Many readers of this publication are sure to have read Fintan O’Toole’s latest piece in The Irish Times which attempted to neatly categorise disparate vaccine sceptic social groups “in order of purposeful malignity”.

According to O’Toole there are three distinct are vaccine sceptic social groups, namely egotists, paranoiacs, and fascists. O’Toole, whom I suspect did not interview a single vaccine sceptic person before producing his hypothesis, attempts to outline the alleged ironies, contradictions, and inherent dangers that exist within different strains of vaccine sceptic thought, with the smug air of one who simply knows better than you or I. 

Throughout this article, I aim to dissect and highlight O’Toole’s own contradictions and to hopefully provide him with a better understanding of those with whom he so vociferously and condescendingly disagrees. Simultaneously I hope to solidify the ideological and scientific grounds on which we medical-outcasts build our argument, defence and position. 

O’Toole states: “Vaccine sceptics form an objective threat to society”. Objective? To the contrary, hopes pinned on the effectiveness of the vaccine have been dashed recently with over 60% of Israeli citizens infected with the Omnicron strain having been double vaccinated and received their booster shots.

Moreover, watching Prof. Luke O’Neill catch a dose of Covid with more needles in his arm than a junkie on Henry Street, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence within vaccine sceptic groups. 

O’Toole continues condescendingly, and suggests that the vast majority of vaccine sceptic people do not believe in the virus, but admits that we “anti-vaxxers” are “not all the same [and] treating them as if they were plays into the hands of the malign political actors who want to fuse them into a single cause; […] fascism”. Ironic, how those who oppose the idea of a corporatist-state relationship between large multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna and Pfizer and our own respective government are, according to O’Toole, fascists. 

Truly, the bar has become so low and fuzzy that the political F-word is considered applicable when discussing citizens who oppose the use of a product, produced by a private company, becoming a legal requirement to remain a part of civil society.

In ascending order of purposeful malignity, courtesy of O’Toole, come the egoists. Apparently, the egoists are the “oddest cultural conglomeration, a reactionary mentality rooted in what used to be a progressive nexus”. Their “self-regard” and obsession with “bodily purity” are what makes them such a threat to society. 

Moreover, according to O’Toole, this mentality “has been fully monetised […] by the ‘wellness'” industry and lists “yoga instructors, gym fanatics and New Age gurus [as] important vectors of misinformation”

He continues, saying that “people who take all sorts of poorly regulated supplements because they make them feel strong and protected might be persuaded that a vaccine can do the same thing”.

I cannot help but take that as a personal swipe from Fintan, but some of us, have both the capabilities to lift heavy and to think critically.

Second, come the paranoiacs. Undoubtedly this is the media’s favourite uppercut to throw at vaccine sceptic social groups as it is easy to ignore and dismiss those whom you disagree with if you can comfortably brand them as paranoiacs, quacks and tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists. 

Albeit there are true quacks within certain vaccine sceptic social groups, some of whom are utterly convinced the lizard soldiers of the Illuminati are out to get them. However, suggesting that the vast majority of those who conscientiously object to a medical procedure are quacks is intellectually dishonest, and nothing but a straw-man argument. 

Additionally, I think many readers would agree that had the mainstream media objectively reported on events of the past two years, there would be far fewer quacks on both sides of the political aisle. And yes, there are quacks on both sides. We’ve all seen those fear-ridden individuals who sport a blue surgical mask while out driving on their lonesome. As I said, quacks.

Thirdly and finally, we arrive at the crux of the matter; the alleged fascist objectors and O’Toole’s own glaring hypocrisy. O’Toole states that “they [fascists] do what fascists have always done: speak to genuine fears, give those anxieties a simplistic explanation that generates hatred of Them, and use this dread and distress to create the chaos and disorder”

Pot calling kettle what? The ironies abound concerning this ridiculous interpretation, and becomes more apparent in light of O’Toole’s own blatant attempt at scaremongering, when he states, “vaccine sceptics form an objective threat to society”. It sounds very ‘us and them’ to me, at least. 

