The canon of Irish nationalism is replete with energised vanguards doing injury against an occupational and malign state. From Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill to the Provisional movement, the pike has won the day over non-violent and certainly unromantic democratic methods and with good reason.

However, within this anthology lies the shattered lives of men and plots miscarried to the extreme and the resulting setbacks caused to separatist movements. The lesson is that you must have a correct reading of time and method before you even contemplate actions outside of the legal realm.

If Soloheadbeg had occurred in 1909 rather than 1919 Dan Breen would have been forgotten as a Fenian footnote culpable of the murder of members of a legitimate police force and condemned as such. Operation Harvest and the post-Omagh dissident republican movement has shown just about the extent to which an armed underground can go in a peacetime Western democracy without mass appeal. 

With the history lesson out of the way it is worth drawing attention to the recent hit piece from the Sunday Times Irish edition bemoaning the yet under materialised ‘far right’ threat.

We know the drill at this stage, some out of context quotes, a pundit or two from the ISD or INAR and superficial narrative warning against extremism, and in that the article delivered in spades.

Aiming to portray those objecting to the Ukrainian refugees as akin to wanting the execution of elected officials, the subject of the piece was a Cork based activist doing much to rile the NGO left up in his campaigning.

To be clear, by and large the individual at the centre of the piece has done excellent work in highlighting the injustice of the influx in particular the prioritising of asylum seekers over Irish citizens. To that end we ought to wish him the best of luck. The Sunday Times piece can be taken as a gold star to his efforts with his plain speaking on the public airwaves breaching into the mainstream.

What the individual and many of those like him ought to be conscious of is that by insinuating violent threats against Irish politicians even jokingly they play right into the hands of the state and anti-nationalist forces, be they state or non-state actors. To be doubly clear, the state will take the first opportunity to grind you and us all into the dust if you give them enough rope to hang you.

Even without a clear right-wing terror threat the media-state-NGO trifecta has built an inchoate security apparatus able and willing to pursue and therein destroy the lives of anyone willing to cross certain boundaries. 

Succinctly, they want a violent and feral far right underbelly to legitimise their existence and cripple more serious aspects of the populist right. Joking threats of real-world violence can and will be used to fasten the legal noose around you.

The first opportunity to poison the well on the nativist cause our media will be found pumping arsenic ,with Gardaí notoriously trigger happy around the protection of politicians as a legacy of the Troubles and Civil War. Don’t cite Bunreacht na hÉireann when detectives raid your house for posting clearly inciteful memes or videos targeted at politicians, the 26-county state has done one job well since 1922 and its terrorising the lives of challengers as republicans can attest.

As the Kinahans are mopped up and threat from post-Brexit dissident republicans disappates the state will eagerly turn its attention to a budding ‘far right threat’ real or imagined. You play high stakes when you threaten elected officials and not everyone realises this, even if the chance of actual violence negligible.

The past decade the UK and America offer numerous examples of naive groups playing into the state’s hands and sinking the chances of genuine anti-globalist fightbacks. The German state orchestrated an artificial neo-Nazi underground just to hamper the prospects of serious German nationalists.

While the calculus is different in Ireland here with a largely sedentary policing apparatus relative to the rest of the West the equation remains the same. The state wants useful idiots.

Unlikely, but a wet dream come true for the state and NGO left is if a cartoonish neo-nazi paramilitary appeared out of the blue and in front of the media gaze. Ridiculous attempts to spin the FBI operated Atomwaffen group as having an Irish presence should underline the lengths, they are willing to stoop.

A few points to take note of regarding the article in question.

1: The Times in both their UK and Irish variants are synonymous with their positive relationships with the UK and Irish intelligence and policing establishments. Indeed, the journalist behind the article John Mooney authored a book in conjunction with Special Branch members on the Continuity IRA. By his own admission on his podcasting platform and is usually expected of security correspondents, he is in regular contact with past and current Gardaí.

2: At the same time the Times Irish edition is bigging up the threat from the far right, their UK colleagues are working in conjunction with antifascist activists in carving up the remains of the British extreme right. Ireland is a small ecosystem and symbiotic relationships from journalists and the NGO left are to be expected. 

3: This is the security writer with the Times rather than a specific lefty hack like Kitty Holland etc, drawing on testimonies from FBI adjacent counterterror experts. Similarly, the article references the far right in Ireland as being akin to jihadism of the 00/10s. If alarm bells haven’t started ringing, we are progressing beyond the point Aoife Gallagher is simply rolled out to whinge about racism on TikTok but into the serious and very frightful world of counterterrorism.

Violence at least in this historical epoch is not the answer and those with even the notion of conducting foolish acts ought to be slapped down by saner voices always and everywhere. We don’t have the odious pedigree of post-war British Nazism to make a spectacle of itself or even the economics of scale to enable an attempt at mimicry but the new blood post-lockdown embracing populism brings with it new problems.

