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Garda Bribery Allowed Hundreds of Pakistanis Enter Ireland Illegally

An unknown Garda has been exposed as running a high-level cash-for-visas scam in conjunction with a Pakistani fixer to enable up to 800 largely Pakistanis to enter Ireland.  The scam was ongoing since 2017 and involved the Garda accepting bribes...

/ 14/04/2023

Ireland’s Golden Visa Blunder: Did Chinese Intelligence Benefit from Visa Scheme?

The Irish government has opted to close its “golden visa” scheme in recent weeks, as the exploitation of the system by Chinese assets has spooked the government amidst growing concerns over Chinese activities in Europe.  Ostensibly marketed towards Irish Americans,...

/ 28/02/2023

Is Ireland’s International Student Bubble About to Burst?

Corona and Third Level’s Financial Circuit Breaker The interruption of lectures twinned with a sharp decline in international students has precipitated a cash flow problem for the majority of Irish universities, Trinity not least among them. With Queen's College Belfast...

/ 18/10/2020