The 2018 referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment in Ireland will be remembered for decades, if not centuries, as a turning point in Irish history. Its passing marked the definitive end of Holy-Joe hegemony in Ireland, which had long been languishing, and heralded the beginning of Ireland’s time as a de-facto microprovince of an increasingly vicious global empire.

In celebration of Ireland’s (nearly) official annexation by this relatively new world power, resident propaganda broadcaster RTÉ this week aired the documentary film ‘The 8th’. The film, which received economic support from the taxpayer, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, as well as a number of other national and trans-national org, follows two ‘Repeal’ activists, as they campaign for the liberal availability of abortion in Ireland.

While the film claims that it aims to document ‘both sides of the debate’, there is very little doubt as to who are the heroes and who are the villains in this production. Reminiscent of the Soviet and Nazi propaganda of old, the film never fails to frame the entirety of the debate in a progressive light. The score routinely serves to manipulate the emotions of the viewer, mournful at progressive failures, and dramatically swelling during Repeal speeches and victories, while the content is constantly framed in a progressive light.

This bias is not at all surprising. The filmmakers’ intentions are plain to see from the film alone, but their extreme biases are confirmed in interviews with Galway Film Fleadh and fashion rag ‘Stylist’. 

With this in mind, there’s really not that much more to say about the film itself, in that it’s exactly what one would expect from a biased documentary with funding from multiple globalist organizations. It’s a church-bashing bonanza, frequently vilifying both the Catholic Church and State, while words such as ‘empowering’ and ‘reproductive rights’ are thrown about with reckless abandon. At one point, the film even has the audacity to uncritically present a comparison of abortion restrictions in the south with the British regime of internment in the North. Such a comparison would be extremely offensive, were it not also so comically farcical. 

Despite all these failings however, the film is not devoid of merit for right wing viewers. Firstly, it reveals some of the more cynical elements of the Repeal campaign. Multiple times throughout the film, it is revealed how much the abortion campaigners wanted to focus on the hard cases, perceiving them as being an easy way of persuading undecided parties, as well as shy away from the fact that Ireland would implement an extremely liberal abortion regime if the referendum passed.

More importantly however, the film has the ability to serve as an extremely potent motivator for any young Irish right winger. ‘The 8th’ repeatedly references how Irish society changed over the course of 35 years, from a society that would enshrine the 8th into the constitution by a two-thirds majority, to one that would repeal such protections by a slightly smaller margin. Just as such a monumental change in outlook occurred over the past 35 years, such a similar seismic shift could easily occur again, so long as those who want to see such a change put in the effort to actualize it.

Ultimately, the loss of the 8th, while disastrous for the unborn, was a much needed loss for Ireland’s Right. The loss confirmed the death of the old, soft-catholic order, and solidified the notion that such networks no longer had the strength to steer Irish society. The subsequent years have seen the bulldozing of these old structures for ones which are ultimately far stronger, more dynamic, and able to keep up with the chaos that is our modern world.

So, as our opposition revels in their old victory, it is for us to wait patiently in the wings, honing ourselves and our resources for the future. As, one day, just as the old Catholic establishment came crashing down, so too will their house of cards soon fall. When it does, let us be ready to be the adults in the room, strong enough to pick up the pieces and once again to take the helm of Ireland.

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne


  1. RTE, cheerleader for the killers of the unborn make a programme to celebrate their cheerleading..! No surprise there.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/08/2021 at 7:33 pm

    RTE- and yes they gloat at the people who pay their ridiculous salaries through Tax and bailouts while not capable of performing an honest day’s work in what is described as professional journalism.A National Broadcaster title to booth. I know there is AN OATH taken by budding journo’s, that’s well and truly broken now despite the cosy relationship with Establishment and the Serf Mouthpiece of A DEAD GOVERNMENT. Enjoy your precious time,while it lasts,because YOU ARE FINISHED FOR GOOD. Nothing can save your weak ass now, do you really think that you would survive the onslaught coming?


  3. The Real Fianna 06/08/2021 at 11:33 pm

    From the article: It’s a church-bashing bonanza, frequently vilifying both the Catholic Church and State, while words such as ‘empowering’ and ‘reproductive rights’ are thrown about with reckless abandon.


    A deeper analysis must be sought.

    People must ask themselves why are people turning away from catholicism in ireland, people need to understand what is behind it. The old MUH church, don’t attack MUH church is not going to really gain any new supporters to be against abortion on demand. People need to articulate the horrors of abortion on demand to expose the absolute evil that it is, without involving historically corrupt organisations like the RCC in the debate. It turns many people off to be honest, especially the youth of ireland.

