ,devious, disastrous,disagreeable ,diabolical, devilish, ,dishonest collection of charlatans, with delusions of impunity from the consequences of their destruction of the Nation and people of Ireland.
    The Regime is a formless froth of mendacious ,mentally unstable fools , with stupefying incompetence and incipient psychosis.
    Clear them out.before they clear us out.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/06/2023 at 12:34 am

    A representative of the gormless green party has just been on the Pat Kenny show,the National Broadcast.She supported the crime,found it “refreshing ”
    when tyres were slashed and deflated on SUVs in Church Town,by Vandals protesting on behalf of Climate.
    INNOCENT VICTIMS , Condemned by a Stupid Radical Far Green Political
    Gobshite,aired by RTE…without due legal process. Hate Crimes is OK FOR THEM…NOT YOU OR I…and who does this remind you of Lying Leo ?


  4. Not only will everyone suddenly become aware that they live in a hostile environment for expression of anything, but people will also feel like they are in a mental straightjacket.

    We all know, if we will bother admit ( that is in question also ) that certain individuals who get into influential positions also enter into a sort of political marriage with the Irish regime.
    Im talking about Gardi, Doctors, Judges, Solicitors, Council officials, etc.

    All of these people have a history of abusing the general public, or rather the nameless, faceless, unknown millions of victims over the decades from the majority of the population, whereas their privileged bubble wealthier classes “friends of the regime” get proper services, dont have to beg for entitlements, get courteous treatment and a smile when interacting. The average person using services and institutions is met with a grim scowl, a depressed lethargic official who forgets essential rules and documents, an angry official who hates you for some unknown reason and forces you into a timid reaction for the meeting in order to process your stuff.

    They like when the public is timid and intimidated. They like to put the frighteners on ordinary citizens of grave sanctions and loss of this and that, and the general public take it all lying down because in their experience nothing works properly, and every one of these cronies knows each other and covers for each other. Try making a complaint against an official and see how far you get. The accused person will probably be promoted if people complain about them.

    There comes a point, especially when the nepotism and cronyism becomes a bit too tyrannical, that we have to realise that we are dealing with 2 distinct societies and we always have been.
    It is the friends of the regime (west brits) versus the Paddys ( general public ).

    This all goes back to the civil war, where the treaty and anti treaty communities, people who were killing each other in the streets, developed extremely tight nepotistic networks that held onto control of key institutions for decades. How the foreigners will fit into this tight regime i dont know yet, but as far as the Irish people are concerned, we have always been 3rd class citizens in our own country. It has ALWAYS been like that. The bubble running this country were given first class treatment in all things and Ireland basically developed a run away aristocracy of political dynasties who are given a blank cheque by the electorate to do what they please with the country and society. There is no participation of the general public in politics, people tune out of it, it is boring infuriating and depressing to watch these unworthy gombeens drone on in their contradictory metaphysical language about irrelevent bollix time after time. The people tune out and the politicians do what they want with your country and you dont get a say.

    And now with these laws there will be tyranny, but there was always tyranny. Try asking the tens of thousands on disability allowance if they feel tyranny in front of their doctors and nurses and the regime they live under. Now that structure is being expanded to encompass the entire general public. Its about time people collectivize into interest groups and for defence and develop a kind of nationwide solidarity with their own ( yes even and especially with “lunatics” “nutcases” ) etc

    But I think that wont happen. Ignoramuses get too much of a laugh out of mocking vulnerable individuals and also when the state oppresses somebody the Irish tendency is to kick them when theyre down so i guess im not expecting the Irish vocabulary to develop substitutes for words like “lunatic” “mental” etc any time soon. We are a country of bigoted retards. Most of the people under HSE tyranny in this country are under such medical regimes due to corruption or some sort of garda involvement or family abuse situation, or maybe coz they were due to inherit something that somebody else had their eye on. The way Ireland treated its own people was and is an abomination and dont anyone look for sympathy from me in your own persecution when you were not there for me. I remember some people laughed at my plight and that is what i will do to you when its your turn.


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 19/06/2023 at 5:29 am

    A LAW “not defined “IS UNLAWFULLY IMPLEMENTED. Mc NT rules out
    definition and relies on a 1989 ” Hatred means Hatred” bill.
    Hatred being an emotion,not verbal…so is Love…THOUGHT CRIMES !
    EVERYBODY can be ARRESTED under this stupidity…and she is thickest.
    A survey carried out in Jan.2023,has not been made public and she quotes this
    in defense saying it has 2/3 support. She is Lying, SHE IS A LIER !
    On closer inspection, LESS THAN 1% of 80,000 polled….A LIE !
    Ignoring also the 73% opposed in recent survey that Leo the Lier ignored.
    And not one journalier from MSM quizzed the MORAN,asking only about
    maternity holiday, what an absolute joke…your treated like fools.


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