Any trace elements indicating that the Dublin government was keeping watch on migration was dispensed this Friday with the announcement by Minister Helen McEntee’s of the naturalisation en masse of tens of thousands of undocumented, ie. illegal immigrants.

Estimated to be a community of between 15,000-20,000 strong (The Department of Justice admits to not really knowing), the decision was long in the making, dovetailing with the dismantling of the asylum system to further tip the scales in favour of the open border lobby.

Announced with gusto by McEntee on state propaganda organ Morning Ireland, the scheme would see those here illegally applying for permanent residency within the state, with no questions asked following the payment of a fee.

The so called scheme with no name, which commences January, entails the following:

  • Adults resident in the state illegally for 4 years or more may apply for full legal residency, with that falling to 3 years for those with children.
  • The quashing of any Deportation Orders for those who meet the 4 year residency criteria with no history of criminality.
  • Those who have arrived to Ireland under the auspices of a student visa and have outstayed their legal residency are liable to apply for regularisation.
  • Individuals in the soon to be abolished Direct Provision system for two or more years may also apply for the scheme.
  • While not directly relating to Family Reunification, the Department admits that those liable for this scheme may find themselves included in a future policy decision on non-EEA residents.

The move was heavily lobbied for and, in truth, basically written by the open borders lobby, The Migrant Centre of Ireland being chief among them. It parallels recent reforms made by the Department of Justice, making the process more ‘customer centric’ when it comes to removing hurdles to migration. The use of the term ‘customer’, and not citizen or national, suggests the capitalistic manner with which the Irish State now views the warm bodies within its jurisdiction.

With deportations effectively ending since the pandemic began, the announcement was met with the expected media fanfare, as well as a small crowd assembled outside to thank the Minister, amply covered by the press. A much larger crowd assembled that same day to protest the mask mandate for children outside the Dáil, but alas they did not have the institutional backing of the NGO complex, and so received no personal ministerial address, or much in the way of media coverage.

Since any watertight concept of Irish citizenship was thrown onto the bonfire in the 2010s with the giving out of passports like Smarties, such a decision as this merely adds to the migration freefall we find ourselves in.

The fact that overnight a ministerial decision can grant residency and potential citizenship to a cohort greater than Malahide here illegally without a tap of protest in the Dáil, or in the streets, indicates how far from the bounds of reality the State really is.

As always we wait in hope for the populace to muster some actual opposition.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. People who arrive in Ireland / Uk / Eu / USA etc without identification cannot be deported .
    This explains why the asylum system is a global mess . Ireland has deported very few families ; a small number of single people used to be deported to Albania & Georgia .
    The citizenship referendum was a waste of time and money ; with the Brits tightening their border , Ireland will be a destination of choice for tens of thousands unwanted by the Uk .
    With Irish housing costs the most expensive in Europe ( 75 % above the Eu average) , expect the property ponzi scheme to continue generating record profits for the landlord class # 3 K a month to rent a basic Dublin home # Half a million kidults living with parents


    1. Question, Think 06/12/2021 at 4:38 pm

      The republic of ireland has been a destination choice for mass-immigration for decades. It became more noticable with the “Unrestricted Birthright Citizenship”, EU membership, and Shatter” and his handing out of citizenship like confetti which created a chain migration effect (Family Reunification etc).

      Once immigrant community numbers increase, it creates an enclave of different communities which allow for greater expansion, like in england where whole towns are all islamic, the visibility of such a change is readily seen in the architecture. More mosques will be created in Ireland, it will follow a similar pattern as to what happened in england. Irish politicans have not a clue as to what they are doing.

      The citizenship referendum stopped the “Unrestricted Birthright Citizenship” effect slightly, but it will be in full swing again, once the news gets out, how easy it is to obtain citizenship, housing, and welfare in Ireland for half the third world.

      Ireland was also the last country in europe to abolish “unrestricted birthright-citizenship”. It can also be easily re-established through legislation without a referendum. That is why the left are always going on about it, because they do not have to have a referendum on it. They can push it in easily. Any people with some modicum of intellectualism, can see that they are literally calling for open borders, open borders is literally a security threat. Most functioning states have border controls in place for a reason.

      They are literally encouraging “half the world” to immigrate to Ireland for free stuff. Certain NGO groups want the free stuff too (tax payer funding) to be the middle man for all that mass-immigration. It is completely irresponsible to encourage such mass-immigration, due to how the migration routes and crossings are so dangerous. Many people have drowned and died trying to get into europe. Any human being would feel sad thinking about it. Why encourage more to make such perilous crossings? The parents bringing their children on such migration routes and crossings are also being irresponsible. Francis Bergoglio is irresponsible.

