As of 8pm, Sunday 21st, a blockade of a suspected site of new asylum plantation near the village of Scool, Co. Clare has begun. This follows a similar blockade nearby in Inch, Co. Clare. Locals stated that the blockade is to prevent the government from slipping migrants into the location covertly.

WATCH: Locals begin blocking one of the entrances to the site

Local Anger

The remote, small townlands around the village of Scool are reported to be the location that Roderic O’Gorman and the establishment wish to dump 44 male migrants. A property in the area is the touted site for this, and locals are barricading access to that location to prevent the government from secretly dropping the migrants in without the locals realizing it.

“We are concerned for our safety, when you think about it the whole thing is quite scary.”

Local woman who wished to remain anonymous

A local woman told us that she fears for her safety and the safety of females in her family. “We are concerned for our safety – when you think about it the whole thing is quite scary.”

Determined Townspeople

The residents at the blockade were determined to see this through. As a social media page affiliated with the blockaders stated, they feel their lives are being taken over.

The Burkean understands that a meeting of the locals will take place at 8pm, Monday 22nd. We will report on the outcome of this meeting.

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  1. Ted Newsmith 22/05/2023 at 10:05 am

    More power to the them all. Let’s hope Ireland as a whole will come to its senses and stop the plantation


  2. Yesterday’s 11 am shows on Newstalk & RTE Radio 1 were as one sided as ever when it came to promoting the plantation narrative . None of the guests pointed out that Ireland has taken 15,000 more Ukranians than France ! The Sindo & the rest of the print media are similarly unashamedly biased .


  3. Derrick Doran 22/05/2023 at 2:10 pm

    The whole system is corrupt, the government, the courts, the police and the media, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. The lot of them,


  4. Time for caretaker for the EU Varadkar to go!


  5. There is no room for unvetted undocumented male men. As you seen in pearse Street the gut with bar asylum-seekers and wanted for murder, robber and god knows what else. This government are dropping the male men into middle class area which came from prison’s all over the world these are paedophiles, murderous, rapists. You don’t see any asylum-seekers put in Dalkey, Malahide, Portmarnock, Castleknock, Dundrum, Blackrock because these TD don’t want their families being raped, or paedophiles looking at there kids etc. But it’s not alright putting these dangerous men where you feel like it . Irish people are waking up to these Ass hole of government it’s greed for money as they get paid of EU for every migrate they bring in. The gas thing is half of these are brought in by NGO and not even refugees/asylum-seekers. They have homes in France and some are qualified doctors just want free for all if not irish. This government should take care of there own irish people, house evicted families and homeless people on our streets. I’ve yet to see a homeless refugee as they get everything free and beg on the streets. Leo Varadkar, Roderick o Gorman, Michael Martin, Eamon Ryan, Darragh o Brien ,Mary Lou McDonald all voted open boards . They should be closed ASAP. Ireland is FULL .GET THE MESSAGE IRELAND IS WAKING UP TO ARE USE ON GOVERNMENT ARE CORRUPTED AND GREEDY SHITS . USE DONT CARE ABOUT OUR HEALTH SYSTEM, DISABILITY, YOUNG CHILDREN WITH HEALTH PROBLEM HAVE TRAVEL TO ENGLAND . BUT IF ASYLUM SEEKERS WAS SICK NO PROBLEM YOU PAY THOUSANDS TO TREAT THEM BYT NOT YOUR OWN IRISH PEOPLE. IT’S OUR GOVERNMENT IS ACTUALLY RACIST TO THEIR OWN IRISH PEOPLE . SHAME ON USE. ALL OUR IRISH FLAGS SHOULD STAND TALL BUT NO LGBTQ IN ALL IRISH BARRACKS AND NOT ONE PERSON WOULD ANSWER WHY THEY PUT UP. ALL IN GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE KICKED OUT WASTING TAX PAYERS MONEY PAYING BILLIONS TO ASYLUM SEEKER MURDEROUS PAEDOPHILES AND RAPIST IN LUXURY AND OUR OWN IRISH NOT A ROOF OVER THERE HEADS. LEO ,LEO, OUT OUT WASTER 🗑 YOUR FIT FOR THE GARBAGE 🗑 .


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