Video has emerged purportedly of Emmanuel Nkencho, brother of recently deceased George Nkencho, making threats against the member of Garda Síochana who shot dead his brother on the 30th of December in an act that appears to be self defence.

In the video, the man, speaking in front of a crowd of protestors, stated that he wanted the member ‘terminated’, that he wanted his ‘contract terminated’, and that he ‘wants him finished’. The man goes on to say “Just know Garda, when we find him, yeah, just know-”. This last statement caused the crowd to erupt in cheers. The man goes on to say in a separate video that ‘we don’t like these pigs’, before another, unknown woman jumps in front of the camera and shouts ‘f*** the police’.

As of now, it is unclear to this publication what the man meant for us, the crowd, or the Garda himself to ‘just know’, and whether when the man stated he wanted the member ‘terminated’, he merely meant removed from his position, or something more sinister.

What is known is that, over the last two days both Gardaí as well as members of the general public have fallen to harassment and violence, seemingly in retaliation to the shooting dead of Nkencho. Video has spread like wildfire online of Garda vehicles being pummeled with stones and other projectiles, while both shoppers and staff were locked inside the shop Nkencho had attacked the previous day, as protestors hammered on the door. 

One particularly harrowing video taken from inside this besieged Blanchardstown shop showed protests calling shoppers and staff  ‘white bastards’, one protester screaming ‘I hope you die…you dirty white rat’.

These videos, while shocking, were not unique in their depictions of the events in Dublin yesterday. Videos depicting violence against both people and property were a dime a dozen. 

What was completely absent however was any commentary from our political or media elite. Politicians, including Tanaiste Leo Varadkar and Minister for Justice Helen McEntee, despite being vocal in commiserating the death of the knife wielding man, had, as of the time of writing, nothing to say in regards to the violent conduct of many protesting his death. 

The NGO complex meanwhile remained vocal in their support for the protesters. Open Society Foundation linked ‘Fingal Communities Against Racism’ posted advice for would-be protestors, encouraging them to keep ‘identifying features’ covered, giving the examples of scars and tattoos. Particularly vitriolic was organization ‘Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice’, who proclaimed ‘ACAB’ (All Cops Are Bastards) on their social media, and told ‘settled yt (whitey) people’ to stay away from one of their events, saying they had ‘done more harm than add value to the discussion’.

A Seismic Betrayal

As the new year dawns, those charged with defending Éire have abandoned her and her people to fend for themselves. As the people of Blanchardstown and beyond are subjected to racialized mob violence, our blue-checkmark overlords, if not conspicuously absent, are actively egging them on, often in some sort of frenzied state of radical self-hatred.

Meanwhile, as innocents are attacked, the establishment plots about how best to persecute those willing to call out their betrayal. Helen McEntee, charged with the maintenance of Justice in this country, has been more vocal about preventing Irish people from speaking than preventing violence akin to what we’ve seen over the last few days.

All this demonstrates a betrayal of Ireland on the part of our elites. These men and women, seemingly in love with praise from globalist powers and multinationals, have no interest in protecting those who put them in power in the first place. As gangs mob civilians on Dublin streets, their heads filled with rhetoric more familiar to the Bronx than to Blanchardstown, our overlords pat themselves on the back for their new position on the UN’s Security Council. Power for power’s sake.

2021 must be a year of change. While it is highly unlikely to be the year that Nationalism restores sanity to Ireland, it must be the year where the noise it generates becomes utterly deafening, to the point that all those living here will have no other choice but to take notice. If we fail in this task, we may never have another chance to fail again.

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne


  1. they sowed the seeds and will reap the whirlwind and i dont feel particularly empathetic about it.

    And on the one hand they are battering nationalists and working class irish youths who they know cant get justice because of their ethnicity and lack of connections and money (and they took sadistic pleasure in it for decades) ( I myself was battered and harassed for years)
    And on that same hand they have rainbows and fight racism stickers and flags on their cars and things and have detectives monitoring the “far right” and subverting and infiltrating those communities.

    And finally on the other hand the ones whose enemies they crushed pelt them with stones and demand inquisitions and witchhunts and operate dangerous criminal gangs that they turn a blind eye to who plot to kill them.

    Given the intelligence of the average garda, and the pure sleaziness of the characters in it,
    Im not surprised and to me the whole thing seems like a strategic error for their whole organization.
    They depended exclusively on a FF FG regime being returned to office on spurious reasons time after time,
    and soon that hegemony will be gone and so will the Garda’s immunity from the winds of social change.
    And I dont think they will come off better for that change because there is a pandoras box of retribution and angry victims whose lives were destroyed who were waiting for that moment for decades, myself included.
    So if it is open season on Gards as far as the immigrants are concerned for a short time, it might be a sign of things that can happen on an industrial scale once FF FG regime is deposed. The safest thing for some of them to do would be to leave the country once the regime is voted out of power, but they know that already so I dont have to tell them.
    Some police force, yeah. The general public despises them for the decades of abuse they got from them.
    O some africans pelting you with stones and plotting to kill ye? Ah bless, do you want a plaster?


    1. Paddy Moriarty 03/01/2021 at 5:45 pm

      Young DT

      👑 You should be siding with the New Irish🍷


    2. Young DT

      👑 Have you abandoned the cut and thrust of youtube propaganda?🍷


    3. Ralph Oldenburg 04/01/2021 at 4:01 pm

      Though I don’t agree with his view, at least DT has taken a side and so has a coherent worldview.

      Contrast that to the tactics of the right-parties. They mock and contradict the state that they want to control. They openly disagree with the international intellectual class (who decide who gets power).

      As a result, the Garda don’t want their support on the BLM / Nkencho matter, why would they? It makes their job of nailing these criminals and protecting themselves much harder.

      Officially & publicly mocking the state, but wanting to be the authority over the state is a nationalist/Marxist doublethink. You have to appeal with a different angle to the international elite, since the plebs decide nothing.


  2. Reading all of this, yet not believing my eyes. Is this my country? These beleaguered people in Blanchardstown, ignored by their representatives.


  3. Thomas Daly 02/01/2021 at 1:23 pm

    More and More, I find myself wishing to send these guys back to their ancestral homeland…. They’re incapable of blending into the Irish lifestyle, so send them where their rhetoric is appreciated.


  4. John Corrigan 02/01/2021 at 5:50 pm

    Be careful of what you wish for


  5. My application to be an Irish citizen was subject to my adherance to Irish law and , to me, that was absolutely fair enough. Break the law as a welcomed migrant and one should lose the right to stay, There are many legal routes for discussion and action, and the challenge is to use them. Get your lazy councillors to engage on your behalf for a start. There is never an excuse for violance and intimidation. We cannot allow this behaviour to become the norm, and I say this with deep symathy for both the man who died and the Garda who felt compelled to shoot. How hard it must be, even if deemed justified, to live with taking another life?


  6. Irish nationalists must not fall into the trap of supporting the pigs.


  7. i see Onely won way in roam do as a roman and what every won must obay the law of the country u go to or livenin and every won should sine up to this if u want to live in a country that u not citizen of


  8. i see Onely won way in roam do as a roman and what every won must obay the law of the country u go to or livenin an d
    every won should sine up to this if u want to live in a country that u not citizen of


  9. David Masterson 10/01/2021 at 4:37 pm

    Ireland the land of saints and rappers


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