Given the current state of Dublin’s inner city, it seems the slums of a century and more ago have been painted over to cater to Sinn Féin’s LGBT++ zeitgeist. 

Dublin, in a word, is a kip; it combines all of the scabs of American urban life in one short sordid square mile of depravity and wretchedness. No wonder American tourists fear the place.

Not all Americans, of course. No doubt, some revel in the Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil sponsored depravity that the Burkean recently highlighted, and sure a dose of monkeypox probably never did anyone’s immune system much harm and, like herpes, it probably makes a lasting Irish souvenir for homesick Americans.

Though this is a problem for those of us who don’t want these pop-up American-style tent cities and their attendant drug and fecal problems over here, what are we to do when young Hungarians, Croatians and Scots are applauded for pitching their tents outside the GPO, our national shrine, our Arlington, and demand to be housed as a right on our dime? What are we to make of the Muslim Brotherhood’s female auxiliaries dishing out free grub there so as to stake their claim to a part of the massive subsidies our bloated government gives our bloated NGO sector?

There was, once upon a time, a system of penny dinners run by nuns in Buckingham Street, Sheriff St, Holles Lane and Henrietta Street, who fed the needy. Although demand might now well have outstripped supply, the current free-for-all outside our national shrine would not be tolerated in a civilised city like Tokyo. But here like all else, it is not only fine but a credit to our diversity, as Nigerian Christians and Pakistani Muslims can give out bags of crisps and Fanta to those pretending to be in need of such fare.

Although there is a reason the more conservative American states try to impose some order on such systematic littering, here it is just a given and evidence that diversity is our strength, as well as the cause of much of our crime.

But diversity is not our only strength. We Irish can take pride that we punch above our weight in the international crime stakes. The Penguin, the Monk and the Kinahan Organised Crime Gang have brought employment (and misery) to our communities and the synergies they will create with our all night drinking orgies and sundry crack houses and shooting galleries will continue to make Dublin a magnet for the Pink pound punters, who can admire the beefed up Boko Haram supporters who, along with the hundreds of Roma gypsies whom the Romanian Embassy has denounced, clog up the entry to Henry Street every Saturday, but who are, along with Britain’s deported sex criminals and Angolan rapists, a credit, say our omniscient NGOs, to our diversity, inclusion and myopia.

There is, of course, the El Salvadorian option, where criminals are rounded up and incarcerated like human sardines. There is the Thai option where bar drinkers are rounded up and made pee into a pot to test them on the spot for narcotics and, if they test positive, to immediately send them off to prison with a free pair of leg irons until they settle in.

Although our Irish NGOs, which George Soros and Chuck Feeney graciously fund, forbid any discussion on such aspects of crime and punishment, the month of June, which is when Sinn Féin commemorate their trans pride martyrs by placing salacious ads in salacious periodicals would, in a parallel universe, be a good time to explore Dublin’s depravities.

But that would be to take into account the adult and diverse approaches of Thailand, Japan and El Salvador. Far better perhaps and certainly less bothersome to wave Sinn Féin’s trans banners and to get their Republican drag queens to take our children for a walk on their wild side. After all, isn’t that what our interminable Trans Pride parades are all about?

Posted by Dr Declan Hayes


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 15/06/2022 at 1:08 am

    IRELAND, it’s president, government, church and elite establishment are all
    Tarred With The One Brush. It is no coincidence or play on words that at the
    center of It’s heart, is it’s true IDENTITY- priDE MONth.


  2. bells of shandon 15/06/2022 at 10:28 am

    Pride month is a celebration of degeneracy,depravity and unhealthy sexual practices


  3. What will Ireland / Dublin / be like in 12 – 24 months ? Britain’s / Third world’s unwanted will be here ( by the tens of thousands ) .


  4. Richard Noel 15/06/2022 at 2:31 pm

    Absolutely a brilliant description of the mad house Ireland has become as nearly all our political,media ,and judicial classes have sold their souls to the EU tyranny ,along with our national Sovereignty, our once renowned neutral status as a nation and all our once famed religious and moral values. When Sinn Fein fully rule us then we all know what it was like to be a Russian ruled by Stalinism.


  5. Britain’s unwanted superfluous migrants…If only that were true. According to one presenter, all migrants directly or indirectly keep our National Health Service on it’s feet. Exaggerated generalisms are only permitted if it favours mass third-world migration.
    I would be inclined to campaign for a ‘Shame Month’: to express my stoic disgust at the extremely misguided and corrosive sexual militants.


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