It would appear that despite the recent downturn, the nation’s NGO complex looks set to expand at pace with the announcement by the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) of notice to fill two positions, both involved in community activism. With salaries ranging from €39,000-€42,000 and one of roles even having a 4-day working week, the NGO funded by both the state and everyone’s favourite Hungarian oligarch looks set to be increase its staffing numbers.

The roles on offer are as a ‘Community Development Officer’ (part-time) as well as ‘Policy Officer’, both operating out of the NGO’s plush Dublin 1 Georgian HQ on North Great George’s Street. Seeking those wanting to sink their teeth into community activism, as well as policy formation, the expansion signifies perhaps the new prime of place INAR has attained among the pro-globalist NGOs jockeying for power in Ireland.

Extracts from one of the job descriptions

Front and centre in the country’s fast-maturing diversity lobby, INAR and associates form the backbone of the barrel run towards hate speech legislation and all manner of antiracist related initiatives by the Irish State. In March, we reported on their involvement, alongside corporate head honchos, in the State’s new diversity quango, as well as implicating one of their former associates, Dr Lucy Michael, in our undercover work in antifascist activism.

As of 2019, figures provided to the Charity Regulator show that INAR was pulling in a cool €140,000 in total income annually, with the new hirings suggesting a new cash injection in the wake of last year’s drive for diversity, and emergence of rightist opposition.

While many on the antifascist scene have meandered their way through INAR’s gilded halls, the NGO is currently being headed up by Shane O’Curry. Slithering his way from the world of left-libertarianism to NGO easy street, O’Curry enjoys dozens of media appearances a year, as well as liaisons with Gardaí vis a vis the force’s new diversity reforms. INAR, despite being chaired by a self-described ‘libertarian socialist’, has a rather complex relationship toward the police, with the head of the Garda diversity unit Geraldine Greene speaking candidly about the role INAR will play in any upcoming hate speech regime.

What would Chomsky think? Self described libertarian socialist and INAR Director Shane O’Curry at the launch of An Garda Síochána’s Diversity Initiative.
O’Curry’s personal twitter account, where he unwinds from his day jobs liaising with Gardaí and working in a state-funded NGO to pontificate on libertarian socialism.

INAR as an organisation occupies a key role in the intersection between state lobbying, media liaising and street level organising, all bankrolled by the established powers, both international and domestic. The ultimate end goal of these organisations is the transplanting of racial grievance politics onto Irish shores, with an upper crust of NGO activists living large off the paychecks and the never ending series of disasters this type of politicking brings.

The foolishness of the Nkencho protests were a mere stretching of the legs to see what these groups could aspire to do in the not too distant future. In no sovereign nation would this effective shadow government of NGOs be able to function so freely and push narratives and policies so brazenly contrary to our national welfare. 2020 marked the entrenching of a permanent class of diversity activists within the corridors of power, and for all our sakes may they be extirpated promptly.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Thats it, the white irish are second class citizens. Ireland must have been targeted by Soros and co. We are going to be ” diluted” by these lefty woke liberals , they are nothing but traitors.


  2. I wonder do the left ever think about…you know…actually arguing their case and trying to sell it to people instead of forever trying to get control of media and politics and just shutting people down and locking them up?


    1. Dave, These are questions that I too have pondered and have reached a considered conclusion that if they the extreme ‘Left’ were exposed, scrutinized and directly accountable to the people (of Ireland); above all else, reveal the game-plan, then the indigenous citizen would seize upon this as proof of the fomenting of the eradication of the Irish people.
      Instead, a gradualism of persecution is installed in judicial institutions, the apparatus of ‘lawfare’ aimed entirely at the Irish, with, as in the UK, British birthed foreigners with an racial axe to grind in command of the police, legal appointees, councils, civil service. Along with the useful idiots virtue signaling as brightly as possible their ‘white- guilt and unconscious bias’.
      What are their ulterior motives? When I see what’s happened to large parts of London and experience a hostile atmosphere, then I wretch at the prospect of it’s reproduction in Ireland.


  3. The ongoing campaign to erase the culture,heritage and tradition of the native Irish proceeds apace. Social and cultural genocide.


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