Having perused O’Toole’s previous work, his hypocrisy becomes all the more blatant. In an article written in 2018, O’Toole stated: “fascism doesn’t arise suddenly in an existing democracy. It is not easy to get people to give up their ideas of freedom and civility. You have to do trial runs that, if they are done well, serve two purposes. They get people used to something they may initially recoil from, and they allow you to refine and calibrate.”

You are dead right O’Toole, “it is not easy to get people to give up their ideas of freedom and civility”, but a global pandemic will do just the trick, won’t it? In addition to this thorn in O’Toole’s latest hypothesis, is his interpretation that for fascism to be successful, “you have to undermine moral boundaries, inure people to the acceptance of acts of extreme cruelty. Like hounds, people have to be blooded […] Fascism does this by building up the sense of threat from a despised out-group”. After having been physically spat upon while on public transport for refusing to wear a mask, I can only too easily attest to the recalibrated standard of civility and lack of moral boundaries that have surfaced following the imposition of civil restrictions, lockdowns and a never-ending stream of Covid hysteria.

Unfortunately, articles such as O’Toole’s latest, signify the decline of critical journalism in Ireland and additionally highlight the divisive tactics utilised by too many within the mainstream media to spread fear, disunity and hatred. Tactics which O’Toole claims to abhor, yet utilises with such skill.

I will sign off and leave you with this; O’Toole states that when dealing with “both the virus and our state of knowledge about how to deal with it, […] there is no absolutely fixed ‘truth'”. Given that we are dealing with a biological virus, bound within the laws of science, I must utterly disagree with this statement. However, I will go so far as to suggest that The Irish Times adopt the phrase, “there is no absolutely fixed truth” as their new slogan? It has a shade of honesty that can only be admired.

Posted by Simon Griffin


  1. Until recently I had thought that OToole reached his nadir as columnist for the ultra-downscale New York Daly News . It looks like he still remains at that level! He was then a downscale thinker. He remains a downscale thinker!


  2. Question, Think 16/12/2021 at 5:28 am

    Do they think we are all ******* stupid and can not think, see, and learn for ourselves?

    Their narrative has fell apart and makes no sense.

    A “lamestream cohort” of “so-called journalists and psuedo-intellectuals” and their “outrageous prejudice” shown towards people refusing to be “Human lab animals” for big-pharma is a disturbing development.

    It is also no surprise though, given how ignorant the lamestream media in Ireland is. “Independent thinking and independent critical analysis” is not something they have been known to excel at. They just read from a script. Their smug like behaviour fools no one. Many of them have a “lackey type mannerism” which is repulsive.

    Hundreds of thousands of people refusing the clot-shots can think, can analyse, and can research all for themselves, without the need to consume “biased lamestream media” that is basically the lackey for big-pharma and globalist agendas.

    A lamestream media that indulge in censorship. They are terrified of people who can think for themselves, people who can dismantle and expose some of their ridiculous narratives in an intellectual way. Note, how they close comment sections or don’t have them at all under their articles. They are a joke.

    They are terrified to admit they were wrong. Their hatred is alarming and they will never ever WIN an intellectual debate on this topic EVER! 2 weeks to flatten the curve? So-called conspiracy theorists saw right through it from the start!

    The COVID-CULT have been made to look like complete fools. Ireland has the highest vaccination rate in europe and the most cases? The narrative of covid makes no sense.

    COST OF LIVING AND DEBT THROUGH THE ROOF! Debt increasing with the “scamdemic” so the government increases tax elsewhere to pay for the PUP and the spineless hospitality sector , who soaked up tax payer funds so the government could keep them happy during tyrannical lockdown phases.

    What is the cost of fuel tax again? Average cost for a litre of petrol is roughly €1.70. €1 of that goes into the “government coffers”. Who is running Ireland? Who votes them in? In any other job, they would be sacked. Just nothing but incompetence is what is mostly seen from the government and the lamestream.

    Instead of highlighting the real issues, the lamestream spreads hatred against “common decent people” that refuse to be lab mice for a potentially dangerous injection campaign.

