“I tell you what, them Irish genes are good. They’ve served me well. We are made tough. We are made of steel. So I have no doubt the blood in my genes, the Irish blood in me has definitely stood to me. My family’s lineage, we are warriors.” – Óglach Conor McGregor

“If things are to alter during the next fifty years then we must re-embrace Byron’s ideal: the cultured thug.” – Some Anglo sperg

The Forging of a Gaelic Warrior

In this article I will look at why Conor McGregor is THE Cultured Thug. Firstly, a bit of background to the Notorious (not that he needs an introduction, but I need the filler for this article… wait, what?) McGregor was born on 14 July 1988 (editor’s note: 👀). He was born in Crumlin but really he’s from Lucan (“niggas be saying they from Crumlin, when they really from Lucan”). He attended Irish language schools in both primary and secondary. He was an active youngfella in his youth, playing football for Lourdes Celtic and boxing at Crumlin Boxing Club. He joined boxing to defend himself against bullies (on a side note, this is why I’m pro-bullying as a lot of the time it inspires the bullied to make something of themselves.) I was a bully in school and I often think of the amount of lads I must have inspired to do something great with their lives. Anyway, my pro-bullying argument is for another time, back to McGregor’s early life. In 2006, the McGregor clan moved to Lucan. (I take back what I said earlier, maybe he really is from Crumlin… I’m a bad researcher.) After finishing school, he did what any true Cultured Thug in the making would do and went into a trade, specifically plumbing.

He started MMA after meeting fellow future UFC fighter Tom Egan and after training MMA for a while, he quit plumbing in order to put all his effort into becoming a professional MMA fighter (dole kings stay winning). He made his amateur MMA debut in February 2007 when he was only 18. He won by TKO in the first round. After this fight, he turned pro and a year later started training with Coach Kavanagh at SBG. In 2008, he made his professional MMA debut and after an impressive record, signed with the UFC in 2013 when Dana White came to Trinity College to accept an award and was bombarded with requests to sign him.

A Deano Worthy of Respect

Of course, every Cultured Thug must know how to defend himself and we all know McGregor certainly can. He still holds the UFC record for fastest knockout in a title match when he knocked out Jose Aldo after only 13 seconds to win the Featherweight Championship. His first loss in the UFC came against Nate Diaz but McGrgegor showed he can bounce back from defeat when he beat Diaz in the rematch. After this, McGregor went on to fight Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight belt. He won after a dominating performance and became the first fighter to hold UFC belts from two different weight classes.

When it comes to creativity, something a Cultured Thug should have, McGregor has it in both fighting and oratory skills. His fighting style when he first started in the UFC was unique and he stood with a karate stance, something not seen too often in the UFC. His style has somewhat changed since then but in one of his more recent fights against Donald Cerrone, he hits him in the face with his shoulder a couple of times, bursting Cerrone’s nose open, something I hadn’t seen before. His trash talk is next to none and there is only one UFC fighter that comes close, that being Chael Sonnen. Who can forget at the McGregor vs Alvarez press conference when a member of the audience asked McGregor “Who do you think would give you the hardest fight out of anyone on stage?” As McGregor paused for a second and looked around, Jeremy Stephens, a fellow UFC fighter, said he’d be his toughest opponent. McGregor looked around as if he genuinely had no clue who said that and said “who the fuck is that guy?” /LiterallyWho/ing a professional fighter can only be described as a moment of rarefied kino. Or when he showed up to the McGregor vs Aldo press conference in Rio De Janeiro and said “I own this town. I am the owner of Rio de Janeiro. I’m sitting up here with my feet on the desk. What’s anyone up there gonna do about it? Not one of yous are gonna do anything about it. The name of McGregor, my family motto ‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream’, means royalty is in my blood and that goes way back. So for him to say he is the King and I am the joker, if this was a different time, I would invade his favela on horseback and kill anyone who was not fit to work. But we are in a new time, so I will whoop his ass in July.” A joker moment indeed.