      The LEFTIST crowd, think that by bringing in “Hate Speech Laws”, they can rid themselves of the criticism that will follow from the public, and to stop alternative political opposition from getting popular. The removal of freedom of speech seems to be a goal of theirs. Why are they so afraid of criticism of their policies? Time will only tell what the effects will be of their HARD LEFT policies and censorship. It may increase votes for nationalist parties maybe, but the Irish public is fast asleep, so don’t expect a political overhaul when “Love Island”, “Netflix”, “Pizza” and the premiership is on.

      But in the short term, expect massive increases in house prices and rent, due to the massive overcrowding of such a small country through mass-immigration. They can not possibly financially facilitate it all, despite their ridiculous notions of thinking they can. They are increasing the national debt to the tune of billions upon billions upon billions. All paid by the tax payer of course. Ghettoization will likely occur for sure, due to the cramped social housing, in what will become overcrowded high population density areas in the decades to come.

      So yeah, Ireland is going smoothly along with the globalist agenda of destroying the wealth of the common indigenous Gael, and the ability to sustain a family and household without being destroyed in debt. Of course the feminist movement teaches irish women they need a career, their children are then educated by the “globalist state” about how the world is ending, and how they can automatically change their gender by magic, and how wearing face masks is to protect their health and others health. ??????? Questions need to be asked by parents about what that type of things are being teached to their children in such schools, and why are they being asked to wear face masks, and what effects will that have on their long-term mental health and physical health. Now, they are wanting to give them big-pharma injections, when no one knows what the long-term effects will be.

      Go pay for that overpriced house, that overpriced rent and believe you are getting a bargain? Competing with overpopulation in such a small country due to hundreds of thousands of immigrants putting up house prices and rent. HAHA. That kind of money being paid for mortgage and rent would buy a lot more in a better run country in eastern europe. Ireland is a joke, it is becoming a country for the very wealthy (A small percentage) and the very poor ( a big percentage). Nothing in the middle.

      Nanoparticle injections by big pharma, insect farming being promoted by the state broadcaster, no petrol or diesel cars, cost of living through the roof, face masks with mucus all over the place. Second class citizens if you refuse the clot shot. So yeah, the future of ireland is looking very bright we are being told.

      Old globalist puppet mehole signing ireland up to every globalist agenda under the sun, and the waving of the hands? OMG, a psuedo intellectual if ever there was one. False opposition SF pretending they are different. A JOKE! Who votes in such incompetent puppets?

      No journalists in sight giving reasonable commentary on what is happening. Writing off alternative viewpoints as “Conspiracy Theory”. They are afraid to go against the grain, afraid to step asise from the sheep flock. A joke, it is fake journalism!

      Any sane neutral philosopher a couple of hundred years from now, would look back and see that 21st century Ireland is a debt ridden culture of COMMUNIST globalism, beholden to an international globalist group, that push their world view down through international governing bodies, such as the biggest tools in their toolbox, the UN, the EU, the WHO etc etc.

      They may fool some, but they will not fool everybody. People can see. People are starting to see!


      1. Excellent comment which is the truth of what is happening in our homeland.


  2. Question, Think 05/12/2021 at 10:09 pm

    More mass-immigration all being supported and encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church and Francis Bergoglio recently. No surprise! Speaking of Francis, he has been a very busy little globalist again, condemning european countries with regards to european nationalist politics that do not open their borders to massive amounts of mass-immigration. It is all over the lamestream news! Not that hard to find the news clips of him hugging his beloved african asylum seekers, welcoming them with open arms as part of his “GLOBAL FAMILY” His GLOBALIST church this week.

    I find it hilarious how one post on a previous article, was suggesting how that turning away from the RCC in favour of remembering the golden age of pre-christian Ireland was somehow going fully woke. HAHA!

    The RCC is as globalist and “so-called woke” as you’re ever going to get! Just read what their leader says!

    I can hear the excuses already.

    People might as well just align themselves with “FF,FG,SF,PBP” whilst associating with catholicism going forth, as they promote similar left-wing-groupthink in regards to globalism. Ireland is a catholic country, all the politicans are majority catholic, it is no surprise it is so open to mass-immigration. Christian europe is pro mass immigration. You know, being the good christians and all. Even Poland and Hungary recently are getting more lefty, because they are catholic and Francis is on the MIC so to speak about those border fences.

    Looking back, the recent comments from Francis make Orban from hungary look like a complete hypocrite. He might as well have just given the “hard LEFT” a platform to speak in front of him whilst Francis was on the MIC.

    A lesson to be learned going forward for any irish nationalist parties, keep catholicism out of it if you want more votes. Catholicism does not align politically with nationalist ideology and border control. A more secular approach and a focus on the economic side of things will get more votes.

