Ireland has begun importing thousands of tons of horticultural peat after Irish peat harvesting suffered draconian legal restriction in September 2019.

A shipment from Latvia weighing in at a staggering 3,600t, which arrived in Drogheda Saturday 18th and was carted off by a convoy of over 200 trucks, is likely to just be the first of many as Irish law makes domestic production increasingly difficult.

The Irish Farmers Journal reports that the cost of this imported peat is not only economically far more costly, but environmentally to boot, with Growing Media Ireland claiming that the largely Baltic-sourced peat could be up to three times more expensive.

The increased prices of the peat, essential for fruit and vegetable, as well as mushroom growers, is expected to be passed on to the customer in the form of hiked prices.

The crisis comes as Ireland spirals further and further down the Climate-cult rabbit-hole. 

Transport Minister Eamonn Ryan was forced to dissuade fears on Monday about the possibility of intermittent blackouts this winter, as Ireland moves away from conventional methods of power generation towards what are claimed to be greener alternatives.

Meanwhile, energy prices have been skyrocketing all across Europe as a result of a variety of factors, including the slight loosening of Covid related lockdowns. As a result, Irish households will pay an average of €400 more for heating and electricity this winter.

Despite this however, Brussels is set to implement a carbon tax system on home electricity and heating bills from May next year, all in an effort to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

As Covid mania loosens, it seems like elites both on the national and European level are turning their attention towards making our lives miserable through enviro-mania instead. Politicians and media mouthpieces will beat us over the head again and again about the dangers the coming climate crisis poses, using it as an excuse to implement ever more authoritarian legal and social regimes.

Meanwhile, actual solutions to Irish energy concerns, such as investing into nuclear options, are ignored. Climate change may be important, but apparently it’s not important enough to warrant actually combating it.

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  1. The aim is to create a state of interdependence on all countries and Global Governance.
    Consider the UK. From a once mighty empire to what it is today. North Sea oil sold off, perfectly good coal mines shut down. Electricity generation is under foreign control.

    All this started under Thatcher and the small hats who surrounded her
    . This is the future for Ireland.


  2. People should not be calling elected politicans in charge of ireland as being ELITES. What are they elite in? The only thing they are elite at, is consistently selling out ireland, and the irish people to globalist dictates/agendas, which results in lower living standards for irish citizens, increased crime rates, higher cost of living, and debt. The cost of living in Ireland is fucking atrocious. Property, insurance, cars, food, energy needs, TV licenses, the tax, it is scandalous. The useful idiots called elected government are completely out of touch with the common man and woman in ireland. Who votes them in? How can anyone keep a straight face while voting the likes of them in?

    20 to 30 to 40 year mortgages HIGH DEBT interest rates to put a roof over your head is a life?

    GDP Per capita my HOLE! A 1000 euros might get you a long way in some other countries, but in ireland the value of it is a lot less compared to other countries. Ireland is an impoverished country, it is not wealthy at all, peoples purchasing power within ireland is very limited.

    There is no political opposition in power to challenge the reckless behaviour. The irish electorate get the government they deserve, the irish electorate are only creating a more miserable ireland for themselves. Ireland has reached basket case territory a long time ago. The suicide rates are going through the roof!

    The climate change agenda is in full swing now again. Here we go. It did not take long, for it all to start again. It is a complete hoax because it is something that the LAMESTREAM media constantly push, anyone with even a modicum of critical thinking capability would never trust the narrative around the climate change agenda.

    Anyone who is well researched in “climate change horseshit” would understand by now, that the whole agenda is to IMPOVERISH a Nation, and its people through TAX, designed around a HOAX. To lower living standards, create GMO Food dependency, destroy independent agricultural farms, destroy dependency on physical fiat currencies (No cash = more control, digital currency is privacy invasive), to destroy rural life in exchange for resettlement to larger cities, and urbanized areas, and to connect them into a “smart grid biometric surveillance system”. Smart zones (BIOMETRIC zones) will then be interconnected with railways for transport.

    NO CARS, NO FREEDOM, NO burning of traditional fossil fuels in your house like a FIRE. It will all be phased out step by step eventually. People will instead be reliant on the electrical grid for home heating, and that grid could be shut off at any time. A DIGITAL SHEEP PEN! A circular recycling economy where they will want to feed you the lettuce you put in your bin.

    The sheep pen concerts are the start of it.

    The whole agenda is to create a digital prison system, completely disconnected from reality and traditional HEARTY living.

    I do not trust any narratives around climate change. I can smell the HORSESHIT, and i’m not a believer in it. The forest fires recently (They could easily be set on fire deliberately) are nothing but scaremongering OPTICS promoted by the lamestream media, forest fires have always been there. The alarmism is scaremongering horseshit nothing more. The floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, they have been there always aswell. But now, the agenda behind the climate CULT is to say the END IS NIGH, THE END IS NIGH around any natural disaster. Throw away your freedoms, throw away your civil liberties, the end is nigh, the planet is ending.

    I mean, any rational thinking person would see a mile away what this thing is about, it is cult like behaviour. It is a religon. Just look and open your eyes, people going around in warm glowing sunshine and the birds in the trees singing away happily, while those people say THE END IS NIGH.

    Complete stupidity it is.

    I blame the education system. It creates sheep like behaviour through indoctrination, lets not forget the brainwashing capacity of the lamestream media too. Look at all the media coverage given to climate protests, they indulge, and delight in highlighting the protests. Whereas say for an anti clot-shot freedom pass protest, or anti-lockdown protest, they just ignore it. Priorities, priorities. Journalism does not exist in Ireland, it only exists in what is being called far-right or conspiracy theorists by the lamestream media. AHH so sad it is, how unintelligent people have become.

    Ireland would have more energy to spare if they got a bit of common sense and stopped letting ireland become a home for massive direct foreign investment TECH DATA CENTRES sucking up all the energy needs.

    Ireland is a small country, yet the useful idiots in the oireachtas would have you believe that Ireland is the largest country in the world, and ready to bring in the entire world.

    The higher irelands population density gets, the worse ireland will become as regards to living standards. Ireland is a small island, it does not have the resources for TECH data centres absorbing the energy needs, nor does it have the resources to facilitate mass-immigration.

    Ireland can not even look after its own citizens housing needs.

    The EU great for ireland says the common gombeen, HAHA. The fruits of it, are constant debt, anxiety, cost of living, removal of rights and freedoms and increasing totalitarianism, and a horrible future for Ireland as it finds itself in the grip of tyranny.

    Calling it conspiracy theory or far right means nothing!

    Common sense will tell anyone that a zero emission future by 2050 for ireland will be an enormous downgrade to living conditions and quality of life. But thats all by design, the same as the scamdemic.

    But they will still have their smartphones on the couch, the juicy synthethic GMO plant based burger, the clot-shot in the arm from the VAXXINATION CAMPS, and pharma/climate puppets on the box 24/7 reassuring them its for the good of the planet and their health. Flattening the curve and saving the planet. Trust the science. HAHA.



    1. Brilliant! 👏🏻👏🏻


  3. Peat replacement,people replacement. Everything native must go.!


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