Speaking in the European Parliament, Sweden Democrats MEP Charlie Wiemers has chastised the Irish government’s response to Ireland’s asylum crisis. 

Vice-Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, Weimers has previously criticised the government’s decision to grant general amnesty to illegal immigrants

As political discontent continues to grow in Ireland, commentary on the ongoing protests against the imposition of undocumented migrants into local areas by a member of the European Parliament indicates the growing international awareness of the Irish government’s failed policies.

Wiemers called on the Irish government to participate in the ongoing discussions of “secure borders and controlled migration” throughout Europe, should it choose to “avoid the fate of those who bitterly cling to open borders.” 

Weimers, speaking in support of those protesting, called for the Irish government to address the protestors’ concerns in a fair and adequate manner, rather than dismissing their demands as far-right, as the Irish government appears content in disregarding the concerns of its citizens.

Labelling people as “far-right” so as to exclude them from political discourse, while new to mainstream Irish politics in the domestic context, has been used all throughout Europe to slander various political parties. However, in spite of establishment efforts to jettison political dissent through the social stigmatisation of conservative policies, right-wing political parties have recently experienced significant electoral success in a number of countries.

In the cases of the Sweden Democrats, and Fratelli d’Italia, the institutional cordon sanitaire upheld by the centre-right against so-called “extremist parties” has collapsed, with both parties now members of governing coalitions in their respective countries.

The government’s rancour towards local protestors amidst growing discourse on tightening restrictions on Ireland’s asylum seeker system has exposed the two-faced behaviour of Irish politicians; simultaneously dog-whistling about the “rise of the far-right” and moving to reform the asylum industry.

Though Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are by no means ideologically centre-right, reading from the same liberal hymn sheet as leftist parties, the recent wave of protests across Dublin has opened pandora’s box in mainstream Irish politics by politicising the long-ignored issue of mass migration. By back-tracking on the asylum issue, the coalition government is scrambling to salvage their electoral prospects in preparation for 2024, however, the success of such behaviour is doubtable.

While Ireland may not follow the exact political trends of continental parties, we are firmly linked to Europe in common response to the major political issues of our era. Though certainly a late-comer to modern conservatism, Ireland will be drug along with the broader national populist zeitgeist of contemporary European politics. 

No matter how virulent and viciously it is defamed by establishment parties, national populism finds itself posed towards a significant growth in Ireland should the opportunity afforded by recent protests be seized upon.

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 14/02/2023 at 10:25 pm

    The Irish Regime continues to use violence and terror against its own People, by using undocumented illegal criminal welfare tourists as its foot soldiers.
    There is no community in Ireland that is not free of this lawlessness ,imported deliberately and recklessly into Ireland
    The corrupt and bought Irish Media.of RTE, local Radio and Irish Slimes are all culpable in this reign of terror on the women and children of Ireland, who now go in fear of their lives,in their own communities.
    This is the heart of the insurrection against a Regime that went rogue decades ago, and paved the way for Ireland subjugation with the Childrens referendum,the Gay Marriage referendum,the abortion referendum.
    All designed to be an attack on the traDitional family and its most vulnerable women and children.
    Having targeted the 3 pillars of Irelands society, Faith,Family and Nation, there is but one tottering pillar remaining and that is the Nation.
    That is to be destroyed by Mass Migration Plantation, to eliminate a cohesive resistance to the tyranny and despotism of the Regime.
    The People have awoken, late in the day and now realise their peril .
    They also realise their immediate Enemy and collaborators in their destruction, and that is the Regime of FF/FG/G and the Fake Opposition of SF.
    ‘A Nation can long withstand the assault on its Walls from the enemy without, it cannot long witstand the Enemy that creeps about within its Walls , undermining its defences’ (Cicero).
    The treasonous, treacherous Quislings of the Regime and their mercenary 5th columns in the Media and NGO’S are the Enemy of the Irish People and their bullying power will no longer go unchallenged.


    1. Ireland’s foreign ( as a % of the total population ) is already simialr to the other English speaking countries . Within five yrs , the % will be the highest in the western world . It’s impact on housing costs will see a doubling of Dublin house / rental prices by 2030 . How many seats will the I F P hve after the next G E ? Two or three @ most .


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/02/2023 at 5:52 pm

    Great to see EU members holding the rogue regime to account and sure
    is guaranteed that the dickheads in Leinster House will pay no heed to the voice of experience.


  3. The Man Behind the Curtain in This Green Revolution is The American State Department and The CIA.

    Study how each Colour Revolution was fomented and the role that NGOs played in everyone!

    Watch Oliver Stone’s movie ” Ukraine on Fire ” to get a sense of who is behind much of the societal upheaval around The World!


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