    It is very reasonable for people to be concerned about a government that expects people to line up to be injected with products from big-pharma vaccination companies that they have given indemnity to. If any harmful and deadly effects were to occur after the injection of their products, the vaccination companies would not have to pay for any damage caused. That alone should ring some serious alarm bells.

    Anyone not easily brainwashed by lamestream narratives would be wise to “stop and think” about how dangerous such products could be to their health both short and long-term.

    Any normal person in a right frame of mind should see that “indemnity” as a red flag. People have a basic human right, every right not to consent to an injection of a product that could be potentially dangerous. If their products were 100% safe, then they would not need indemnity.

    If you refused the big-pharma injections for the panic-demic, well done! You passed the IQ test, you refused to be a lab mouse for big-pharma. If you gave in to the pressure and already took one? you should start to ask, why have they many BOOSTER campaigns going forward? they will not stop at one injection, it will be multiple per year.

    Combine that with the new variant horseshit every month? Ask yourself what is going on? Think about what effects such products and injection procedures will have on the immune system and overall health going forward.

    I would actually be more worried about what is in those injections than what the lamestream comes out with about PCR Tests. HAHA!

    They are basically telling people they need “lipid nanoparticles” TECH-MEDICINE in case they get a “positive PCR Test” a snotty nose or a cough. A freedom pass with a smartphone? And a new variant every month to keep the narrative going? HAHAHA. Combine that with the profits from all those injections. Why Gates is funding the WHO? the same WHO that declared there was a “pandemic”. Gates being a shareholder with certain vaccination companies. Many things to think about.

    Those psuedo-intellectuals, the so-called journalists never ask the hard questions. It is the people that are being called “Conspiracy theorists” that are doing the real research!

    Lets address the “psuedo-intellectual” idea that people who refuse a big-pharma mRNA injection/injections have paranoia? The idea that people who refuse injections are “Fascists and egotists” is a really dumb and extremely ignorant point of view.


    Definition of the word “Paranoia” = Paranoia is an instinct or thought process that is believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality.

    There is “NO delusion or irrationality” from a person who refuses to be injected by big-pharma products, when they have the possibility of giving various potential harmful health effects after injection. Dangerous side effects are a known reaction, people have also died after taking such products. It is not delusional to have concerns and worries and to outright refuse such a potentially dangerous injection due to the dangers of them. How can it be safe if they have indemnity? Why the need for that?

    Do they think we are all stupid?

    There is no delusion or irrationality either if a person refuses to be injected with big-pharma products that have been described as having “LIPID NANOPARTICLES” in the ingredient list.

    Nanoparticles are a form of nanotechnology. A Person should have every right to refuse such an invasive technology to be implanted into their “deltoid muscle” from injections. Lipid nanoparticles are a “foreign body” and there is a reason why, the immune system would see it as something negative. MAN IS NOT GOD! MAN WILL NEVER BE GOD! Messing with genetics and modifying an organism can be described as unethical.

    A “multiple injection procedure” is not paranoia, when such procedures are a genuine potential threat to their health, especially when there has been so much harmful effects and deaths linked to those vaccination products.

    Also, the injection of lipid nanoparticles gives off a creepy “transhumanist vibe” and raises many ethical and moral questions. Which is yet another valid reason to be weary and suspicious of such injections. There are also all the other ingredients aswell, and the fact that they are stored at low temperatures, combine that with the indemnity? People have genuine valid reasons to refuse such injections.

    Going by the official lamestream narrative, that stuff is being described as safer than a so-called virus with nearly a 100% survival rate.

    The so-called virus/microorganism (Sars Cov 2/Covid-19) has never been isolated from a “diseased organism” and grown in a pure culture, a method that scientifically adheres to “strict Koch’s postulates” guidelines. It can not be really proven that Covid-19 exists, when it has never been isolated under such strict methods. Moving goalposts does not prove it exists.

