Tag: Social Media

Being Easily Offended is a Form of Status-Signaling

There is a common notion among people about how someone being easily offended is an indication that they just can’t control their emotions. While this is true, another dynamic is being overlooked. When someone gets offended about something you said,...

/ 25/01/2021

Irish Big Tech’s Links To Left-Wing Activism

With social media becoming increasingly ingrained in the daily lives of users through laptops, smartphones and tablets, our ways of speech and expression can be said to reflect these developments and changes.  To paraphrase the Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan,...

/ 04/12/2020

OnlyFans & the New Weimar Republic

What has happened to this generation to ruin things so badly? I say this after listening to an “interview” with an “OnlyFans content creator". In other words, an advertisement for cyber-whoring. Not merely content with enabling freakishness, Newstalk and other...

/ 04/09/2020