    To be honest, i think using the church as a vanguard to go and criticise abortion is a bit rich, remember all those babies dead in tuam from malnutrion? nearly 1000 dead found buried in what basically was a septic tank? from the hands of MEGA-RICH RCC institutions depriving unwed mothers of their children, basically treating irish people like a sub-species? sending some of them off to be illegally adopted abroad? Where exactly were those poor unfortunate souls rights? Apologies don’t cut it. How many more scandals from the RCC will people find? Call it what you will, but those mother and baby homes were a form of CONCENTRATION camps. A dark chapter in irish history. Really abhorrent shit.


    The abortion on demand laws now in place in Ireland only came into place really, because the RCC had historically had such a massive stranglehold over irish political laws and society, basically they own all the hospitals too. Irish laws banned abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality. Even if there was a threat to the mothers life, they still would not do an abortion. Almost no other countries did that.

    Then came the Mellet case, Mellet v Ireland along with other cases, it blew the doors open, empowered the whole pro-abortion movement in Ireland, and ultimately led up to repeal the 8th. If the laws in Ireland basically had any form of common sense regarding abortion in the first place (not everything is black and white), then they would have catered to fatal foetal abnormality situations. Maybe then the repeal the 8th, and basically abortion on demand would have never succeeded because women would not of felt so oppressed.

    There are reasons why the church gets bashed, and why many irish people are angry about state + church control over irish life. The combination has historically been riddled with major problems and human rights abuses. The RCC has never been some beacon of light in irish society, that should be free from criticism. Ever since the state inception it has ruled with an iron fist, many of its orders have caused immense damage.

    People need to understand why the anger. Then you can learn. There is a reason why practically no irish go to the RCC mass anymore. People are fed up with it, the hypocrisy, and the money making racket that it is.

    Since the RCC can not control people through traditionalist catholic subservience anymore, and have got bored of it basically, it would seem that they are all for changing into new clothes for the emperor, the roman empire transformed itself into a new religon once (the RCC), it will likely do it again. History has a habit of repeating itself.

    What it will morph into next? I dread to think of it, but you can be sure it will involve globalism, and the need to control nations. There was reasons why jesuits were kicked out of a lot of countries in previous centuries. Also it seems that the only reason why the RCC have historically opposed abortion (abortion on demand is horrible) was only to keep the subjects of their empire in high numbers. More power, more control, more wealth being distributed through centralized wealth generating schemes like mass, a euro to light a candle FFS.

    Charity my hole.


    1. Are you seriously repating the septic tank lie?


      1. The Real Fianna 08/08/2021 at 11:28 pm


        What lie?

        Do you have any evidence that refutes that the dead baby remains found in Tuam were interred in a sewage system, septic tank? other than blind faith?

        A 2017 report by an Expert Technical Group, confirmed that the vault (Of which the innocent dead babies were interred/buried) was indeed a sewage tank. They had historical map blueprints and done a magnetometer survey.

        I do not see how it could be a lie given the evidence.

        They also basically grabbed babies out of irish mothers arms and sent them off for adoption abroad. Or is that a lie too going by your logic? No one calling themselves an irish nationalist should ever defend that. If a nation can not protect its women and children, then its corrupt.

        Are all the institutionalized victims of the RCC orders in ireland just making up stuff too?


  4. Daniel Breen 07/08/2021 at 9:38 am

    Very well said. This awful Soylent Green globalist regime is not an organic progression of the historic Irish people. It is completely and utterly fake and vacuous. Imported wholesale and fully formed via media manipulation of the young and gullible.


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 08/08/2021 at 3:56 am

    People of Faith are not defending what the church or Rome did. They defend their belief,which everybody is entitled to do.The wolves in sheep clothing were
    not people of Faith,they were sick perverts .I might even say they were a satanic
    element that can be traced back through history, a Judas Priest comes to mind.
    People who truly believe in a God, I am not preaching here,I know and I’ve seen them,they were not influenced by EVIL,they did not sign up to Satan, THEY understand that something better than MAN , could have created and walked this earth.As for all religions being the same,utter tripe,they are not Jews or Islamic…They chose to be Christian, a personal choice, a life’s journey for everyone is not the same. MEN OF ALL RELIGIONS HAVE FU.KED UP.
    YES, I too worry about today’s youth. I am shocked by the rise,over decades,of
    young people who have given up on life,R.I.P. because they were let down by MAN . They believed that man ( govt.) did not have the answers to their misery
    or the prospect of a brighter future. MAN FAILED AGAIN ! Unfortunately, the majority of those young did not believe or practice a religion, they had NO FAITH- some people have faith in many things,not just religion,to help them on their own journey through life. RESPECT THAT, leave them alone.
    We all should encourage FAITH, IN OURSELVES, in something more powerful than religion or man…you have got to heal the wounds,and move on.