    A PCR test does not prove it exists. The inventor of the PCR Test basically stated, that such a test should not be used to search for things for what SarsCov2 is being described as. It is being described as a so-called infectious disease. The inventor of PCR said, PCR should not be used to test for such things. He died before the “Scamdemic” started. If he was alive, he probably would have been very outspoken about it. Also look at the survival rate of the so-called virus?

    The official lamestream narrative makes no sense. The death rates in Ireland are almost identical the last 3 years.

    They way people went for the toilet roll can only be described as HERD-STUPIDITY!

    Science can be analysed and challenged. There is a method to science! Not every method is infallible!

    Alternative medical science is also heavily censored. Since big-pharma is in the profit business? Ask yourself why is their business model built off of many products that contain side effects and why have so many people become entirely dependant on consumption of such products? When people become addicted and dependant on their products? Why is that considered good for health? When it can also be described as good for profits?

    How many products from big-pharma have harmed people? One only needs to look at the countless news reports.


    From the article – Their “self-regard” and obsession with “bodily purity”

    The so-called journalist being criticised in the article talks about fascism right?

    Does he think that people should not have a right to their bodily integrity and have a basic human right to decide what goes into it? Does he even mention about why people are concerned about “Lipid nanoparticles being implanted into their deltoid and having little to no idea what the long-term effects could be? Countless medical professionals have basically said that stuff travels all around the body.

    “lipid nanoparticles” swimming around in the body. DISGUSTING!

    Fascism? HAHA. Critical thinking and deciding what should go into your body is fascism now? Where do they get such low calibre so-called journalists?

    They insult our intelligence!

    What happened to “MY BODY MY CHOICE”? The lamestream were promoting years ago.


    From the article – with the smug air of one who simply knows better than you or I.


    The author of the Burkean article has done great to challenge some of the “atrocious misinformation” by “psuedo-intellectuals” spreading drivel against people refusing to be injected with not one, but MULTIPLE “injections”.

    I for one though, do not actually believe that there ever was a COVID-19 virus.

    If it was real and something new and as deadly as they are describing (Near 100% survival rate, so not deadly as described, the offical narrative is retarded) they would never have needed a PCR Test to spread fear. Combine that with people testing positive and having no symptoms and everything just clicks. The boosters, the profits, the new variants every month, the relation to agenda2030 and the climate hoax, the transfer of wealth to the top. The destruction of small business. The relation of tech surveillance mechanisms tied with digital freedom pass upon “contingent” entrance into the “COVID CULT OF THE NEW NORMAL”

    Just look at the symptoms, all that can be easily described as what is called a cold or a flu, many other health conditions have the same such symptoms that a lot of people get every year.

    The official narrative does not make sense when analysed with critical thinking. How can it be about a deadly infectious disease? when the survival rate is near 100% and so many tyrannical things get rolled in as an excuse to stop it. It seems it has more to do with tyranny, control and power, than any notions of stopping, coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever, and a PCR Test, whose inventor said it should not be used in the way they are using it.

    Also people should think about this for a second and think about the “ZERO COVID CULTISTS”, they are literally trying to stop coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever. All symptoms of the so-called Covid, people are told. Well, those symptoms have historically been described as a cold or flu.

    Just take the “COVID WORD OUT OF THE DISCUSSION FOR A MOMENT. They are literally trying to stop cold and flu symptoms whilst destroying the economy and becoming more totalitarian in the process. Just think about that, let it sink in.

    Definition of the word TOTALITITARIAN = An unrestricted power in government. They stopped irish citizens from being able to interact with their family members in nursing homes during their lockdowns, and many old people died from lack of contact.

    People need to think more, it is tyranny.

    Definition of tyranny = dominance over a persons life through threat of punishment. All that to stop coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever, and a positive PCR Test.


    The washing of the hands, the masks, the tests, the MULTIPLE injections, the phones being used as a digital ID to gain entry. A ritual rite of passage into the new normal.



  3. Tintin always knows what’s best for the peasants # We salute you sir # LOL


  4. (((They))) Live 17/12/2021 at 12:46 am

    The Irish Times are making millions out of Covid, same as RTE

    Thats why they shill for the establishment, so much for Fintan’s working class Marxist principles


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