Tag: Mass Migration

Unanimous Support for Birthright Citizenship in Seanad

Entering the Committee stage in an ongoing process to become law, the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Bill was debated in the Seanad yesterday afternoon. Debated being perhaps too potent a word, as the Bill’s contents were agreed upon by the...

/ 03/12/2020

The Day Report: New Plan to Promote Cheap Labour into Ireland

A new report was released by the Government on Wednesday detailing how the current system of Direct Provision in Ireland should be abolished. A new much more liberalised system is recommended to be put in its place at a time...

/ 27/10/2020

BLM Used in Oireachtas to Justify Nullifying Citizenship Referendum

As the 21st century marches on, our political class makes an ever lessening attempt to hide their contempt for the native population. As the world becomes more globalized, our ruling class is ever more dependent on orders from above rather...

/ 25/09/2020