The trenches of the culture war have been extended to Donnybrook this week with RTÉ being boycotted by the Dublin Pride Parade over the platforming of trans critical voices on the broadcaster’s Liveline show.

Toys began to be thrown out of prams when Donnybrook honcho Joe Duffy had the temerity to feature members of the public airing their grievances at the extent to which trans ideology has hijacked Irish society.

Featuring a mix of trans critical feminists and concerned parents, so rattling was this break in the public narrative that RTÉ has been consumed by the controversy all week.

Eliciting public scorn from the great and good of the Irish cultural and political elite from Panti Bliss leftwards, one would be foolish to minimise the schism generated by this debate.

In Ireland the closest thing we have to a deep state is the constellation of NGOs and LGBT networks who inhabit all layers of the state-corporate nexus. To get blackballed at Pantibarr is the equivalent of social death in these circles with Pride’s fatwa against RTÉ a significant escalation.

Rest assured this storm in the broadcasting teacup is the equivalent of a new Treaty split for this clique, and will surely sever working relationships as much as the Oath of Allegiance a century ago.

As Catholics and republicans alike can testify down through the years, the Republic, despite pretentious to the contrary, has a very closed media landscape imposed directly by the Donnybrook set. 

The supposed debates we hear on the commute home are due to the fact that they have been sanctioned by a normally left leaning research team the week beforehand. The fact that such a touchy subject even broke onto the mainstream points to potential doubts even nominally liberal people are having on the trans issue.

No sane individual progressive or otherwise can tolerate the grasping and metaphysically unsound nature of trans ideology and its social ramifications. Trans ideologues require total radio silence on dissent as to allow even an inch of debate would precipitate an avalanche of questions from members of the public. 

Trans folk themselves act as a weird praetorium guard for the late stage neoliberal system so tied is their social status and even medical future with the status quo.

As the global economy approaches an epoch defining recession and an European land war slogs on in Ukraine, our attention spans are fixated on an issue not given an afterthought even a decade ago.

Look at the trans controversy as a cleansing forest fire incinerating the institutions and ripening fertile plans to the existence of a new radicalism down the lie. 

The media cadre that brought you Repeal and Pantigate and decades of a neo-colonial slave mentality among our people are combusting over chicks with dicks and on this beautiful June day that has me smiling.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Robert Ryan 15/06/2022 at 9:39 pm

    Eventually the revolution always consumes itself.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 15/06/2022 at 9:53 pm

    IF ONLY- they would BOYcott each other and give us the pleasure of killing 2
    BIRDS with the one stone.
    GOODBYE R-ampant T-ranny E-ireann – L-ittle G-irlys B-roadcaster T-yrant


  3. Duffy is a woke slave..but he couldn’t
    control the truth. This LGBTV2.8V6 is out of control. Its consuming itself .


  4. The warring fairies will soon make up . Hugs & kisses all round # Luvvies


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