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‘More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish’ – RTÉ’s Progressive Musical Atrocity

Last week on the Tommy Tiernan show, a song “More Blacks More Dogs, More Irish” was played by an act “Steo Wall & Toshín”. The song’s theme is the usual talking point that readers will be familiar with. Irish people...

/ 16/01/2023

Fracas at the Border — Will Belarus Crisis Down the EU?

There are few things as disappointing as two relatively nationalist administrations coming to blows. Yet that is what is happening on the Polish-Belarussian border.  Following an attempt at astro-turfing a revolution similar to what toppled the Yanukovych regime in Ukraine,...

/ 09/11/2021

Why James Connolly Objected to Ireland Accepting Refugees in 1914

The following is an extract of a debate as reported by Arthur Griffith in his nationalist periodical ‘Éire’ from November 19th, 1914 chronicling a discussion at the Dublin Trade’s Council about the issue of Belgian refugees arriving into Ireland following...

/ 01/12/2020