What the political regime is dreading is an organic, well-grounded community led response to win the arguments and follow in the footsteps of the rest of Europe in forming a viable right opposition. 

What they desire is a ghettoised madhouse of cranks torn asunder by Gardaí raids, lawfare and the occasional terror plot manufactured by nefarious actors buoyed on by the media.

Articles like this can only go so far but cool heads must prevail and nurture especially youthful individuals away from attempts to entrap them with political violence.

Arguments around housing, migration, energy, Europe and social policy are there for the winning if one is willing to endure the mundanity of the political and social circuit. The left and neoliberal junta is devoid of momentum in Ireland and elsewhere and the tectonics are shifting moving firmly and henceforth in our favour whatever kinks we collectively need to iron out.

The ramblings of Ciaran O’Connor or Lucy Michael won’t be able to explain away the catastrophe that mass migration and runaway asylum system has done to Irish townlands and communities. We offer them a political get out of jail card by conceding to headstrong impulses and will ultimately have the last laugh as politics shapes up this decade should we box clever.

The choice for this generation of Irish nationalists is not between John Mitchel or O’Connell nor the Officials or Provisionals. It is between the path leading to power in the long term or Portlaoise in the immediate term.

Let’s be clever about this.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. What’s the difference between being clever and waiting until it’s too late?


  2. Derek Blighe is the man of the moment. He’s on YouTube. This guy has the establishment on the back foot. I suspect they’ll take him out soon.


  3. bells of shandon 07/09/2022 at 1:35 am

    They may take Derek Blighe down, but there are many to take up the baton to expose the mendacity,corruption and criminality of the Regime.
    The battle is to remove these entrenched Political Parties from polluting the life of the people of Ireland.
    Social Media is the weapon with the message, and the youth are the target for the many expose that will rid Ireland of these treasonous filth in Govt at the next Election.
    Enoch Burkes battle against the imbecilic Woke culture of transgenderism is a case in point. The State has made a great blunder by imprisoning him indefinitely for contempt of Court.
    His case has gone viral worldwide.
    Enoch is a smart lad and a hunger strike would make him the Bobby Sands martyr against the Woke agenda.
    His views are shared by a large majority of people.


  4. As africa has shown, the rigged system is never removed without armed conflict, the only thing is its africa, but they have the bit right about defeating their enemies, the right wing in europe is all zionist and pro russia controlled opposition, See Gladio , and i dont care what goes on in europe, its not ireland, and they havent helped in a very very long time, the right wing in spain is impotent, that even Antonio Tejero who led a coup in 1980s doesn’t bother with them and prefers to issue threats in msm by himself

    all forgetting here the state could be captured in less than 2 days, they are afraid of russia invading us but they are not capable of defending from a inside version of this, only country in europe apart from Malta or Spain in where this could be done successfully

    Lads in 1916 did not care what the media was saying about them, the problem with all people today is they are afraid of what the media will say about them, the media are neither irish christian nor greek, they are jews heretics and atheists who think god isnt real so as a result i dont consider their opinion legitimate


  5. It is of course the finest path to take, that of non-violent resistance and building of healthy communities. However, it is also understandable when one is witnessing the destruction of one’s home by those who have nothing to lose and everything to gain, that people get angry. A wise young man said to me recently that good people are forced to do bad things when they feel they have nowhere else to turn, particularly in war situations. And yes the lefties/antifa fascists are only strong on spouting hate, but have no strength of character or belief, so consistent and good argument is for those who stand against the bile. But hopefully it will not take too long for things to turn as patience may wear thin.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/09/2022 at 6:10 am

    Crumbs from the Masters table. Everything is passed down from the top.
    When white collar crime is allowed to flourish and the guilty go free then
    a black market economy surfaces for the poor, vis a vis.
    When tax evasion and corruption are practiced by the elites in govt.and
    establishment that passes down to street level business and traders.
    When morality and ethical values are abused by leaders n those in power,
    do not be surprised when you see the ugly results played out on streets.

    No matter what crimes ,cancers,civil evils and problems that have to be
    faced by people in their everyday lives…they all came from the top, or to
    be literally correct THE SCUM, that’s why they float to the top, And that
    is where they like to be,on top.
    Respect Yourself and each other because The Scum do not themselves or
    You…Our Day Will Come…their days are gone. GOOD RIDDANCE !


    1. I am not so sure their days are gone, far from it. We have a hard and difficult winter ahead, and not enough people have woken up yet.


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 16/09/2022 at 5:25 am

    Waiting for the Woke…to come out of Hibernian Hibernation ? to come
    out of Slum-berland ? just like watching the grass grow under your feet
    or watching paint dry, no,God forbid that that one would be proactive and actually prod the sleeping giant, better to follow the time honored
    tradition of standing idly by gawking so you have plenty to moan about
    when all about you has turned to rack n ruin, just like the Political
    Procrastination that has plagued a voting public. Wake Them Up ! it’s not difficult because they are dominating your life while you sleepwalk.


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