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Irexit: Does the Visegrad Option Suit Ireland?

There are two differing poles of thought as to what Ireland’s relationship with the European Union should be amongst the right-wing; one is that of the aptly named and self-explanatory “Irexit” and the other is adopting a political stance similar...

/ 08/06/2021

Ireland: The EU’s New Debt Colony

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better" writes Samuel Beckett in his 1983 story "Worstward Ho." Micheál Martin obviously took this quip to heart when he went to Brussels and opened the veins of the Irish taxpayer so he could get...

/ 25/07/2020

Can Nationalists Win the European Parliamentary Elections?

Between May 23rd and May 26th next year, voters all across the European Union will have the chance to vote for their representatives in the European Parliament for the next five years. The EP is one of the five ‘core’...

/ 10/01/2019