A Thursday morning Oireachtas press conference and media photo op encapsulated just the latest attempts to enshrine British-style hate crime and hate speech legislation on the Irish statute books, as INAR Ireland led the way on enhancing Garda powers.

In a routine all too familiar with monitors of Ireland’s proactive NGO complex, INAR top brass mingled with Oireachtas members Neasa Hourigan (GP), Martin Kenny (SF), with Senators Alice Higgins and Eileen Flynn seeking the fast tracking of hate crime legislation introduced last April, and which recently entered the first stage in the Seanad process November past.

Intertwined with but not entirely separate from hate speech, the Criminal Justice Hate Crime Bill of 2021 lays out a legal framework whereby those convicted of hateful acts or communications may be jailed for up to five years. 

Making specific mention of protected groups around race, gender expression and religion, the proposed Bill greatly expands the remit of Gardaí with regards to policing hate speech.

As reported before by The Burkean, INAR, despite being chaired by a self-described ‘libertarian socialist’, has substantially positive working relations with the Garda National Diversity and Integration Unit, the GNDIU, and is likely to be deputised with regards earmarking those to be persecuted under an eventual hate speech regime.

A branch office of the wider Soros-funded ENAR network, INAR rakes in some considerable change from their Hungarian paymaster, as well as the state coffers, with staff members (at least before covid) enjoying regular enough junkets to conferences across Europe. 

I wonder who Shane O’Curry billed his expenses to?

The trigger for INAR’s parliamentary manifestation was the handing over of a 15,000 person online petition begging the state for more powers to pursue the alleged hateful. 

Famed for their iReport snitch line, which is somehow treated as gospel by gormless media reporting, one is right to show scepticism towards any figure INAR presents.

Currently being debated in the Seanad before moving onto committee stage, the Bill has so far experienced the usual Oireachtas cakewalk bar some impassioned comments by Senator Sharon Keogan increasingly showing herself to be a parliamentary wildcard towards the suffocating progressive agenda in that chamber.

An additional slight glitch in the journalistic matrix regarding the day’s media proceedings was the inclusion of Gript’s John McGuirk on the airwaves to argue the matter with Ivana Bacik TD. Imperfect as it may be, one is at least grateful we are at the stage where even trace elements of debate can at least be tolerated in the mainstream.

Regardless, any hope of derailing the march towards hate speech legislation should be treated maturely considering the current political state we are in. That is not to dampen any attempts to fight such odious lawmaking. 

Our future Sinn Féin government knows above anyone else the necessity of battening down the legislative hatches on right-wing populism due to the likelihood of any nativist movement stealing their thunder and voter base in years to come. 

Whether the enfeebled Irish State has the capacity to mimic the severity of British hate speech legislation is doubtful but the fangs this gives the regime to make targeted examples of its enemies shouldn’t be underestimated.

What is clear however is the opportunity lobbying against such a Bill presents, the Irish Right in cutting its teeth in the world of campaigning. 

Whether it’s the duplicity of the Soros bootlickers writing the script on hate speech, or the prospect of our state expanding its powers into our lives further, the fight against the Bill presents many chances and allies in rallying against.

Be sure to lobby any contacts and Oireachtas members in your callbook to motion against the Bill, but rest assured such big money hijacking of the Irish civic space will not cease until shutters are finally closed on INAR HQ and other NGO associates.

The sterling examples of Iran, Hungary and Russia lie as templates for what a genuinely sovereign Ireland can and must do to weed out the influence of malicious foreign funded actors. 

For now as always,

INAR Delenda Est!

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 11/02/2022 at 4:35 am

    Mark my words,Ireland and the Irish are in the grips of a fascist mentality.From successive governments over decades,an idle President who boasts of his communist idols globally but does not defend THE IRISH CONSTITUTION
    Foreign funded NGOs propped up at Irish Taxpayers expense and influenced by criminals like Soros,yes he has form and the likes of a Chinese Chu and an African desperate to get their ass in the Seanad,which is a defunct old cronys network…it was not designed for by honest Patriotic Irishmen.
    The Stasi Gardai will carry out their thuggery gleefully under the ironic terms of a so called HATE SPEECH, yes it was definitely the idea of a fascist globalist.
    They have all passed “Their use by date “, we will get rid of the few in minority’s that have greedily captured a democratic Society for their OWN SELFISH small mindedness . We Irish will take it all back….LOCK,STOCK AND BARRELL.


  2. bells of shandon 11/02/2022 at 12:03 pm

    A sure sign of a Tyrannical Totalitarian Regime is when they introduce Laws to limit Free speech.
    Without Free Speech there is no democracy.
    There is but the one approved narrative , that of the Regime. all diseension and alternative opinion is classed as subversive .
    We have experience of this in the past 2 years of the Covid pseudo pandemic. All alternative opinions were ruthlessly suppressed by legacy Media and Silicon Valley.
    Dissenters were hounded from their jobs and marginalised and cancelled. No dissenting opinions allowed.
    The term Hate Speech is an example of the use of words to affect damaging change.
    Call this Bill by its correct term, Regime Censorship to further the Globalist agenda.
    Call thise who promote this dangerous legislationm as traitors of the People and paid shillls of the Globalists.


  3. Mary Stasia Concannon 12/02/2022 at 5:33 am

    Start speaking Irish again. it’s the first offucial language of the country.


  4. Firstly, the Soros funded lackeys should be explicit in what this means for the indigenous Irish, i.e demographic minority and political status in the ensuing decades.
    Secondly, the Soros aparatchiks must be debated on every strand on what defines ‘hate’ speech.
    If they refuse to debate the above then that is a enormous political and PR blow which has to be exploited.
    Find the chink in the armour.


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