Tag: Technology

Moonshot’s Millions: Who is the British Government Backed Surveillance Firm Monitoring Irish Nationalism?

Good tidings it appears have reached Moonshot, a tech startup geared towards counter-extremism, which announced this week the hiring of 37 analysts as it seeks to open a Dublin office.  Making a name for itself for its role combating and...

/ 20/06/2021

The New Garda Powers Bill — A Cause for Concern?

The scheme of the proposed Garda Powers Bill was brought to national attention thanks in no small part to the claim that failure to provide a password to an electronic device to Gardaí under warrant will itself constitute an offence,...

/ 16/06/2021

MEON: A New Socio-Environmental Journal for the Irish Youth

Meon, m. (gs. -oin, pl. ~ta) Def. 1: Mind, disposition; character, temperament. Lang: Irish. The Burkean editorial team are very proud to announce the launch of MEON, a new socio-environmental journal for the youth of Ireland, set to launch this...

/ 10/03/2021