An unknown Garda has been exposed as running a high-level cash-for-visas scam in conjunction with a Pakistani fixer to enable up to 800 largely Pakistanis to enter Ireland.  The scam was ongoing since 2017 and involved the Garda accepting bribes of up to €10,000 to falsely stamp the visa of illegal immigrants, no questions asked.

It is believed that the Pakistani fixer would arrange for busloads of Pakistani nationals to arrive at the Garda’s station where visas would be stamped enabling individuals to stay in Ireland. The majority of the Pakistanis had originally entered Ireland using student visas.

Garda officials have expressed concern that the swindle has opened the door for criminal elements to enter Ireland and is the latest sign of farcical border security. Authorities have attempted to trace where the individuals who received visas ended up to no avail. A source speaking to Daily Mail affiliate spoke of “valid concern” that criminals had benefited from the corruption scandal with the Garda National Immigration Bureau launching a probe into the matter. 

Since 2015 there has been an exodus of largely criminal Pakistani males escaping the UK prompting then Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to combat the trend with her UK counterparts. Gardai have previously examined the phenomenon of marriage fraud as an entry point into Ireland.

Perhaps a peek into the underworld character of the Irish migration, the penetration of border personnel is a long acknowledged issue in An Garda Síochána. The rumbling of the Garda parallels a similar instance in 2019 with no reform of the GNIB on the horizon, even in light of well-documented fraud cases.

While public minds have sharpened over migration mishaps the past year we have a long way to go before we even see mainstream acceptance of an issue that looks set to define Irish politics in the years ahead. Similar to the rampant NGO sector the very appendages of the state have been penetrated by anti-Irish forces.

How much better will the rule of law fare when our political regime completes a new Garda diversity drive with members of the force already prospecting asylum centres and mosques for new recruits?

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Thank God I got out when I did. Between the pedovore church and the vertical pork most of the “thinking” Irish who stayed behind never had a chance. Now that the ould sod is no more than a washing machine for fake angloZionaZi dollah scams a la Goggle, Fecesbook, Apple and all things Merkan and trapped hopelessly in the evil EUSSR, the future is guaranteed to be bleaker than ever before. With the crash of globo bankster fiat filth upon us the Starschmux cappuccino BS is over and maybe the Irish will learn to live within their means again and sort out the detritus in their midst and appreciate the values that got their ancestors through the centuries of terror from the island monkeys on Pirate Rock. However, with corrupt vertical pork, transgendermutant retard “influencers” and dumbed down hypocrites of all stripes “running” the gubermint for their owners, I wouldn’t bet on anything good coming from the post apocalypse Co££ap$€.


  2. Simply answers but politically challenging. Round-up and audit every individual and whether they have a legal or even moral right to have existence in Ireland.
    One basic criteria is: what are the long-term effects on the country of having an alien psyche in Western countries and Ireland being the most Western geographical country extant.
    One example of the open-borders concept and the idea that if one gives birth to a child of Pakistani origin parents then that automatically bestows nationhood rights.
    The UK authorities extradited a 74 year old Pakistani (from Pakistan) because of his involvement in the shooting/killing of policewoman in 2005, all to face trial and potentially prison in the UK.
    In the light of all the existentialist problems that Pakistani’s have impacted on Britain, Ireland now wants them to police the country!?


  3. RIP EIRE.


  4. When the 6 counties soon exit the UK the Brits will reintroduce passport controls between the 2 islands . The day can’t come soon enough . Irish govt will preserve the status quo ! Dublin is just a suburb of Beijing , Kabul , Islamabad , Lagos etc


  5. Too Much ''Diversity''. 17/04/2023 at 2:22 pm

    Ireland has always been a corrupt country, from gards to politicians, bankers, speculators, and their dealings with tax dodgers, codgers and criminals. WHAT THE REAL PROBLEM IS: We have to deal with that, and make corruption work for us, crime and law are inextricably linked, you are not going to deal with this without having your eyes wide open and not being a naive mid wit.


  6. Dennis furlong 14/05/2023 at 12:36 pm



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