Twitter’s Fenian Street HQ was a powerful place to be in the mid to late 2010s. 

The cockpit of the social media giant’s European operations, a generation of activists that came of age during the 2015 Marriage Referendum accrued immense influence over corporate policy, content regulation, and officials, often through the medium of the NGO world.

Among those driving the era were former Department of Justice official Sinéad McSweeney and RTÉ journalist turned Storyful executive Mark Little, front in centre of a Twitter clique that shaped the liberal wave of that decade. 

The Burkean has already hinted at the below-the-surface espionage common between Twitter and NGO class against right-wing activists, with Twitter earning a bad rep for its partisan bias and dodgy dealings even among the domestic silicon sector.

With Musk cleaning house and the now rather infamous and by all accounts acrimonious dismissal of McSweeney, plus Little’s departure to Kinzen it is high time to speculate on the future of Twitter’s Irish branch.

True to form, Musk has stirred the pot by tweeting his opposition to looming hate speech legislation, responding to Keith Woods no less, with the tweet echoing its way into the halls of power.

As job layoffs compound, and Fenian Streets declines from its former high standing, it is worth thinking of concrete ways Musk, if he is so inclined, could turn the knife on Leinster House and wider EU plans for hate speech regulation where Dublin’s compliance is key.

1: An Irish Twitter Files: Mimicking disclosures globally, a dump of information relating to backroom dealings between Twitter and the state from 2011 on would be a good opening salvo to any standoff. 

Our elite, more than most, live and breathe through the platform with covert actions around the time of lockdown and abortion/gay marriage referenda no doubt revealing an array of requests and political manipulation Dublin would otherwise want to be buried. 

Even airing the sycophancy shown by the IDA and state departments over the corporation’s tax regime would cause red faces around Leinster House. Twitter and its control of information has the payload on its would-be Irish political masters in any future clash if it started lifting rocks.

2: Professional Block: Twitter since 2011 has offered a professional fresh start for many Irish civil servants escaping the state sector. A ban on any new hires from the Irish State on the grounds of hate speech legislation would (slightly) dampen the resolve of the system to implement these laws and represent the most meaningful financial impact Twitter could have on the regime rank and file.

3: Failure to Comply: Similar to the use of the Irish Data Commission to target Facebook by the EU, Irish regulation is a proxy for a far larger game of political censorship. As evidenced by a 2019 Oireachtas hearing between Twitter’s top brass and TDs, so-called hate speech is the top issue when it comes to future relations of the company in Ireland.

A complete refusal to comply with hate speech legislation or a similar Digital Services Act foisted on Twitter by Europe would be ideal brinkmanship against regulators who want to take the whip hand over Twitter for their own ends. 

Considering its lack of any backbone when it comes to foreign direct investment, the Irish State has far less leverage than its EU counterparts when it comes to Big Tech enforcement. Musk is not dealing with a leviathan when he is dealing with the Merrion Square clique but an unsure comprador class.

4: Jumping Before Pushed: By all accounts Twitter Ireland is a sunset operation running down the clock before automation and worsening political conditions force an exit. Leaving now and slamming the door on the way out before regulators have cannibalised operations would make a statement for any future Big Tech investment here. 

Ireland forged a name for itself as a social media hub in the post-Crash period and now seeks to segway into becoming a world leader for hate speech moderation. Causing as much structural damage to Official Ireland, and its hope of future FDI would represent the maximum scarring Musk could inflict in a year-long very public decoupling from Ireland.

Ultimately trusting Musk to come to our political salvation is a doomed stratagem. This however does not preclude helping to escalate any internal strife between the State and one of its most lucrative corporate sponsors. 

