The diminishing ability of Eastern European labour pools to placate the needs of a post-covid Irish economy is being demonstrated with the increasing lobbying of major employers for non-EEA migration.

As reported in the weekend edition of the Sunday Independent and Irish Times, Supervalu and Centra owner Musgraves has registered a high number of lobbying instances to enable them to recruit and employ those from a non-EEA background.

Experiencing issues around the recruitment of ‘skilled staff’ in the realm of HGV drivers, butchers and bakers, the company which employs 35,000 nationwide states that Brexit, covid and the cost of living crisis has triggered a crisis in its business model. 

Of particular note according to company spokeswoman Edel Clancy are large numbers of particularly Eastern Europeans returning home 

According to lobbying documents Musgraves directed the majority of their attention to the Department of Enterprise and in particular Minister Damien English who has previously lubricated the rules on non-EEA truck drivers in response to a growing worker shortage in that industry.

Currently non-EEA hopefuls must seek a specific work permit to enable them to enter the labour market with persistent laxity even with this. Rather famously those studying in Ireland have the ability to navigate around this process hence the surge in popularity for dodgy visa mill language schools around Dublin especially. 

Not the first employer to petition for more fluid migration rules, public scorn was previously shown towards Keelings Fruit company in the aftermath of their very public importation of foreign labour and subsequent revelation of desire to loosen visa laws to better enable this.

Despite an unemployment glut, housing crisis and the prospect of automation on the horizon our economic system and those who manage it endeavour for yet even more transient labour supplies. The needs of our economy has burst the banks on the domestic labour market and has now exhausted Eastern Europe as it looks to Africa and Asia in desperation.

What helps the bottomline for Musgraves could very well alter the demographic future of the entire country for generations. The myopic decision to invite Turkish Gastarbeiter to Germany or Algerians to prop up the ailing French economy has left an indelible mark on both of those nations for the cultural rancour caused and a path that Ireland would be wise to avoid.

The first two decades of the new century our economy tapped into the old Eastern Bloc to oil the wheels of myopic economic expansion. Rest assured the next twenty years will see captains of industry lean into African and Asian labour to keep the economic engine running just that bit longer.

Irish capitalism seeks to place itself above the needs of the Irish people and companies and politicians that pontificate on sustainability in the environmental sphere cannot see what’s around the corner when it comes to mass immigration.

The final destination for this demographic explosion is Peter Sutherland’s vision of an island of ten million people.More an economic zone than a nation this nightmare is exactly where our elites envision us 50 years hence and one we must dedicate ourselves to avoiding.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. This isn’t capitalism. Capitalism would not have a benefits system that allows a section of the community to sit on their asses economically inactive while jobs are aplenty. Furthermore real capitalism would allow the shortage of labour to increase wages and therefore the increased wages would ultimately increase prices but also attract more to the employment concerned. This happened perfectly in the UK with hauliers and drivers until the corporate lobbies bribed the government with panic and fear. Pretty much what they are trying to do in Ireland


  2. Irish residential rents have increased by ten per cent over the past yr . So much for ” Rent pressure zones ” # Half a million kidults living with parents 😞


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/02/2022 at 6:16 pm

    It begins at Dublin airport.Where is a friendly Irish face to be found.A taxi to your destination will,more than likely,be driven by a foreigner.Dublin’s O Connell St. is an absolute eyesore, a shantytown disgrace for a capital city run by foreigners.You experience the same crap in any village,town or suburb. Centra,takeaway,coffee shop,Lidel,Aldi,Supervalue and all the rest of the poxy cheap shops,run by foreigners.
    It’s not that their better at doing a job better than Irish people.Most do not have a clue, do not expect a warm welcoming smile,they hate eye contact.You go for a quiet pint….they are everywhere.
    NGOs, Hazel Chu’s and all the bleeding rest,including commi infiltrators.
    For all the progressive liberal snowflakes that may be offended,eat concrete n harden the up.They do not get away with their crap from where they came from…far from it. and I cannot be described as racist because I am a fellow human being. IRELANDS dystopia for the GLOBALIST EUtopia.


    1. Couldn’t have put it better.


    2. Here in an London we have the whole caboodle and melting cauldron (pot). The indigenous English are not acknowledge as being from this ethnic group or that ethnic community, tending to be categorised as ‘white British’.
      My home town high road shops have the very squalid appearance of warehouses or street markets in Karachi, not all obviously, but enough to change the ambience and English character to Turkish, Pakistani, Sri-Lankan, with the retail trade in halal meat, cheap carpet, kebabs, Turkish barbers, fruit and veg.
      What Pakistanis have done to theVictorian and Edwardian houses is so sad, replacing wooden period doors with pvc monstrosities is offensive to the aesthetic eye.
      Even the one of the big four supermarkets has all indian and indian- subcontinental workers. That’s without mentioning the east-europeans who grace us with their work-ethic arrogance.
      Cheap labour abound. Call me that spurious label “racist” – a badge of honour worn with dignity, (given that all nationalities are tribal.


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