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The Rush to Introduce Abortion Shows it Was Always About Politics

As the introduction of widespread abortion looms ever closer, the journey towards becoming this brave new Ireland suddenly appears to be fraught with difficulties. Before the referendum in May, Government politicians and pro-choice activists went to great lengths to accentuate...

/ 12/12/2018

The Abortion Bill and Conscientious Objection

The abortion Bill presented by Minister Simon Harris is now before the Oireachtas where numerous amendments have been tabled. Some deal specifically with the issue of conscientious objection and want to offer it better protection. The Bill envisages that doctors...

/ 28/11/2018

Simon’s Game Plan is Beyond Cynical: Make it Stop!

Simon Harris looks and acts like a man with a plan. It is not a nice plan. In fact, it is a deeply cynical plan. But the signs are that Harris’s plan is working, at least for now, and at...

/ 19/10/2018