As evidenced by the Irish state’s split from Paddy Cosgrave, disgruntled members of the Big Tech community can become miniature nightmares for the establishment due to the leverage they have over such a weak state. Some form of hate speech legislation is inevitable at this stage, but with the right outcry and downright corporate blackmail it can and will backfire on our political establishment far too big for its boots when it comes to political censorship.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. ⨁ Tuath Dé 01/05/2023 at 8:35 pm

    Twitter must have become a “real nightmare” now for the irish government. The irish public get to witness thousands of recorded videos demonstrating the destruction that government policies have caused to society. Twitter has become very interesting indeed.

    I never in my life saw grown ass, “butt naked” africans walking around dublin streets, i felt like i was watching a documentary on the “out of africa theory” All was missing was the “David Attenborough” narration, who needs the “discovery channel” when you have twitter.

    Twitter has become a great sense of entertainment, the way establishment go-fors like Tubridy run off when questioned on public streets. It is a real eye-opener, amusing and hilarious. He stands by nothing what he said about the spoof-19 and the lockdowns. Would rather run off instead, loses the argumant runs off lol.

    Pandora’s box has been opened and there is no going back, they will never be able to censor twitter to align with their political policy as the platform itself caters to a wide and varied audience and accounts can be created instantly and repeatedly. The irish government think that they have been selected by 100% of the irish public to govern, they are living in cloud cuckoo land, as ireland only has small voter turnouts during elections, most people could not care less about politics, but when they see the failure of irish society on social media, many will wake up.

    With that being said, i do not see Musk as some sort of saviour for so-called “populist right movements”, he is more like a puppet for the globalists and has been moulded into some type of edgy, trendy cool revolutionary archetype by the mainstream. He really is just a pressure valve for the sheep so they can feel that there is actually powerful opposition to the “powers that be” running the world. Gotta get the cool tesla, spaceX yo, new nasa yo lol.

    When you research who and what Musk is, he is exactly the same as the globalists who seek to rule society through dystopian technological systems.

    Here are some examples of Musk, that should raise concerns about whose side he is on.

    With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. – Elon Musk.

    ( I don’t think he sees this as a negative, rather he feels delighted that he can be involved with creating dangerous technology that can be theoretically used to control every aspect of a peoples lives, this would make him and the people he is involved with feel powerful, also WTF does he mean by “WE” ? ? A serious red-flag there. We are summoning the demon? Who the fuck is we? Why would you want to summon a demon anyway?

    Now look here at a song from one of the mothers of his child named “X Æ A-Xii”, who would name their child something like that? Look at these lyrics.

    “We appreciate power” by Grimes.

    People like to say that we’re insane
    But AI will reward us when it reigns
    Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer
    Simulation is the future

    Neanderthal to human being
    Evolution, kill the gene
    Biology is superficial
    Intelligence is artificial


    Sounds really sinister.

    Summoning the demon are you musk? for what exactly? so technocrats can rule society with A-I surveillance infrastructure?

    Twitter is probably being used for AI now more than ever. Musk is insane, normal people do not think it sane to carve open peoples heads so you can implant a neurolink device and hook it up to the cloud? WTF!

    You already damaged enough monkeys in the test experiments, leave humans alone.


    Musk is a transhumanist technocrat, no doubt it. His views, many of them are disgusting and revolting. Literally big-tech personified, CORPORATION CONTROL over governments, as in corporation being rulers of society and bigger than governments, which lines up exactly with the agenda of WEF and the likes of Gates and Schwab, all those people including musk are the frontman for the technocratic goals of globalists who remain hidden behind the scenes, musk is more the pressure valve type, gates is more the mainstream type.

    Musk is heavily involved with AI, neurotechnology as in (BCIs) brain-computer interfaces, where the skin and bone is cut to put in an implant (SICK). CREEPY AS SHIT. He is going to mars apparently, LMFAO if people would actually believe that.. They never went to the moon, they sure as fuck are not going to mars EVER like they describe. The only mars musk will be going for is a mars bar.