And even with a broken leg, he was still trash talking when he said to Dustin Porier “your wife is in me DM’s baby”. Not only is he a gifted trash talker but he also has some philosophical quotes such as “Precision beats power, timing beats speed”, “There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent doesn’t exist, we all are equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I’m not talented, I am obsessed.” and “I am cocky in prediction. I am confident in preparation, but I am always humble in victory or defeat.”

As I mentioned earlier, McGregor attended a Gaelscoil for both primary and secondary school. He said in an interview with balls.ie (uncultured reddit swine) that he is fluent but needs to brush up on it. During one of the press conferences with Khabib, Khabib questioned why he didn’t speak his native language to which McGregor replied “An bhfuil cead agam dul go dti an leithreas ar an mbus” referring to Khabib’s reaction to McGregor throwing a dolly at the bus him and his team were on. At the same press conference, McGregor showed he knows his heritage “My family, my bloodline, the McGregor clan. We stood, we fought. We fought the English empire, so much so that our name was banished for 100 years by King James.”

McGregor is a clever businessman and has successfully launched a pub in Dublin along with his own stout and whiskey. He didn’t forget his roots and named the whiskey Proper 12 with Crumlin being located in Dublin 12 and the word proper being a popular word amongst the youngfellawaffen, proper order. He also has endorsement deals with some of the world’s biggest companies such as Beats by Dre, Monster (the ultimate gentleman’s choice of nonalcoholic beverage), Reebok, Bud Light and Burger King.

Rumours on the streets of Dublin are that McGregor only wanted a deal with Burger King after a certain airplane incident, these rumours are yet to be confirmed however. Not only is McGregor something of an entrepreneur, he has recently taken up acting and even starred in his own advertisement for his new apple whiskey. It was a clever play on Steve Jobs and Apple with McGregor dressed as him. He finishes the ad by saying “How do you like them apples?” From this ad, a meme was born, “The Gael Stare” meme, seen below.

The Gael Stare”, pixel on Twitter, 2023

Blood is Thicker Than Water

McGregor has shown tremendous loyalty towards his family and friends. He has looked after his family financially and was asked in a recent interview what his greatest achievement is and he simply replied “his kids”. His son was baptized in the Vatican and McGregor recently returned there and was pictured praying and holding the keys to the Vatican, continuing the long-established link between Gaelic warlords and Rome. Whatever to be said of his private life, he is a man of faith. 

His feud with Khabib “Cuck for Russia, ‘Russia is Our Greatest Ally'” Nurmagomedowhatever started with Khabib hitting McGregor’s then-friend and sparring partner, Artem Lobov, a slap after cornering him with his gang in a hotel in New York. After hearing this, McGregor gathered his senior youngfellawaffen members and flew by private jet to New York. He and his battalion found Khabib and co. hiding on a bus. Like a scene from WWE, except it was actually real, McGregor threw a dolly at the bus, smashing the window. Khabib stayed on the bus with McGregor famously stating that he shit his pants. Who wouldn’t want a pal who has your back like that?

When you walk into the lounge area of the Black Forge (aka the Deano Inn), you will see a framed picture to your left which has become a symbol of the coming youngfella revolution, it is of course the mural of the lad on the horse in Smithfield. This gesture along with McGregor supporting the East Wall movement shows how tapped into modern Irish Nationalist culture he really is, and, more or less, shows he is ready to lead the coming youngfella revolution in Easter 2024. Can you imagine McGregor saying to a few thousand Deanos: “we’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over” and then marching on the [redacted].

P.S. Mr. McGregor, if you’re reading this, the term “Cultured Thug” is not an insult. I’m your top replyguy. Yours sincerely, Lanklet Dev.

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  1. the cultured gael , that wears a poppy , and likes to r#ape women, give over with the rubbish


  2. This is a poorly written article because the concept of a “cultured thug” has two elements: culture+a preparedness to defend it (e.g. through violent means, if necessary). The ancient Romans are the paradigm. The Gaels were thuggish all right, but where was the culture? The Gaels in history were an almost entirely illiterate people, with no development of science or economic and political thought (democracy was an import from the country next door). Uncultured thug would be more like it. What makes you think Conor McGregor is a highly cultured person? Julius Caesar is the prototype of a war leader who was also a man of letters, and wrote the War in Gaul. In history, the English were the cultured thugs – and the Irish were just thugs.


