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Nkencho Inquiry: Is Ruth Coppinger Trying to Rebuild her Career off the Nigerian Vote?

Instigating a lukewarm attempt at US-style race rioting in Clonee of all places, the GSOC inquiry into the death of Nigerian blade enthusiast turned anti-racist martyr Goerge Nkencho may loom large over the politics of 2023.  Shot by the Armed...

/ 06/01/2023

The Truth and Lies about George Nkencho

This Sunday, allegations of misinformation being spread by the Right in relation to George Nkencho appeared online. Most notably was that of an article published in the ‘Sunday World’, which claimed that a ‘far-right organization’ had been circulating false claims...

/ 03/01/2021

‘I Want Him Terminated’ — Gardaí & Civilians Targeted After Nkencho Killing

Video has emerged purportedly of Emmanuel Nkencho, brother of recently deceased George Nkencho, making threats against the member of Garda Síochana who shot dead his brother on the 30th of December in an act that appears to be self defence....

/ 01/01/2021