    All the astronauts on the first so-called moon landing were freemasons. The origins of NASA come from the likes of Jack Parsons, a guy who had the same religon as Aleistir Crowley, which was Thelema (Worship of middle-eastern demons). NASA and SpaceX are the same thing, Musk is just a shill summoning the demon of technocratic control, THE FUCKING BORG!. Easy to see what side he is on.

    “I think there are more politicians in favor of electric cars than against. There are still some that are against, and I think the reasoning for that varies depending on the person, but in some cases, they just don’t believe in climate change – they think oil will last forever.” – Elon Musk

    A complete and utter shill for the globalists, a pusher of technocracy, climate change hoax, electric cars (that average people will never be able to afford, see electricity costs lately yeah, LOCKDOWN in the PODS, eating the bugs, getting it yet?) and transhumanism, he was also said to be vaccinated LMAO. I don’t believe for a second he was vaccinated, the sneaky smile just gives him away. That smile in every photograph, ewwww.

    And, Gemma got banned from twitter again apparently, banning her most holy and our most highness when she goes on a rant about chemtrails or depopulation agendas is just letting everyone know that twitter is still just old twitter and is not ready for the Gemma.

    You can put lipstick on a pig (twitter) but it still remains a pig.

    Not as bad as facebook though, that thing is just insane, all live in a virtual meta universe, fuck off Zucker, you eat the bugs in your pod with your virtual headset scanning your iris lol.

    Musk wants brain implants hooked up to the cloud. Same cheeks of the same arse, they sure as fuck don’t fool me. Musks smile though, yeah, shur thing, he is one of the good guys on the side of human rights.

    China Rocks – Elon Musk

    Stupid technocratic globalist shill born with the silver spoon, thats musk.

    I’ll leave it at that. Lol.


  2. Too Much ''Diversity'' 01/05/2023 at 9:28 pm

    I don’t trust Musk, but I hope he wrecks twitter or morphs it into something completely 100% unrecognisable to what it was, and increasingly it is looking that way. In the end all these techie jobs will have layoffs in Ireland, it is the inevitable. Either way, twitter can be a drain to him or a serious gain, I think he is thinking it through.


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  4. Daniel BUCKLEY 02/05/2023 at 11:57 am

    Prof Murphy’s Law, states that if things can go wrong,
    they will go wrong, and they will go wrong at the worst possible time.
    The Irish Regimes of various decades have always controlled RTE and legacy print Media thru; various means of tax consideration, advertisemant revenue and other inducements and threats to investigative Journalists.
    This control of the MSM has been usurped by the prevalence of news blogs on the internet.
    Only Paddy from Ballygobackwards gives any credibility to the bilge and sewage emanating from Irelands controlled Media.
    This is the reason for the Hate Speech Laws, to attempt to plug the Alternative Media gap in their control grid.
    Too late ,that horse has bolted and this Regime of de-ranged,deluded, deceitful, diabolical moronic retards are exposed as the Fascist freaks they really are.
    Conformity of thought is powerfully prevalent in Ireland by its older demographic who do not have internet access to alternative opinions.
    This is affirmed by a treacherous Media who are in the business of manufacturing consent and managing perception to control outcomes, in Referenda and the recent Covid Hoax.
    The enemies of Ireland are in plain sight, the Regime ,its pressure groups of $6 billion taxpayer funded NGO’s and phoney vetted Citizen Assemblies.
    Its all falling apart, as in a bankruptcy, first slowly and then suddenly off the cliff.
    You can fool some of the People , all of the time and all of the People some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the People.all of the time. (Lincoln)
    The game is up for this Regime gaggle of dangerous ,disastrous,inept ,incompetent ,corrupt morons.


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  6. […] absehbar sein. Es könnte auch ein Ende für Big Tech und die großen Social Media Anbieter bedeuten. Auch Elon Musk hat sich mit den Worten „Massiver Angriff auf die Redefreiheit“ bereits […]


  7. Daniel Buckley, “Ballygobackwards” – I’m still laughing! That’s great!


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  9. Looks like the Burkean will have to install a translator.


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