    1. The Burkean 30/03/2023 at 2:46 pm

      “Early medieval Irish literacy was not isolated in monasteries, even if important practical aspects such as manuscript production were arguably confined to them. It flourished within a wider learned hinterland defined by its secondary-oral culture. Literacy can only be fully appreciated by situating it within this broader social dynamic. The experiences of the ecclesiastical elite, as the last two chapters have shown, brought them into close contact with the secular world and its concerns. Monastic writers were integral to the formation of Irish secular identities.”

      “[T]there is an Ireland of Hiberno-Latin writers, respected scholars of international repute such as Columbanus, Virgilius of Salzburg, Dicuil, Sedulius Scottus, Eriugena and others;”

      “It has been stressed throughout this study that early Irish literacy functioned within a secondary-oral environment, an environment in which the oral and written were in continual interaction. At one end was the monastic literatus whose writings were part of the intellectual world of Christianity and who relied on a whole infrastructure of literacy based on ecclesiastical institutions, books and pedagogy. At the other were more transient contributors to this culture, individuals such as the baird and the lower ranked among filid.”

      JOHNSTON, E. (2013). Literacy and Identity in Early Medieval Ireland (Vol. 33). Boydell & Brewer. http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.7722/j.ctt31njhm

      “Cahill argues a case for the Irish people’s critical role in preserving Western Civilization from utter destruction by the Huns and the Germanic tribes (Visigoths, Franks, Angles, Saxons, Ostrogoths, etc.). The book presents Western history from the collapse of the Roman Empire and the pivotal role played by members of the clergy at the time. A particular focus is placed upon Saint Patrick. The book details his early struggles through slavery, mirroring much of the content in The Confession of Saint Patrick. Initial portions of the book examine Ireland before the arrivals of Patrick and Saint Augustine of Canterbury. Particular focus is placed upon Saint Columba, the monks he trained, and the monasteries he set up in the Hiberno-Scottish mission. These holy men, according to Cahill, “single-handedly refounded European civilization throughout the continent.” (p. 4)”



      1. It is not true to say that the Gaels were majority literate. In the Middle Ages, no country was (not a lot of people know that, apparently!). So yes, literacy was mainly confined to the church in every country. In Britain, there were also the universities. Ireland is the only European country to have never set up a university in the Middle Ages, meaning you had a literate church plus a few (mainly illiterate) wandering poets and that was your lot. By the modern period, when literacy was becoming a mass phenomenon in England, the Irish were not literate, burning old manuscripts, which they couldn’t read, for fuel. There were only a handful of books in print in Irish in the 19th century. Bedell’s Bible and Séamus Ó Gallchobhair’s sermons, and that was basically your lot until the Gaelic Revival stated with things being published by Douglas Hyde and Peter O’Leary. Literacy in 19th century Ireland meant “learning to write English”, for that reason. Ireland’s contribution to the scientific revolution around Isaac Newton: nothing. Ireland’s contribution to the industrial revolution (spinning jennies and steam trains): nothing. Ireland’s contribution to political/social/economic thought (see David Hume and others): nothing. To claim the “Irish saved civilisation” based totally on monks copying manuscripts, and then make reference to the NON-IRISH St Patrick is ridiculous. What are Ireland’s contributions to world civilisation? I’ve been told an Irishman invented the submarine. OK, that’s one thing. And, anything else? You’re sitting there using TVs, phones, computers, the internet, electricity, planes, cars, trains…. all of it invented by England, pretending you saved civilisation. Everything you have was given to you by England. We are your gods. Sinne bhur ndéithe. Look, I am about 50% Irish by ancestry, but I don’t want to tell lies about this. Cultured thugs the Gaels were not.


        1. Eoin Ó Fátharta 31/03/2023 at 10:10 am

          What have you done personally to fight against the destruction of your nation? Do you engage in political activism on the streets? Are you involved in an active club with fellow patriotc men? If not keep your opinions to yourself because they are worthless.


