Every society needs its rules, what is permissible and what is not. 

This was provided by non-State actors previously, like the Church. Nowadays the agents of International Capital are the arbiters of social mores. They deem what is good and what is not, what is acceptable and what is not. They do so with no solid ideological underpinning, but an atrocious blend of moral relativism, cultural Marxism, squeamishness, and appeals to Christian truths.

Their arguments change with their audience because they are not interested in revealing to themselves Lex Naturalis (the Natural Law through which humans come to understand God’s Eternal Law, Lex Aeterna), rather they are interested solely in the pursuit of practicable power upon the world. This is the Cultural Marxist.

And it has worked for them so far because the moral order upon which our society was based has crumbled. The moral framework was destroyed by the enablement of paedophilia, itself an affront against nature, decency, and morality. Those who enabled the molestation of children were weak and corrupt and were themselves more interested in maintaining their power upon the world than in holding steadfast and making the hard decision to punish the guilty. These are the Squeamish.

And so, with the Clergy damaged irrevocably from the coverups of paedophiles by those no better than paedophiles, the entire moral edifice comes into question. When the truth has none who can defend it without being smeared by evils perpetrated by members of an organisation, what chance does the truth itself stand? Silence in the face of criticisms is not its strongest defence. And so, we find that the truth becomes distorted and what was the truth, merely becomes a truth. We find that “abortion is evil” becomes “abortion isn’t for me, but I can’t say it’s wrong for someone else,” or “child marriage is evil” becomes “that is their culture.” This is moral relativism.

Yet despite all this, there are those of us who believe in the old truths, that abortion is evil, abuse of children unforgivable, that our natural place in this world is not to whore ourselves out and overdose at fifty, but to have children, rear them as best we can, and die surrounded by family at a ripe old age. It is this group that is targeted by the Marxists and the Squeamish with Christian truths taken out of context.

It is this group that doesn’t believe in wholesale slaughter of the unborn or the innocent, that is attacked using its own creed – “you won’t forgive abortionists? That isn’t very Christian.” Or “How can you oppose immigration? Mary and Joseph were immigrants.” Or “What would Jesus think if he knew you wanted to deport criminal foreigners?” They speak these things not because they are Christians, but because they think they have moral weight with you, the listener. If you quoted the same scripture back to them in its proper context, they’d laugh at you, ridicule you, mock your belief. 

So, what then? The Church is all but destroyed as an institutional force, it has no political vehicle of its own, and those who are ostensibly the champions of religious conservatives, like Aontú, go nowhere. They bend over and they sell out their principles for political gain, to become the “acceptable gatekeepers.” 

We must draw our morals from something beyond materialism, beyond a dislike of abortion, beyond unease with immigration, beyond disdain for free market capitalism.

We must draw our morals from Nationalism, from our very essence, our national-spirit. We replace the Thomist imperative (“let good be done and evil avoided”) with our own, “Which helps the Nation is good, which harms the Nation is evil.”

We extrapolate Evil hence:

Abortion is the murder of members of the Nation, and thus it is evil.

Mass migration is the dilution and destruction of the Nation, and thus it is evil.

International Capitalism is the impoverishment of the Nation, and thus it is evil.

International Law is the restriction of the Nation, and thus it is evil.

The Drug Trade destroys communities within the Nation, and thus it is evil.

And the same for Good:

The family unit strengthens the Nation, and thus it is good.

The Irish language unites us with our ancestors, and thus it is good.

The unification of Ireland mends a breakage in the Nation, and thus it is good.

Protecting the environment allows our Nation to survive, and thus it is good.

The punishing of criminals rectifies harms inflicted on the Nation, and thus it is good.

The crushing of the Red Menace saves the Nation, and thus it is good.

This is our moral framework and it can be applied to all questions of importance; this is what the National Idea fundamentally is, despite how vague it seems. We are not merely building a politically viable movement; we are rebuilding an entire edifice of morality which has fallen asunder. This task is even more daunting than politics, but it is one we do gladly because we will be vindicated when the shroud is lifted, and we pass into eternity. We walk on the side of Ireland and God.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran

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