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The Burkean in the Field: Marxism Festival 2018

This article largely follows the perspective of The Burkean’s Culture Editor; Peter Caddle. Joseph Stalin believed beatings to be the most effective type of torture. It was the punishment he feared most as a child, and his favoured method of...

/ 27/11/2018

Bless You, Trinity PBP, for Keeping Us Safe From Dangerous Thoughts

This is an open letter of gratitude to the two People Before Profit comrades and the one pair of scissors that bravely strode out into Dublin city on the 26th of September and cut down the posters promoting a talk...

/ 15/10/2017

PBP’s Disgraceful Action

It is more than clear that we here at The Burkean have our ideological differences with Trinity’s People Before Profit, as we do with many other students’ societies and communities around the college. We do not dispute PBP’s right to...

/ 27/09/2017