The inner city dubs gathered at Connolly Station last Sunday on bicycles to take part in the sort of “direct action” that is shaking the establishment to the core. The sun was shining bright which boosted the morale of the people while they assembled. As the people gathered, Gardaí and Marxist activists looked on in bewilderment not knowing what the people were going to do next.

Once the crowd had reached over 100 strong mounted on their bicycles, they set off with all the dash and determination of the Gael. With the energy of a youngfella summer they sped away leaving the Gardaí and Marxist losers in the dust. Fat Gardai scrambled for their automobiles while others vainly tried to keep up on bicycles but they were no match for the swiftness of the Gael.


As the bicycle mounted patriots tore through the streets of Dublin they eventually converged on their target. They arrived at the home of affluent business man and globalist Mel Sutcliffe. Mel Sutcliffe is the face of the investment fund Quanta Capital. As cheif executive of Quanta Capital operating as Goldstein Properties he is responsible for the plantation centres in East Wall and Santry.

The people went to his door with a clear message, if you are profiting from the asylum scam then expect a knock on the door from the Irish people you have stabbed in the back.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. He needs to be taken aside for a deep chat, he is destroying Dublin. His type only care about money


  2. Mel will change residence # Back to square 0 for the protests
    Biggest traitors of the lot are the Antifa brigade . As George Galloway said ” There is nothing socialist about supporting limitless immigration ” .


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 14/06/2023 at 2:59 pm

    …and who allowed this to happen,and who gave authority and permission?Yes we all know the real culprits,up to their necks in guilt.
    A big thank you to all involved and all patriotic protesters throughout Ireland.


  4. HAHAHA the flying columns return!!!


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