        2. How about our great literary contribution….Yeats, Joyce and all. The irish and English are different. Ye built factories, we wrote songs and ballads. Don’t be an arse. Your country is so great , just look at the state of it now. Least we have a turning tide in ireland. Enjoy your curry and stale ale.


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 30/03/2023 at 1:39 pm

    Love Conor McGregor ,he is a macho Irishman and takes no excrement .
    Every young Irishman should take inspiration from him.
    Stand strong ,be proud of your heritage and learn to fight your corner.
    We need a generation of fearless McGregors to battle and reclaim a besieged Irleand.
    If they do not respect you,make sure they fear you.
    Ireland is no place for emasculated foo foo juiced soy boys and pussies.
    Faugh a baile, clear the way if you are not prepared for the battle.
    Reall men protect their women and families


  4. mcgregor


  5. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 30/03/2023 at 3:35 pm

    LMFAO at this article. TheBurkean never fails to deliver the laughs. A promotion article about the mcgregor clown, the same clown who tweeted for basically martial law when the scamdemic started. A low iq moron.

    Mcgregor the cultured thug, a little midget dubliner, who acts like a diva and who a lot of mma fighters despise. A terrible weak role model who has proven time and time again what an absolute clownish drunk he is. A man who built his career off of defeating men south of 5ft 8 inches and 12 stones, all handpicked opponents with weak grappling tailor made for the midget dubliners style.

    Diaz beat the shit out of him twice, despite the nod for Mcgregor in the second bout, Mayweather emasculated him, Nurmagomedov ripped his head off quite literally, spat on him and made him look like a defeated drunken fool over his then whiskey logo lol. Poirier beat him to a pulp twice and broke his leg. Mcgregor could never withstand adversity when the bully got bullied back lol. An absolute fake and a clown, money is no yardstick to measure a man. Mcgregor was ever only a midget-beater cheered on by deluded people, uneducated people who believed he could beat a middle-aged mayweather lol.

    Ireland produced much better combat sports athletes than Mcgregor, Steve collins for one.

    Lol at theburkean again.

    These holy men, according to Cahill, “single-handedly refounded European civilization throughout the continent??

    Absolute bullshit. Western society was not built on christianity, it was christianity that was built on top of ancient polytheist societies, your beloved globalist churches in europe are for the most part built on ancient pagan temples and sacred grounds. Christianity is a middle-eastern based cult that was adopted by rome.

    Now your christianity washes the feet of africans. The land of saints and scholars LMAO, the land of nigerian footballers now.

    TheBurkean = Ciaran Brennan from twitter i’m sure, probably using multiple psuedonyms like columbanus, a devout papist no doubt. lol.

    St patrick is fiction by the way. it represents romano british influence on ireland. The vikings had a field day kicking the ass out of those weak irish monks, slaughtered brian boru too, the irish monks did not win that battle, the anglo normans had a field day later on when they entered and what were they? only vikings aswell. lol.

    Irish never had a sovereign country ever since they turned christian. The pagan vikings founded all the cities over the christian irish, who were terrified of them.

    No knowledge, only bullshit here on theburkean. TheDeplatformingBurkean lol.


    1. Eoin Ó Fátharta 31/03/2023 at 10:03 am

      I can guarantee that you have no friends and that you have never done anything for your nation in its fight for survival because you are a pathetic and weak coward. I can also guarantee that you have achieved NOTHING in your life and never will. You are just a toxic depressed personality upset at the failings in your own life and therefore feel the need to vent like this.


    2. rathcroghan was the oldest city in ireland, bigger than Tara

      the article is satiricial clearly your butthurt anglo bongoid transplant or some nordick larper, the most libtarded countries in europe that let somalis boss them around


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 30/03/2023 at 5:29 pm

    …and let the wise man act the fool because a fool can not. Stepping inside a ring takes courage,then the fight begins.So to all the would be warriors,be careful should the ring come to you.
    It appears the brain @dw has a shadow boxing partner…or is it the 50% bigot he will no doubt entertain us again at our next celebrated Easter.Sure he’s invited to my Irish Home and would need a good reason to leave…rejecting Irish Hospitality,what’s this world coming to?


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