The situation remains hazy but one thing we can safely say is that no matter what there will be a fresh push for hate crime legislation in the aftermath of the gory events in Sligo.

It’s all the regime can and will do in the face of such a delicate ideological balancing act and those gazing cynically at this circus know exactly the script which will be trodden out. 

Within 72 hours we will almost certainly see Aoife Gallagher or an equivalent being platformed to speak about far right misinformation campaigns and further commitments for hate crime legislation by the organs of state.

While it should be underlined that the suspect of this week’s events has not been convicted, his Middle Eastern heritage and fact he was arrested apparently while praying gives enough discernible red meat to read between the lines regarding the issues plaguing society, regardless of the truth of any one individuals innocent or guilt in this or in any one scenario.

In the next few days we will see a media sanctioned campaign on more nebulous subjects around societal homophobia rather than the patently obvious issues around the effect multiculturalism is having on violent crime in this country or the inherent risk homosexuals embrace when using rancid apps like Grindr.

Similar to Tullamore or when Nkencho came out swinging our media knows the intentionally vague conversations to have.

An Irish school teacher gets murdered and we must ruminate on the social legacy of Catholic misogny and advocate for the abolition of single sex schools.

An African nearly slashes police precipitating a racially charged series of anti-Irish street protests and we must purge Gardaí of institutional racism etc.

The media/NGO/state triumvirate sets the tune and knows all the answers when it comes to glitches like Sligo. Increasingly however a sizable contingent of post-pandemic Irish are growing jaded at this pitiful mirage.

Expect LGBT talking heads bemoaning homophobia in Irish society with the ludicrous notion that the beheading of two homosexuals could have been prevented given the right education or hate crime laws. 

Irish schools and colleges are already so farcically drenched with LGBT propaganda to the point that any more could trigger homophobia out of pure rebelliousness alone especially among young men.

As of the time of writing Mary McAleese has already turned her ire directly at the Church as a means to stop Islamic homophobia. Such is life and such is the yarn our media is trying to spin.

Previously on something of a backburner Helen McEntee has committed to getting hate crime (and by extension hate speech) legislation over the line as a direct consequence of the Sligo murders.

Moreover increasingly the only times when the law and media takes physical assaults seriously is when there is a hate related angle to it, real or unreal.

Instead of honest conversations from progressives about the impact Islamic demographic growth will have on this country expect another power grab and fake moral grandstanding against a non-existent conservative Catholic strawman.

The fact details of any suspect’s heritage when incidents in Ireland occur emerge first from British news sites points to the general awkwardness to which Irish media is reacting to the ends of widespread immigration.

Ultimately there are not enough carpets the world over to hide the obvious and the smart albeit cynical money knows exactly where these trends are going demographically and socially.

The ballpark figure is that roughly half of Muslims in the West are in favour of the criminalisation of homosexuality. Ireland, we can imagine, is roughly similar.

The generation coming we are looking at considerable pockets of Muslims across Ireland against which the LGBT lobby can only come to blows with. The counter jihad movement in years after of 9/11 witnessed elements of Western liberalism growing wise to the fact the multicultural project is irreconcilable with the LGBT agenda. So glaring are the contradictions of this mess that one could imagine aspects of our LGBT prone elite veering into similar ideological waters.

Whoever stands up to be an Irish Douglas Murray or Pim Fortuyn is immaterial but the ruling Irish LGBT cartel versus diversity is certainly an immovable object versus an unstoppable force territory. 

Which of the two shall yield?

The ascent and cannibalisation of the Irish state by homosexuals is one of the hallmarks of post-Catholic Ireland and our new ruling caste of homosexuals are normally quick to slap down dissent. Though if that dissent has an external origin, that’s a different matter.

Whatever about the expected humdrum of the next week what is certain is that the value system of The George hasn’t any long term hope against the prowess Dar al-Islam-and not even Newstalk can hide that fact.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Wheres Mk entee?…strangely silent? She must be getting her handlers out to right a speech. She hasn’t the intelligence to speak her mind.


  2. Duine gan Ainm 15/04/2022 at 3:31 pm

    Helen McEntee is surely one of the most dangerous individuals in the upper echelons of Irish power.
    I do not buy the drivel that she is simply a woman driven by emotion, one need only look at how she voted on providing pain relief to the unborn that suffer abortion to see that.


  3. I remember a few years back discussing immigration with an extremely smug progressive liberal, I pointed out that the groups he was so keen on bringing in would not mesh well with his vision of an anything-goes sexual utopia.

    All dismissed as anecdotes and hearsay, of course, I had no ‘study’ to back up my caution.

    The national-masochism of progressive Ireland will fill volumes in the academies of the future, but those studies won’t be done in UCD, TCD or NUI any time soon.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/04/2022 at 4:29 am

    Every Crime committed against the State and the People in Ireland by
    Foreign Nationals and illegal refugees is the sole responsibility of that Idiot who jokingly fronts as Justice Minister, including past crimes before it came to
    office. Yes McNt,all past crimes too because you did not fix the problems, but
    created more by granting Amnesty to 18,000+ ILLEGALS and wiping their
    Criminal History Clean.
    Does anybody seriously believe that this FOOL is qualified,never mind capable
    of doing what is required as a standard in Law Enforcement globally?
    SHE IS GUILTY, guilty of Crimes against State and its People. What is a paid
    Criminal doing in the official name of Ireland’s Justice Minister?


  5. “ …getting hate crime (and by extension hate speech*) legislation…”

    *Or even more plainly still : “speech legislation”.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 25/04/2022 at 7:08 pm

    Spot on Adaku
    and the Iriony is ” Hate Speech “…which could mean FREE SPEECH is not
    actually banned…up to interpretation?
    Take Politics out of Government Control. They should only be allowed to
    Govern, which they have failed miserably to achieve.
    Politics should only be by Public Representation…then passed on to govt. to implement.
    We all could set NEW STANDARDS…in the name of Democracy.


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