The Burkean has received reports and evidence of a migrant exposing himself and defecating by the road at the site of an ongoing standoff between angry locals and the government (who are trying to plant the area with foreign men).

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Saturday 20th. The witnesses recounted the scene:

“As we were passing by in the car we spotted an ethnically Indian/South-Asian man acting strangely. He seemed to be squatting on a post to the side of one of the outbuildings near the hotel.

 Upon closer inspection he had his pants down and appeared to be defecating or attempting to defecate off the post.

As soon as he spotted us he immediately pulled up his pants and quickly went back inside the hotel.

While this was happening a group of foreign men were talking to what appeared to be journalists or NGOs just around the corner.

We saw him clearly pull his pants down, exposing himself.”

Local witness

Incriminating Evidence

From the grainy images taken by the witnesses, it is clear that the man was publicly in a state of undress.

The man appears to defecate or be in the process of doing so
He flees when he sees onlookers

Heightening Tensions

The witness says they are reporting the incident to local Gardaí. Sex crimes and indecency acts by migrants has become a political flashpoint in recent years all over Europe. This anger seems to be contributing to the overwhelming local opposition to mass importation of (largely fraudulent) asylum seekers by the Irish government.

Protests at the site in Inch are ongoing. In the nearby village of Scool, also in Co. Clare, locals have begun a blockade of a site touted to be used to house dozens of migrants.

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  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 23/05/2023 at 10:50 am

    The migrant is enriching the soil of Ireland. He is also defecating in Public, a common practice in 3rd world countries.
    The holiday brochures show beautiful landscapes of these foreign places. Unfortunately ,they cannot reproduce the stink of human waste that permeates the air as soon as the plane embarks at these exotic locations.
    Cancel that foreign holiday, the exotic experience is now being reproduced thru’ out Ireland.
    Just one of the unexpected benefits of mass Plantation of Ireland. along with the exotic contagious diseases and criminality from undocumented ,unvetted, non existent health checks of the illegal invaders.
    The ‘refugee welcome’ useful idiots’ have not smelled the air recently, but have drunk deeply of the propagandised Patholigical Altruism or is it the self interested easy Taxpayer money from their destructive ,traitorous quisling NGO’s.


  2. A common theme of various asylum protests is that the modestly resourced locals soon get tired of protesting & migrants are then bussed in ( en masse ) . Seemingly , officials in Gormless’s dept , beleatedly realised that he is totally out of his depth . A steady stream of asylum seekers are arriving via Belfast , expect it to become a torrent , thanks to the Brits closing their doors to new asylum applicants . What then for Ireland ?


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