    Also, the most important issue facing Ireland at the moment is the tyranny from the scamdemic. New lockdown, MORE NATIONAL DEBT, more small business ruined! Agenda 2030 is going smoothly along its course. Over 90% of the population with more than two injections of nanoparticles from the VEXEENS (vexeens As Gates the funder of the WHO calls it)

    Francis too has been on about the climate change, HAHA! What a joke!


    1. what the Pope is doing does not invalidate the Catholic Faith and a belief, and The current pope isnt as bad as some of the previous ones, But what can you expect in a post ww2 were the italian state is an American Puppet and the CIA jews have their agents in the Vatican since the end of the war, Same with the KGB of Russia, Which is more Jewish interests, The Vatican foreign policy is being dictated by foreigners since 1870, with a brief period of freedom during mussolinis Reign when the lateran treaty was signed


  3. RIP EIRE.


  4. It’s a great idea. The direct provision service is a disaster and people deserve to have some certainty about their future. The vast majority of those in the country have behaved very well and of course we also have a shortage of workers in certain sectors which this will help to address.


    1. Question, Think 06/12/2021 at 9:50 pm


      A great idea for whom? Why are asylum seekers crossing mutiple countries to arrive in Ireland if they are fleeing war and persecution and such? Explain that please? without trying to be smart. Why are they choosing Ireland as a destination choice? are all those other countries they are flying in from at war or something?

      Can you even comprehend that by creating loose border controls and easy obtainment of citizenship, access to employment, social housing and welfare for asylum seekers awaiting on a decision, you are in effect encouraging half the world to come to a small western european island in insurmountable levels of debt with their homeless dying on the streets, and irish families cramped into hotels amd poverty rates rising? More migration will create more higher renting costs and housing costs as landlords will fit in lots more people into their houses and charge huge rents. How do you expect irish families or irish people to compete with that?

      What do you think drives up the cost in rent Darren? The cost of houses? Has it ever occurred to someone like yourself, that there is actually a severe shortage of housing and overcrowding in towns and cities and enormous rent costs? and that Ireland does not have the infrastructure to cope with such mass-immigration without increasing national debt through borrowing to build social housing to cater for such an influx.

      Look at the overcrowding in the hospitals that was there before the scamdemic. Ireland is a small country, to think it can host the entire world would be somethinmg a FG, FF or SF politican would come up with.

      A shortage of workers, where Darren? Do you mean all the irish citizens who left for foreign countries because their own irish government taxed them to high heavens and made it next to impossible to live in a stable lifestyle with the financial capability to afford suitable housing and rent in their own country?

      Darren, you should run as a FF or FG candidate, you would fit right in with their line of thinking.


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 07/12/2021 at 7:41 pm

    PATRIOTS- the blue print 2030/40 plan,brought to you by Cov-any? n Co, conspirator LIEO VARADCUR, was directly taken from BILDERBERGH n UN -the globalist reset by Clown Shlob at W E F. They are not only DUMB n DUMBER, TRAITORS n TROLLOPS…they are leading you to a foreign grave…IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY…please do not bar this comment , BURKE would allow, considering that the EU COMMISSIONER , is romantically linked to PIZZZZZZZZer, and wants to ABOLISH THE NUREMBERG CODE. Should this plea fail to be aired, you used privilege befor BURKEAN, then I can reasonably conclude, you n msm,rte,bbc,cnn….NO, I DARE NOT !


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 09/12/2021 at 3:19 am

    When you also consider that Ireland signed up to the UN migration pact. EU membership includes 27 States, THE GLOBE IS COVERED. Under this pact
    a so called refugee(includes climate hoaxers) can cross ANY BORDER and claim asylum.The word refugee has been abolished,and they do not have to show ANY PROOF…just make the claim. BORDERLESS GLOBE !
    The Achilles heel to this is that under UN-law, it is also considered an act of
    GENOCIDE for a larger populated Island/Continent to invade a smaller populated IRELAND, and they all signed up.
    Call it what it is, A LAWLESS -BODERLESS ACT OF GLOBAL MIGRATION …or UN article 280, Genocide


  7. Trickles turn into floods. The replacement continues unabated.


  8. The tyranny of left-‘liberalism’ becomes increasingly emboldened with each mygrant claiming persecution.
    In reality what they are fleeing from is there own ethnic nationals whose own populace breeding rates outpace the ability of their countries economies and natural resources to sustain and support large families.

    Mygrant mothers with new born babies are reported to dangle the baby over the dinghy to pressure a lifeboat rescue with urgency. Nice.
    Demographics and a change of culture is the harbinger of an even more dystopian future for my fatherland; this will come with the inverted racism and resentments that 1st generation
    mygrants will pass on to their scions.


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