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It’s Misogyny That’s Toxic, Not Masculinity

Last October, a joint report by the New York Times and the New Yorker ousted Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as a prolific rapist and sexual harasser that committed several grave offences over a staggering thirty-year period. Famous actresses from Ashley...

/ 01/10/2018

Martians and Venusians: A Reasoning for Gender Differences

Eve offers Adam the forbidden fruit. From The Fall of Man by Hendrik Goltzius (National Art Gallery Washington DC) This article aims to bring into question the fundamental assumption of modern feminist theory. Namely the assumption that gender inequality arises from the...

/ 03/03/2018

Women in Surgery, Humans in Surgery.

Last year, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland set up a working group on Gender Diversity in Surgery. Professor John Hyland, president of RCSI, took to The Irish Times last week to give us an update. In an opinion...

/ 15/10/2017