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The Thomas Sankara Library: Students4Change want to Rename TCD Berkeley Library

The name of the Berkeley Library has previously been the subject of controversy at TCD, with current President of Trinity College’s Student Union Gabi Fullam having made a campaign promise to rename the library.  Leftist student activists have long used...

/ 31/03/2023

For Land and Life! – John Mitchel

From The United Irishman, 19 February, 1848 syndicated courtesy of An Cartlann. Land in Ireland is Life. Just in the proportion that our people contrive to keep or to gain some foot-hold on the soil, in that proportion exactly they will live and...

/ 30/04/2022

John Mitchel: The Fenian Who Fought the 19th Century

It is quite fitting that John Mitchel’s birth year coincided with the final defeat of the great Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo. Born as the son of a Presbyterian minister near Dungiven, County Derry, Mitchel was from what could be described...

/ 03/01/2022