Tag: Media Bias

LetIrelandLive: Antifa’s Last Throw of the Dice in Dublin

Yesterday’s papers carried news of clashes Saturday afternoon at the anti-lockdown ‘Let Ireland Live’ demonstration. Unusually, the media also largely admitted to have been instigated by Left street activists through an informal alliance of football ultras and Left Republicans. Billed...

/ 12/10/2020

The Intelligentsia

Once every few years something happens which so succinctly epitomises the zeitgeist that it requires no further explanation.  As reported by the Irish Times, Senator Catherine Noone called her party president and the incumbent Taoiseach Leo Varadkar “autistic.” She later...

/ 01/02/2020

RTÉ’s New Propaganda Tax

The Television License is a scam. A tax designed to prop up the massive economic failure of RTÉ (which consumes a whopping 86% of the money gathered by the license), the existence of the charge is nothing short of complete...

/ 04/08/2019