Alongside facemask manufacturers, it’s been a rather halcyon year for so-called opponents of ‘misinformation’, as a cottage industry of experts have emerged onto the scene. From the entirely astroturfed ISD organisation, never quite off our airwaves, to battalions of perfunctory “fact checkers” insulting the general population’s intelligence with record levels of disingenuousness, the Republic is now graced with an ecosystem of pundits unheard of a year ago.

These efforts against a nascent populism are now joined by the launch of the Global Migration Media Academy, a joint effort between the Irish government and the UN-backed open borders group the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). Readers of the magazine may remember IOM for their role in sneaking Syrian refugees through Dublin airport by stealth last November, despite the ongoing pandemic, as well as their role as middlemen in the Irish asylum industry.

Aiming to groom a new generation of journalists to provide manufactured coverage on weaponised migration, the Department of Foreign Affairs put out a press release stating their commitment of €400,000 in funding over the course of two years. The financing of the Academy is being extracted from the international development budget by means of the Irish Aid organisation. In short funding that ought have gone to the developing world is now being siphoned off into the pockets of largely left-leaning journalists and academics.

A global effort based out of Geneva, the Academy aims to draw on the cream of Irish academia and tech world to mitigate the ‘infodemic’ caused by covid, and an alleged rising tide of xenophobia in Ireland.

Partnering with NUIG to provide free courses on the latest open borders dogma to members of our fifth estate, the Academy is just another vein in an already buoyant open borders industry. With degrees already being doled out in refugee law and migration studies, NUIG, like most other third level institutions, is already a veritable cog in the open borders machine, stretching from street activism to the courtroom floor.

In launching the initiative, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and disciple of Peter Sutherland, Simon Coveney, outlined the Academy’s goals in the information war.

“I look forward to the Global Migration Media Academy playing an important role in countering the misinformation and distortion that can surround the issue of migration. It will provide media professionals and students with the tools to understand the reality of migration and to counter misleading narratives.”

I do not need to tell you that the sole role of this new caste of misinformation experts is to batten down the hatches on any avenues for populism to emerge. As the covid fiasco wreaks havoc on our body politic, the lurking threat of right-wing national-populism has been heightened, with our regime increasingly alert to how quick the political tables may turn.

From state funding for journalists in the pipes with the Future of Media Commission, to tech companies providing bailouts to media outlets, Irish journalism stands to be fully subsumed within the belly of globalist activism. Instead of providing a dedicated cadre of those willing to speak truth to power in the aftermath of what is easily one of the greatest policy-making mishaps of the century, we look set to instead receive an assembly line of open border maniacs trying to explain away the looming catastrophe of demographic shift.

The end result of a decade of media hysteria seeded over the Direct Provision system has been the railroading of the State into fast-tracking largely bogus asylum seekers onto the housing list under plans announced earlier this year. Our society quite simply cannot afford another generation of Sorcha Pollaks quietly directing migration policy down the garden path of open borders oblivion.

The Irish State already has multiple propaganda organs from the mandarins at Donnybrook to the overlooked yet pricey website, nevermind the ill-fated Strategic Communications Unit. It would now appear it has a new mouthpiece this time purely for open borders fanaticism.

At a UN hate speech quango in 2019 officials chuckled at the sheer number of anti-racist and open borders groups present in the country. It would appear the Irish State looks set to add to that number to provide legitimising coverage for policies otherwise deemed as reckless.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. The left are destroying this country. Indigenous Irish people are now second class citizens in their own country. I will not stay in this country to pay taxes to support economic asylum seekers who have more rights than me. I am selling up and shipping out. This is no country for indigenous Irish people no longer. The vast majority of Irish people are against this uncontrolled migration. We have seen it’s results in blancherstown already, and it’s only worse it will get


  2. Coveney bailed out of the housing portfolio, pronto. He’s hopeless. Promised to end homelessness in one yr ( by 2017) . LOL.


  3. Daniel Patrick Hayes 27/04/2021 at 2:22 am

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) smells suspiciously like a Soros operation. Has benighted Ireland been honored with other Soros operations/projects?


  4. Mary Stasia Concannon 27/04/2021 at 6:57 am

    “They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half.”

    When have these words ever been more true?


  5. Be nice if we had a public square populated with politicians, media, academics etc who actually had a connection to the country they’re systematically destroying. Better yet, a connection to the people they so blatantly despise.


  6. Covney an Co are traitors.


  7. The subservient puppet of the EU and UN actively engaged in the destruction of the native Irish race.


  8. Coincidence thst Geneva is home to United Nations and professor schwab?.


  9. Coveney’s Cauldron: “I look forward to the Global Migration Media Academy playing an important role in countering the misinformation and distortion that can surround the issue of migration. It will provide media professionals and students with the tools to understand the reality of migration and to counter misleading narratives”.

    There is an embarrassment of riches in that above quoted statement: a vein of irony so gushing with mistruths and meretricious assertions, that I really wonder if I’m missing the humour and self-parody.
    Somebody out there please inform if I have misunderstood this!?


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