  6. The Real Fianna 09/08/2021 at 12:24 am

    Ivaus@thetricolour – People of Faith are not defending what the church or Rome did. They defend their belief,which everybody is entitled to do.

    I do believe that is an architect/architects (Why should it be limited to just one architect? to creation, atheism has never made any sende to me. However, neither does organised religon. I see the divine in nature, look at a tree, it is like veins in a human hand. Look at a church, i just see cement and the money baskets. Humans are meant to live with nature.

    People can believe what they want, sure. People can also believe humans can walk on water, ressurect people from the dead by commanding them to get up. People can believe that humans looking up at the sky breaking 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish can somehow miracously grab enough food out of thin air to feed thousands, if we are to just have blind faith in organised religon alone, we are thought to believe that humans can turn water into wine through mind power alone, simply turning water to wine with no fermented grapes. People are thought to pray the evil away. People believe that a human born with female reproductive organs can become a man. Heck people can even believe that a man with a red hat comes down the chimney on the 25th of december. Hmm ok. If thats what people want to believe, then go ahead, no ones stopping anyone.

    I Like to look at the world in a more practical way.

    I point you to the “Aleggory Of The Cave” by plato (Whoever the fuck that person was/what it was)

    What does the aleggory mean? The allegory tells you that Blind faith/Blind Belief does not equal knowledge. You have to question to understand things. I see little people questioning what the vatican is or what other organised religons like islam is. I see people just believing what the parents told them to, what society tells them to. I Believe in free thought, if you do not question the skeletal structure of a society, then what can you learn?. I could get into a whole debate on how “nothing is what it seems” with christianity and organised religon, very few people are looking at them in an esoteric way. But for now’ i’ll stick with the abortion debate.

    The abortion referendum on the pro-life side was lost in Ireland because the opposition continously pointed out the pro-life side being associated with roman catholicism (Catholic pressure groups like the Iona institute etc), and what were seen as “restrictive antiquated laws supported by an institution that colluded with the state to oppress a nation.

    The associations with the church invalidated any of their arguments, because it was seen as just another way for an historically corrupt institution that ruled ireland with an iron fist to remain in control over a womans sexuality, and reproductive rights in a country where the church oppressed them through the magdalene laundry scandals, the baby homes etc. People were pissed off!

    When a country has been ruled heavily by an institiution (RCC) that restricts people and did harm to people, and when that institution is involved in heartbreaking scandals, the people will see anything coming from its supporters as pure hypocrisy and that institution is then delegitamized in the eyes of many.

    Practicing catholics is a decreasing number in Ireland now, sure they have the christmas, the communions, the confirmations, but everyone knows that is all about the presents, the money, the fun, not the RCC anymore.

    The new so-called progressive culture in ireland will be catered to by the vatican more and more, just wait and see, it is already happening, hence you see homosexual priests attending virtual pride parades, putting up rainbow flags etc. I refuse to see RCC as being a plus for right wing irish nationalism, how can you call yourself a nationalist if the insitution you are recieving your spiritual guidance from, repeatedly calls (Through its puppet-figurehead) for globalisation and what basically is unchecked mass-immigration into europe.

    The vatican is undergoing a stage of transformation aswell, very noticable now, and has been for a while. It is becoming increasingly progressive so to speak, and aligning itself with “globalist political discourse”. They called for europeans to take in refugees into their homes. Remember that? The RCC is no way different to any globalists like Soros etc. It is all the same behind the curtain, which would explain why the same agenda goes forward.

    As for abortion, the industry is becoming more and more disturbing. Look at world news reports of organs being purchased and harvested from aborted fetuses for human fetal tissue research.


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/08/2021 at 9:01 am

    BLIND FAITH, ? Their is no such thing as a stupid question,ask as many as you can.We can all look for weak examples to ridicule something,and being practical and pragmatic is fine,providing you get all the answers…is there always an answer? maybe,and what then if you cannot get the answer your looking for? Is there an answer for everything? Oh, I’m sure man has an answer for everything and we truly trust man,don’t we? Is there a power greater than man? not a religious question? A doubting Thomas,seeing is believing, but that means I have to trust in everything handed down through history by man,because I was not there. No no no. Man says there is a global pandemic,IS THERE! Man said the earth is flat IS IT ! Man says abortion is fine,euthanasia is ok IS IT FU.K !
    I have FAITH,in the sun rising,in Ireland,in Patriots,in a Nationalist approach to solving Cronyism ,Corruption,Nepotism,inept government and establishment,and I will be practical and pragmatic in achieving those goals, but MY FAITH is not a Fate at the whim of mere man. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS BIGGER THAN THE QUESTION…therefore is My Faith.


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