Tag: Environment

Trade, Industry, and Immigration Flows Effects on the Environment

Climate change is not the next generation’s problem to deal with, it is ours. If humanity cannot globally work towards stopping and reversing the damage being inflicted on the earth in the next few decades, the effects may be irreparable....

/ 27/05/2019

Enviroment, Ignorance, and Gender Imbalances

This article concerns a lecture given in Trinity by former President Mary Robinson on the topic of climate change, and the political observations from analysing it and its attendees. I wasn’t exactly planning on going to any talks this week....

/ 21/02/2019

Ireland’s Nuclear Future? An Assessment

The embryonic Irish nuclear industry met its demise on the Wexford shoreline over the political furore surrounding attempts made by the Irish government to construct a total of four nuclear power plants to meet the country’s burgeoning energy needs. A...

/ 21/02/2018