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In 2016 a collection of shady English EDL supporters, Polish ultras and Irish activists were roundly humiliated when they attempted to launch a branch of Pegida at the GPO. Badly planned as it was ideologically ill-fated, the inexcusable PR disaster arguably set nationalism back years and shamefully associated the cause with the dregs of British politics. A key figure in this farce was Tommy Robinson and his underworld associates.

Today the situation has been entirely reversed, with a cathartic expression of working-class anger at a failing asylum industry falling into the lap of would-be nativists. A perfect storm of socio-economic factors, savvy social media activism and government dysfunction has propelled communities into mobilising and begun a thaw in Irish politics over the taboo of immigration.

The left and the government have been floored, with the sight of hundreds of mothers with prams parading on the streets the last image they wanted. Media criticism has not soured public opinion.

A genuine organic expression of latent hostility to immigration, the timeline on electoral populism has advanced the best part of a decade due to the spontaneous outburst. The credibility gap the Irish Right has experienced due to veritable cranks occupying space has been breached, and serious work on changing our politics for the better can begin.

This success, however minor, has again attracted Robinson 7 years after his last foray south of the border led to an unmitigated disaster for those unwise enough to embroil themselves in the PEGIDA farce.

Fresh from revelations of his work with an MI5 agent, Robinson has arrived in Ireland in an attempt to document asylum protests. Similar to the asylum chancers he is protesting, Robinson is an unwanted foreign guest. 

Like political plutonium, Robinson and all he embodies is cancer to any genuine organising against mass migration in Ireland or elsewhere. It is sadly beyond the power of anyone to prevent him from coming to our shores, but he should be treated as a hostile actor stopped from any engagement with protests or unsuspecting attendees.

Anyone foolish enough to entertain Robinson should have their cards marked as being too stupid to be of any potential use in any fightback against mass migration. Any reputation which comes into contact with Robinson will suffer if not be obliterated. In coming here, Robinson serves only himself and his ailing career.

Right-wing movements are vulnerable to the extent to which the slightest bad actor could set back movements by years, with the British far right and loyalism deservedly the most inexcusable association to have in our circles. The PEGIDA affair was just a taster to what the influence of Tommy or British nationalists can do here in setting Irish patriots back to square one in their grifter war tourism.

The Burkean has previously published an editorial on the toxicity of the English connection and Irish nationalism with our editorial on Jim Dowson and his front group in Ireland. Since then Dowson has been exposed as an informant vindicating our concerns and the front group largely folded up with its damage minimised.

Not just for historic or political reasons associating with the British ultra right of any shade is a liability for their clear and established links to the British security state and revulsion they rightly elicit from normal Irish citizens. Robinson may boast of Irish heritage but it mattered little when he wore a badge and posted on social media in support of a British soldier who shot Catholic civilians in Derry.

There is little moral legitimacy in standing with those who occupy a chunk of our country (whatever one thinks about the Troubles and Republican struggle) and then pontificating on sovereignty. 

Robinson’s potential second debut here should be a rallying point for everyone to set up a clear cordon sanitaire around imported British actors who seek to poison the well. As with the current wave of migration, we sadly cannot prevent the shyster coming to Ireland but can make sure he is unwelcome.

More militant than any antifascist, we must all do our best to wall these invaders off from this fragile but blossoming movement emerging on our streets.

Irish solutions to Irish problems,


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  1. The author of this article makes some credible points, despite not citing sources of material related to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon or Jim Dowson.
    Where is the strength of your belief and conviction when you don’t even put your name to your ‘journalism’ of this blog.
    Since Irish people came to England in huge number over the past century and have assimilated seamlessly, it’s tad insulting to resort to juvenile slogans like “Brits Out”. Is that really to best to you have to offer on the challenges facing all of these Islands?
    None of the above personages have drove a car into anyone or carried out mass murderous atrocities. Easy targets, no doubt.


    1. kaidos balls 18/02/2023 at 6:03 am

      the irish assimilating into england was never a good thing, see thee amount of irish libtard commodity women in bbc etc, and intermixing with the source problem all creates a mush race like in america , the irish abroad faced same destructive forces as at home, ethnocide and death of genetic lines


      1. Partially agree with: There pro’s and con’s in every countries history.
        In my parents case, it was survival and looking to a neighbour (UK) for job and life prospects.
        I think there are more Irish Americans of pure stock than there are of indigenous Irish.

        Photography Peter Beard is described as a WASP but he is more WASC – white Anglo Saxon Catholic as his forebears – on both sides were Irish. Ancestry that constructed infra-structure in America.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/02/2023 at 5:26 pm

    The Peoples of Celtic bloodline are traced throughout Europe,especially Western Europe….join together…dictatorship keeps them all subjects.


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